Barcelona gives an ultimatum to Arsenal target which could see him leave

Arsenal has a long-standing interest in Ousmane Dembele and the Frenchman might be thinking about leaving Barcelona this summer as he continues to delay signing a new deal.

He has entered the final 12 months of his current contract and Barcelona wants to keep him after his fine performances last season.

However, their poor financial state means losing him for nothing next summer would be a disaster and they are trying to avoid that by giving him a new contract.

The attacker isn’t responding positively and Mundo Deportivo as reported by L10Sport claims that Barca has given him an ultimatum to either sign the new contract or he will not play.

The report says if he decides to run down his deal, they will sideline him for the entire year which would hardly be an ideal situation for his career.

This development might have opened the door for Arsenal to get their man and it means he could leave Catalonia for the Emirates this summer for a very cheap fee.

This would be Arsenal taking advantage of Barcelona not wanting him to leave for free.

It remains unclear how much he would cost the Gunners, but Transfermarkt values the 24-year-old at €50.00m.

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  1. Definition:
    “Arsenal target”

    Any human being that is currently alive, can kick a football and has a face.

    1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…,
      My exact thoughts on Transfer every body just keep shunning out names for click bait like they are Arteta and Edu PA’s, and continues the attack on Arsenal all through the season once there ” Arsenal targets” are not bought.

  2. La Liga stats for four seasons combined at Barcelona

    Starts – 54
    Goals – 18
    Assists – 14

    Season – No of games missed through injury

    17/18 – 27
    18/19 – 13
    19/20 – 40
    20/21 – 15

    If we are serious about taking up this 50 million offer for this 54 starts in four seasons super star, we may as well sign Abou Diaby as our starting DM for the coming season. Won’t make a difference. COYG!!!

    1. Lol. Needs to work on being a better person πŸ˜…. Very subtle way to mention his racism towards asian people… We should never take this guy even if he was free agent like willian

    1. guy ,I love RSH’s straight to the point way of putting his view. I adore and respect total honesty and using words that entirely and truly represent ones view. I cannot stand half truths, evasions and obfuscations. I see it as giving people respect by being entirely truthful and not buttering them up or being creepy.


  3. Write-ups don’t buy players. Edu knows his destination.
    You guys can create 5000 targets

    1. Only 5000? Far more than that each week on fake rumour ridden JA. We need to remember that without these constnt false rumour pieces Patrick would be redundant.
      He is allowed only fake rumour “articles” and has , by JA law, to finish each piece with one or two questions. He cannot manage variety in his pieces.

      And remember, for simply writing my honest opinion this post will swiftly be removed by Censor Ad PAT, as regularly happens.

      Fans are allowed to slaughter MA and show no support for our club , BUT CRITICISE PATS STAFF AND YOU GET REMOVED! Just watch what happens!

  4. He is a quality player but injury prone they can buy him but we not desperate for a winger maybe that 50 million can buy Locatteli or Madison instead of Dembele I love him but we need to bolster the team we a need a tough central midfielder not a winger

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