Barcelona proposed interesting swap deals involving Guendouzi

Barcelona is looking at signing Matteo Guendouzi from Arsenal and the Catalans have proposed some interesting swap deals to make it happen, according to FootMercato.

Guendouzi has been axed from the Arsenal first team for some time now, and he might have played his last game for the club under Mikel Arteta.

The Frenchman will not lack suitors if the Gunners decide to sell him, and Barcelona is one team that is working on signing him.

The report claims that the Catalans have asked Arsenal to pay 50 million euros and include Guendouzi in a swap deal for Philippe Coutinho.

The Spaniards are keen to sell the former Liverpool man and Arsenal have been linked with a move for the Brazilian, but they will struggle to meet the asking price in a cash-only move.

If Arsenal cannot agree to the Coutinho swap deal, the report adds that the Catalans are also proposing to send Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal to the Emirates in exchange for the Frenchman.

Although he has been away from the first team for some time now, Guendouzi remains an important player to Arsenal and because of his young age, he might get better with his attitude later in his career.

The Gunners will also struggle to pay the wages of the players that Barcelona wants to send their way.

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  1. Which Coutinho. The one Bayern rejected and went for Sane. If not for injuries I would have preferred Dembele swap. Guendozi will be a future star. 3 years from now. That’s why Barca is going for him to replace Busquet. Why can’t we sell Torreira and buy Party.

  2. Have you watched Rabiot lately? See That’s Guendozie tomorrow. If only our dear coach can “coach” him into that greatness we have ball seen! Do what he has done for Mustapha…

    For heaven sake Barca wants him. Need I say more?

    1. Guendouzi has a tremendous future, that’s why i think de should keep him (ir arteta think he can coching him properly). Otherwise, if arteta dont want him, we should sell him yo the verter offer…i love Vidal, ir he really wants arsenal (i dont think so) we could demand Vidal plus money (30mm).
      Like i said, guendouzi has tremendous potencial…but they only common thing between him and rabiot Is His harstyle. They are two completly different kind of mc, so i dont think Is the proper link

  3. All the offers from Barca is our loss, all are old players with huge salaries, and looking for a place to finish their career.

    1. I don’t want Guendouzi to leave. He is young, talented and have a great passion.
      If Barca want to sign him then he surely must be a good player. But, do we have anyone better than him that we are trying to sell him? No we don’t!
      I’m sure his altitude will change for the better if Arteta give him time and take care off him rather than be bossy.
      Afterall we have other players that we should put to the market

  4. I have often said, and I repeat again, it would be utterly foolish to sell Guendouzi now.

  5. Its so sad to have a manager who cannot spot talent. Gouendouzi is gem that’s waiting to be polished. Arteta will destroy Arsenal

    1. TG agree, just look at Arteta’s signings – Luiz, Marri, Cedric. Look how tough he is on the young and promising players – AMN, Gabi (before injury) hardly get game time, Saka used on the wrong flank. He thinks Mustafi, Kolasinac and Xhaka will take you to top four! Average players.
      The utter useless Torrera makes it to the team sheet. We should be thanking our stars that Sheff and Burley blew up their final games or else we would be tenth.
      Let us not read too much into the FA cup, last year with the likes of Ozil and Iwobi we made it to the EL final. Wigan and Portsmouth won it and are nowhere in the championship! Do not get me wrong, it is good to have the FA cup, but that does not cover up the incompetence of those running the club.

      1. Emery bought better players than Arteta. We just Mari, and Cedric in two games. You praise them that much

        1. Top Gunner, Arteta had half the season and next to no funds to buy players. But I guess it doesn’t fit your narrative so glossing over that fact is the way to go. I wonder if all you Arteta out knuckleheads will be able to eat humble pie once he proves you wrong.

  6. Its not only Barcelona who are monitoring the situation of Gouendouzi, the other teams are Real Madrid, PSG, and Inter Milan. But Arteta is brainwashing people to believe that Gouendouzi is a bad player. I really like the energy of Gouendouzi

    1. I heard one CL team just rejected our offer of Guendouzi plus cash for their 45m rated midfielder.

      How I wish they have listened to the hype.

  7. Imaging Partey in there and Guendouzi, Xhaka & AMN battling it out to play alongside him at the base of the midfield. That’s strong imo and maybe 3 of them for away days instead of a creator.

    If Torreira wants to leave sell him along with Ozil, Miki, Papa, Mustafi & Kolasnic to raise funds.

    Get Coutinho on loan or someone of that nature to replace Ozil/Miki and have SmithRowe & Willok behind under the learning tree as they are ballers for the future.

    Apparently a left footed CB is required along with Saliba already arrived, also Mari is staying permanently now and Holding is there as is Chambers. Sokratis and Mustafi will raise some funds for that. Gabriel from Lille or Sarr on a free is all iv read.

    Teirney will need competition also so I dont really know who would replace Kola. Bellerin has Soares for at least one season so that’s ok. Leno & Martinez for the no1 spot is great competition right there.

    Win the FA Cup is a must to get to Europe and to get Auba and maybe Laca to sign new deals as Martinelli & Saka did. With Pepe there our forward line is very strong and to be fair Pepe hasnt been amazing but hasnt been awful at all so he will get better.

    We wont spend alot and have to sell to make room. I wont be expecting big signings but Partey, LCB, Creator and a LB wont cost too much after we trim the squad.

  8. Granted Guendouzi is talented, but for him to progress, he has to humble himself and be willing to learn, it is not the first time he’s had issues with the management, I remember Balotelli being talented too, but where does he ply his trade now, ligue 2!, that’s where. Bad attitude can’t get any player far in their career. Do we expect the coach to just bend over backwards for him everytime he starts acting up?!. For all of Mbappe’s talent, we don’t hear of him being disruptive in his team, it’s either he shapes up, or ship out, for me. I was actually in support of him trying to defend his team mate, but after he refusing to apologise for the things he said, and he refused, that’s just plain wrong, and we’ll be setting a bad precedent for others, if he keeps getting away with these kind of actions. Saka is more talented and has contributed a lot more in his first season in the first team, but he hasn’t been giving us problems, has he?… if Barça want him, they can have him, if Coutinho would take a pay cut to join us.

  9. The only way we will see party at the emirates is as an opponent,he has a 45m release clause,I think Arteta’s problem with Matteu is his attitude not his ability or potential,I have to agree that Xhaka,Luiz,Torriera are all average players Luiz lacks concentration in some games but will be better in others Xhaka for me is now a steady and reliable partner to Ceballos but is not the type of player that will get us titles and as for Torreira he is not up to the prem and is more suited to serie A or the spanish league,these three need to be moved on to free up some buying cash as the board will not fund big signings,sorry to be negative before i get lambasted for being so,but lets be realistic here its going to be a difficult Transfer window for us.

  10. As each day goes by, the more I realise that Arsenal fans indeed are the worst thing about Arsenal. Especially the ones on this forum. Seriously you guys, Arteta comes in the middle of the season and you think he’s had enough time. Please start supporting chavsky or scum, their fanbases are ripe with such horrible mentality.

  11. My problem with Arteta is that he likes players that doesn’t contribute much to the team. Players like Xhaka and Mustafi. He hates those to try hard for the like Gouendouzi and Maitland-Niles

    1. wow have you not seen any of our games since the restart?
      Mustafi is a different player and Xaka has been pretty damn decent aswel for that matter.
      is it Arteta’s fault that he is forced to use these players? no it isnt, its down to shoddy recruitment from the past 2-3 years

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