Barcelona happy to deal with Arsenal but Suarez rejects the terms?

Arsenal have had all summer to sort out this loan deal for Denis Suarez from Barcelona, but the negotiations just seem to drag on and on and on. Yesterday we got some good news that Barca had brought in Kevin Prince Boateng to facilitate Suarez’s departure and the Barca boss Ernesto Valverde said that players could now leave. He said in the Mirror: “We are happy with the squad but there are always possibilities for departures for those who maybe do not feature as often.

“We work internally and there is a lot of planning involved of which I am a part, but we will see how the market progresses.”

So that looks like the way is clear for Arsenal to get Suarez, but now it seems that the player himself has rejected the deals on offer from Barca. It all sounds complicated to me, so I’ll just post this quote from the Express…..

Arsenal and Barcelona have been in talks over a deal this month.

But the transfer is OFF after Suarez himself told Barca manager Ernesto Valverde that he is staying at the Nou Camp, Mundo Deportivo claim.

Valverde was willing to send Suarez out on loan until the end of the season.

Arsenal were ready to pay a €2million loan fee to secure the player, plus having an option to make the move permanent.

But Suarez does not seem interested in that plan.

Barcelona therefore suggested Suarez go on loan while signing a contract extension at Barca past 2020.

But the player was not willing to do that either.

Instead, he will remain at the Nou Cam until the summer, where he will then enter the last 12 months of his contract.

It looks increasingly likely that Suarez will then be sold on the cheap.


    1. If the news is true, Suarez seems to want to run down his contract to get high salary by being free agent

      I hope the deal is off, because Arsenal have more pressing needs in other departments

      1. Atid, I don’t think this is the case, given there is not a lot of time left in this transfer window.
        gotanidea, you could be right, although this means staying at Barcelona for another season, with limited playing opportunities. In this case is true maybe he has been “tapped up” to join his friend at Watford.
        Sanchez is a class ACM, who can also play wide, is only 25 and would be a good replacement for Ramsey. Unfortunately gotanidea, there appear to be no good defenders available in this window, even if Arsenal had funds available, which they supposedly don’t.

          1. Fair enough QD, my comment was on the basis that he has been a good CB. However as stated above, the Ramsey deal has been done without a swap (unless Juventus wants Ramsey straight away). With Benatia injured, a swap would not be in Arsenal’s interest; similarly Juventus will wait until the summer to avoid a transfer fee.

    1. Benatia? Definitely! Khedira? We shouldn’t be touching with with a 10 foot pole. Injury prone af. Average af too.

  1. I think we desperately need some more creative impulses AND players that can actually play out wide. If we put so much effort and time into getting Suarez it is a shame if this player doesn’t arrive. Emery knows this player inside out since they worked together so he should know if the player fits his plans or not. We are not really looking at an unknown player.

    If this deal falls through I hope the manager is willing to give Ozil another chance because we can’t rely on Ramsey to be the only player providing us with creative impulses and he could get injured at any time.

    1. We should have other options. Maybe we should go shopping at Madrid for Isco or Asensio. The two are top quality players.

  2. Oh well if Suarez isn’t interested it doesn’t matter. What could he have done in these remaining 3-4 months? He would have needed time to adapt to the league. Ramsey can see us through. He will give his all to stake his claim in a very competitive Juve midfield.

  3. What happened to Yannick Bolasie?! A few years ago Palace fans actually had him as better than Zaha. I know he got injured but you don’t just lose that natural ability and pace. Could be an interesting little loan option and would be cheap so would suit Kroenke!

  4. The facts are that Saurez wants to come to Arsenal but we are won’t prepared to commit to having to purchase after the loan. We wanted the option and not the commitment to buy. So Saurez said he will stay at Barca then as in his own words, “ it’s Arsenal or no one”.
    The more important news is Monche being linked to our club!

  5. I think the reason as to why arsenal does not want to commit in signing Suarez during the summer is because they have a fear that he might flop and end up being another deadwood.It will be money is the best option for now

  6. TBH, I have already written off this season from the point of view of winning anything and also of finishing top four. I am fully expecting 6th place and refuse to get carried away by a win , even though fully deserved, over a poor Chelsea team who chose to play without a srtiker(which made our defence look far better than it actually is). We all know the many holes we have throughout the club though only SOME of us admit them to ourselves. I also know some of you would prefer to shoot the messenger than face the truth that Ozil is lazy, unproductive and a waste of valuable money which we can ill afford, while Scrooge owns us.

    WE HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY UNLUCKY WITH LONG TERM AND NUMEROUS INJURIES ESP IN DEFENCE. So at least for me, reality trumps hope for THIS season. IF we win a trophy, then great and huzzah! But it is not realism to expect one, with our shambles of a defence and with our better players unavailable through injury or unwilling ness to work hard. And most of all with the SNAKE OWNER WHO CONTINUES, DAILY, TO HOLD US BACK!!!

  7. This is not good news at all.
    For as long as Ozil does not play we need an ACM.Without which we will be forced to depend on Ramsey to see us through the season knowing very well his mind is already in Turin.Ramsey has nothing to proof as he has already signed a contract with Juventus and why will he be willing to break his legs playing for us when technically he is not an arsenal player?Unless we have another option on our rader then Emery should better sort the Ozil issue ASAP and start playing him.

      1. Franko, even if a player goes out on loan, or the club pay half of the salary, that parent club stills the registration of that player.
        That’s why Barca want a loan to buy clause written into the agreement for Suarez.
        Think of all the chelsea youngsters out on loan, they still hold those registrations.

  8. Ramsay is a pro who loves to play. He will play just fine till the end of the season and is and always has been a better option than ozil

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