Barcelona shortlist two Arsenal players for January move

Barcelona is reportedly planning a double swoop on Arsenal in the upcoming January transfer window to strengthen their squad.

Transfers between Arsenal and Barcelona have been relatively common in the past, with both clubs sharing a similar style of play.

According to a report from Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona is currently showing interest in two Arsenal players.

The report suggests that Barcelona has identified Kai Havertz and Jorginho as potential targets for the upcoming transfer window.

Havertz was previously linked with a move to La Liga in the last transfer window, with both Real Madrid and Arsenal vying for his signature. However, Arsenal ultimately secured his services, but he has faced challenges adapting to his new club. It’s suggested that Arsenal might be willing to entertain offers for Havertz in January to mitigate their losses.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz and Jorginho are two players we can do without and fans would be more than happy if we offload them for good fees.

However, both men will want to stay and fight for their place instead of moving to a new club in mid-season with no guarantee of a better game time.


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  1. “Havertz and Jorginho are two players we can do without and fans would be more than happy if we offload them” ?
    Ok, Havertz has not impressed yet and yes most on here are wondering the thought process behind his signing but Jorginho, I’m not so sure. Yes he made a mistake in the game against spurs but have you seen his stats against Brentford? Pretty damn good.

    1. We may get 8 or 10 mil for Jorghino. I dont see who would buy Haverz and who would pay more than about 15 mil. I dont see Arsenal selling Haverz, i think we are stuck with him. Do i see another contract pay off?

    1. We have to give a time because he has to adapt the play style of pretty sure if he stay with us like 4 month he will improve and impress us so let’s give a chance and time

  2. Barcelona do not have money to buy players.They get them when they are free or on loan.That its the case now with Gundogan,and a couple of others.

    1. That is not true.
      They have resolved their FFP issue (albeit by refinancing debts).
      I would happily give Kai Havertz a lift to the airport and see him on his way..

  3. It’s good to sell off Havertz now. Felix is more better than havertz. Already given quite a numbers of games for havertz but yet still remain the same. Wonder how long arteta would still want to hold on to. Sell him off once there is a suitor. It’s not late to get rid of him now.

  4. It seems that Barcelona are being investigated for giving “donations” to the equivalent of Howard Webb from the Spanish referees society.
    They deny this and it’s being further investigated.

    Could it be that referees ARE corrupt and the system itself is open to corruption on a scale that some on JA deny is possible?

    With the above happening, I ask why any player would want to go there until this issue is resolved?

    1. PGMOL assigning a referee from Salford to referee the match between Arsenal and Man Utd.
      This is either utter incompetence or corruption…

    2. I “wonder,” in stark contrast to Ken, could it be that we fans, who are almost universally biased themselves can not understand how any impartial ref can fail to be biased towards the fans own team and so slates those honest refs as being cheats. That is WHAT I have always not “wondered” actually, but KNOWN to be true.

      Certainly in most cases of fans, myself excluded of course, as I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT REFS ARE CHEATS.

      1. Missed the point again 😇Jon.

        You “HAVE NEVER THOUGHT REFS ARE CHEATS” despite the FACT that there have been proven cases of just that!!

        If Barcelona ARE found to have bribed this individual and his colleagues, then we will have FURTHER proof and I assume you think that Mike Dean, when he confessed to not following the rules, was correct?

  5. What a bonus, if Barca really want those two players, I think most supporters would be willing to chip in for their airfares.

  6. That would be wonderful! Except that selling Havertz now would be at a heavy discount. But I wouldn’t mind it tbh

  7. I wish Arteta will become a cog in wheel for Arsenal in insisting to retain Kai Havertz if this claim is true.

    Pls Arsenal do all that is possible to part way with the duo.

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