Barcelona to start the tapping up of Bellerin?

Pique set to tap up Gunners star?

There are concerns that after what was generally a disappointing season for the Gunners, that a few of the club’s biggest stars are reportedly considering their future’s at the club.

Both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil still haven’t been tied down to new long term contracts, which is certainly feeding the rumour mill for Arsenal fans at the moment. Whilst they may be considering their future’s with Arsenal football club, another player that could be joining them in that thought is right-back Hector Bellerin.

Bellerin has been pushed right up the ladder at Arsenal and has risen to become one of the first names on the team sheet. There is no consideration needed when deciding the club’s best right back, as Bellerin clearly has it nailed down. However such has been his rapid rise to fame, it comes as no real surprise to hear that his former employers, FC Barcelona, are now swooping around like hawks waiting to pounce.

After it was announced that Bellerin would be going to this summer’s European Championships in France, Arsenal fans were both pleased and concerned for the youngster. Of course fans alike are pleased to see such a young gunner playing a role in the current European Champion’s team. However, it also brings back concerning memories of Cesc Fabregas, who was previously ‘tapped up’ by his Spanish teammates that were affiliated with Barcelona.

Namely one of the players that had reportedly ‘tapped up’ Cesc before his move to the Spanish champions, was Barcelona centre back Gerard Pique. According to Spanish media outlet ‘Sport’, the defender may well again set his sights on trying to convince an Arsenal star to return to their former home, this time the player being Hector Bellerin.

Although Bellerin has already suggested that he is more than happy at the Emirates and that he now has his entire life in England, Arsenal fans still have every right to be concerned that their upcoming Gunner may be turned by the fame, glamour and ambition that playing for Barcelona brings.

Personally I fully expect the 21 year old to still be at the Emirates come next season, however to say that we will be able to fend off his former club forever is certainly not for definite and it remains to be seen just how long we can keep Barca from getting their man, like they always seem to do.


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  1. Wish Cazorla was there to shield him from it a little… But yes, they’ll be in Bellerin’s ear all tournament.

    I don’t think Bellerin will go though. Not this season at least, though I think he will join them in the end. Arsenal have him tied down to a contract and will demand top dollar, especially given how young he still is.

    Barcelona are supposedly struggling financially at the moment, it’s even suggested they’ll be forced to sell one of their best players as a result. Given that, I don’t think they will pay what we demand.

    Will that make Bellerin upset that he can’t go? Perhaps. Will it make him refuse to play like Fabregas? I don’t think so. Bellerin is still very young and growing in experience. He’s still at the stage where he needs first team football as often as he can get it. That’s why he came to Arsenal in the first place – to play.

  2. Yes if he is good enough
    Barca will come for him.
    But we don’t know whether
    he is Barca level yet.
    May be some other club will want him.
    Who will be number 2 for
    Arsenal at RB this season?
    Debuchy ? Chambers? Some one new ?
    Jenks is injured but will he be recalled?

  3. I am optimistic that our flash is not going anywhere,
    -Alves is leaving this summer
    -there’s no way Bellerin is leaving arsenal now, (at least not this summer)
    -Barca won’t sign makeshift R.B for a season
    -If they sign R.B now then they won’t need him anytime near.

    CONCLUTION: Bellerin won’t leave Arsenal

  4. It’s funny how some of US! Got lynched for suggesting in advance that this nightmare Scenario could actually happen and now! here we are, with an official article on the subject.

    The nightmare is real folks! And I’m saying that in a real positive way ? Don’t forget that those Barcelona players will be brainwashing Bellerin, every single day, for a whole month! To the point where the Poor kid will be mumbling ‘Viva Barcelona’ in his sleep, by the time the transfer window officially opens. ?

    You can bet that Bellerin’s family and close friends are all proud and happy for him, after making the squad to represent the Spanish first team and you can make that a win double that they are excited as ? that Barcelona now want him to replace the mighty Dani Alves! ?
    So it’s only logical that the same proud family members and friends, will be persuading him to jump ship, back to Barcelona, where first team football will be assured to him.

    If anyone truly believes that Barcelona are too skint to find €40 million (that’s €uro’s not pounds) for Bellerin then you need to pop that bubble, that you’re living in.
    (Arsenal will sit at the negotiation table, at that price)

    For those who disagree and belive Bellerin’s words that he wants to stay at Arsenal… Let’s just wait and see, as Time will show us, the true mentality of Bellerin.

    1. Any article with a question mark on the end is pretty far from ‘official.’
      Yes, yes you are getting lynched!! Care to make a friendly wager that both Sanchez and Bellerin will be at all Arsenal after this window has concluded?

      1. Bless him … I have my own little stalker! ?
        Hey Man!..
        If it’s posted as an Article, then it is, what it is!
        Which means its an official article and not some Off Topic comment!!! ? The subject/ Topic may not be Official. .. Yet! .. But that’s beside the point of you stalking me,Son! ?
        But If you really want to ?with me ? you need to book a flight to Ercan airport (North Cyprus) ? I will happily pick you up and tour you around the island, before feedling you to the fish .. Oooops!.. I meant feeding you some fish ??

        Let me know your arrival time ?

    2. The only facts in the article are that Bellerin is going to the Euros. The rest is guess work. When Cesc got tapped up, Spain were imperious. It played into him being tapped up.

      And Barca don’t have their previous funds they had back in the day. They will surely enquire about him and try and get him on the cheap but they will not pay top dollar on a RB.

  5. As good as an attacking team Barcelona are I can’t stand them. For some reason they think they have a GOD given right to everything. A friend of mine is a Barca fan and a Messi a**licker and when we faced them at the Emirates I swear he was posting every minute on Facebook after the first goal. It was annoying as s**t, so I asked him it must be easy to be on the bandwagon and choose them as your team and how long did he actually start supporting them. He said we deserve to lose and I went off lol. I actually had one of the greatest sense of pride because I’ve always favored the English League and Arsenal are all I ever cared about. Win lose or draw!!!

  6. I was watching some YouTube clips of Özil before he went to Madrid and I never realized him and Mertesacker were at Werder Bremen together as well. I thought that’s was pretty cool to play at 2 different clubs together and won the World Cup together as well.

  7. I expect bellerin to be playing football back where he started come the start of the new season as I stated earlier this one.

    It’s his Home club, where he began his career, where they win trophies, where he can raise his game again and win trophies and where his spiritual home is. What makes anyone think he will stay?

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