Why Barcelona transfer bid for Ozil can be GOOD for Arsenal

Arsenal fans may be suffering from cold shivers down the spine this Easter after the latest Arsenal transfer rumours suggested that our best player of the season so far by a country mile has found his way onto the transfer radar of one of the biggest clubs in the world Barcelona.

With the Catalan club having just knocked us out of the Champions League by a comfortable aggregate scoreline despite the Gunners actually playing somewhere close to our best in the two matches, and with Arsene Wenger himself declaring them to be the best team on the planet right now, Arsenal fans would be right to think that the German’s head might be turned by the possibility of being a part of it.

So why is it good news for Arsenal? Well for two reasons really. First of all there is the fact that Wenger signed Ozil from Barca’s great rivals Real Madrid who were savvy enough to include a clause in his contract that means they get first refusal to match any bid from a Spanish club, something they would surely do to stop Ozil being able to set up goals for the likes of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

According to a Metro report Barcelona plan to get around this clause by offering Arsenal a player exchange deal instead as that is something that cannot be replicated exactly so avoids the clause. But this makes it easy for Wenger and Arsenal to reject the offer as well, unless they fancy giving us one of their three forwards of course.

And while we can relax a a bit about losing Ozil, this transfer interest should set alarm bells ringing at the Emirates and make the manager realise that he needs to do something to fend off further interest in our top players. Maybe spending some money on more top players might do it Arsene?

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  1. sergio busquets and 30 mill an you can have ozil

    bayern wanna offload mario gotze- we have to put in a bid!
    i know klopps his daddy and he love him longtime but we gotta try!
    loved him at dortmund

    1. u’re not serious bout the sergio + 30mil deal for OziL……..are u?

      On Gotze… do we even try at Least?

  2. As for whether the Gunners would part with one of their best players is another matter entirely, even with three players coming in return.

    Turan certainly has much to add to their side, as the 29-year-old is not only an impressive creator but is also well known for his tireless work rate and willingness to track back, which could add some much-needed steel to the squad.

    The Turk has only been eligible to play for Barca since the turn of the year and has already made 17 appearances, scoring twice and assisting four times. 

    Spanish football expert Sergi Dominguez praised his contribution in the Blaugrana’s recent 4-0 win over Eibar and noted he is steadily improving after waiting months in order to play:

    Impressed with Turan today. Not exactly immense but easily the best game for him with Barça so far. He’s getting there.

    — Sergi Domínguez (@FutbolSergi) March 6, 2016

    Meanwhile, youngster Munir has been fairly impressive in his 25 outings this season, bagging eight goals and seven assists. Dominguez hailed the forward’s impact:

    Munir is a confidence player. Stepping up recently. Goals vs Espanyol, Malága, Athletic and Eibar, all opening goals & away from home.

    — Sergi Domínguez (@FutbolSergi) March 6, 2016

    Like the line-up. Like to see how Munir will do in his natural position as a #9. Doing well recently playing off position.

    — Sergi Domínguez (@FutbolSergi) March 12, 2016

    The 20-year-old is certainly promising but hardly a ready-made replacement for the German.

    Sandro is the same age and also capable of playing across the front line, but he hasn’t quite made the same impression on the team—he certainly has potential, but he may not be an upgrade on Arsenal’s current young options.

    If a more effective and experienced player was offered in his place Arsenal might consider the deal, but they’ll want to keep their star playmaker for as long as possible. 

    Ozil himself may not wish to leave the Emirates Stadium either as he recently dismissed speculation he’ll leave the Gunners, per Sky Sports News 

  3. As an Arsenal fan (Many won’t agree with me tho)……… I’m supposed to be happy with players return from Injury.

    But why am i not too happy with Ramsey’s mooted return to 1st team training??

    Oh EL-Neny, what must u do to keep ur place now?

    1. As long as Elneny keeps playing well, he will keep his place next to Coquelin.
      It’s more than likely that Wenger will go back to using Ramsey on the wings.

  4. How could Ozil turn down the chance to play behind MSN?
    When 80% of his efforts are wasted by his team mates at Arsenal.

    Unless Wenger is planning on signing a top quality Striker,
    I can’t see Ozil wanting to waste anymore of his time at Arsenal.

    Munir and Sandro are both very young and full of potential,
    Whereas Arda is 29 and a bit injury prone, so he should fit in very well at Arsenal.

    I would take the swap deal,
    Because 3 good options… is better than one!

    1. i won’t fall for the bait and Take the deal buddy

      There are more than 100 teams out ere to do business with, it mustn’t be Barca!
      (well unLess its time to pluck another bellerin)

      1. Wenger and Dein broker Arsenals own transfer more than once.
        Wenger by himself broke Arsenals transfer record after moving stadium.

        We have to then wait till debts paid off before we break the record again, if Wenger by himself was happy to spend big while having debts then why do people stupidly think it is Wenger who doesn’t like to spend money?

        Show me the evidence.

        Wenger isn’t perfect, his favoritism has hurt us… but spending isn’t a Wenger fault but the boards fault.

        The board was bumping up the share prices and anyone who can read should know this, making the pact as well just to break it when Silent Stan offers enough… now what increases share prices? Profit making does. It is OBVIOUS that Wenger had his leash tightened, he was never the guy to do all the transfers when he came as he had Dein doing that and now it is Ivan Gazidis (Silent Stans yes-man).

        Anyway it doesn’t matter if Wenger wants to keep Ozil or not, if Silent Stan wants to sell him then Ozil will be sold, just like Nasri was sold when Wenger said he wouldn’t sell Cesc and Nasri in the same year… and Nasri has openly said it was the board that sold him after Wenger gave him assurance that he would stay.

        Because Wenger will not split the team by blaming the board he will always get idiots who instantly point the finger at him for board decisions.

  5. Swapping Ozil for his older, more injury prone and less talented version and two kids? No thank you. Haven’t seen anything great from Sandro and Munir is still too raw when we need an established or highly rated young striker. How is it that fans have been complaining for years about Arsenal selling its stars then begin entertaining such a ridiculous idea?

  6. As soon as that transfer window opens we should negotiate contracts with xhaka and a wc striker. Özil will c this and no we mean business, even tho the chances are, we dont!?

  7. If Silent Stan thinks he can profit from letting Ozil go then we should get ready to say our goodbyes to such a great player.

    It’s a sad thought but we have seen Silent Stan sell Nasri behind Wengers back already, I do fear he will do that again…

    Fans will blame Wenger, Silent Stan gets money and gives Wenger a payrise for the profit he is making.

  8. so that next seasons’ round of 16 we be facing a front line of MSN wd O behind them.? and the aggregate be 12-1.!

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