Barcelona offer Arsenal player-exchange in Aubameyang deal

Barcelona are believed to be close to a deal to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and they are now claimed to have offered Ousmane Dembele to Arsenal as part that deal.

The Gabon international hasn’t been a part of the playing squad since early December and being stripped of the captaincy after a supposed disciplinary breach, and now looks destined to leave the club.

The Catalan club need to make room in their wage budget to add Auba to their quota however, but their attempts to offload Ousmane Dembele have so far faltered.

The Independent now claims that the Spanish giants are trying to arrange for Dembele to move in the opposite direction.

We could definitely do with the extra firepower in attack, having failed in our bid to sign a top striker so far this month, and with time ticking down, this could well prove to be the best scenario all around.

Both players would likely be moving on a loan basis, although I would happily see Ousmane come in on a more permanent deal, but I don’t see him agreeing to sign for us permanently at present. Maybe if we could seal a top four spot this summer that could be a possibility…


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  1. A real problem child if the reports are to be believed. Not sure swapping one problem for another is the answer.

    If reports are true, he declined a move to Arsenal; guess he was not sold on “the process?”

    Utter shambles this window, can’t wait to hear the new round of excuses about how we are better and stronger now as we lack any depth in the squad.

    Can’t wait to hear PR spin about how Arsenal are “fighting for the top 4” or that “the process is on pace”

    Anyone coming in will be seen as a panic buy, unless it is one of the targets we have been after all along.

    Any chance for Giroud on a 5 month loan? Rather have his hold up than watch Nketiah flail around the pitch.

    1. I would rather have Hattie Jakes up front than Eddie Nketiah.
      Seriously, I would rather not sign anyone than sign what is perceived to be a panic buy. The whole reason we have been in the doldrums the last ten years is because we signed pointless players – the list of terrible players is a long list and it has cost Arsenal so much…

      1. Hattie Jacques and Eddie Nketiah! TWO PEAS IN A POD! How to tell them apart is the only problem we’d have.

    2. Durand, you or may not be joking about Giroud, but a hold up player who can keep the ball in the opponents half and also head a goal is exactly what vwe have missed ever since we sold , er, well, Giroud himself actually.

      He was a real battler, never gave us off the field trouble and though he himself is NOW clearly too old and over the hill, his TYPE, but hopefully with some actual SPEED, is precisely what we need.
      LACA bless his little dwarfish and ageing cotton socks tries his best, but basically he doesnt score and nor does he head a ball effectively, nor hold up the ball properly.

      In fact, I do not see what he does do that is effective, EXCEPT that he is , mercifully, NOT another Auba, Ozil Walcott and all the other idle players we have suffered in our club in recent years.

  2. We have gotten rid of deadwoods in the squad, isn’t that what we all wanted?
    We still have a strong first eleven, is not as if we are still competing for any cup, which I can understand why we let alot of them leave… The players that left whether temporarily or permanently weren’t regulars.

    If we panic buy now and get things wrong, then we are still hovering in the same circle of the past, and later trying to get rid of them..

    We just need to hit back form, from virtually every personnel left and we will be okay.. Then carefully sit in the summer and do a better planning, aside the obvious center forward woes… Holding and Xhaka both need serious upgrading… All that can only happen in the summer

    Lastly Aubameyang Should be let go cos he too is a deadwood, he hasn’t contributed to anything good we have achieved this season, I can’t see us missing him

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