Barcelona´s Turan transfer good news for Arsenal?

The Arsenal and Spain international star midfielder Santi Cazorla has been the subject of a growing anumber of Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few weeks, ever since the reports began about La Liga´s Atletico Madrid being set to sell their own attacking midfielder Arda Turan.

The Turkish international had been strongly linked with a move to the Premier League with two of our rivals, Chelsea and Man United, said to be in the running. So there was a good chance that not only would one of the clubs most likely to challenge us for the title have a top talent added to their ranks, but the Gunners might be losing one of our best and most influential players.

Now the Spanish La Liga and Champions League holders Barcelona have announced that they have completed the transfer of Turan, as reported by ESPN, so what does this mean for Arsenal. Well even though Atletico are now richer by around £25 million, it does not necessarily mean that we will soon be getting a big offer for Cazorla.

For one thing, the Catalan club are still under a transfer ban which means that Turan cannot play for them until January and so will probably play the first of of the season with his former club and that could mean that Atletico wait until then to sign a replacement. Now if Arsene Wenger and the players can get us into a position to challenge for the BPL title, then it should be easy to persuade the little Spaniard to stay.

If we are way behind the leaders by then, however, could that mean that Cazorla will be packing his bags?

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  1. Cazorla has stated he isn’t going any where next season stop reading the gutter press.

    1. Cazorla will leave when he and Wenger decide the time is right. It seems unlikely that he will leave after such a good year. After another similar year, Cazorla’s fee will likely be the same as what it is now, even though he will be older.

  2. Please take a few seconds to read the article you write to see if it makes any sense at all?

      1. I read the heading, realised it is the same old BS and came directly to the comments section.

  3. however inside info tells me we’ve have agreed a deal to sign schneiderlin, However don’t get your hope high.

  4. Cazorla is only 31. Lampard stopped playing for Chelsea at the age of 36 why would we sell him with 3/4 good years ahead of him.

    1. I think it will depend on whether or not he signs an extension. Wenger and our board will not allow him to run his contract down if there is 7 to 12 mil at stake. This is were the article makes a point as the jan window may come into all parties perspective. Id like to see the player at least get another seasons extension giving him a two year contract, seeing as we signed Arteta up i can only surmise Cazorla will get offered similar.

      Its a wonder the Article never touched on what people are really thinking, Pedro. I would hazard a guess that Pedro is the exact type of player Wenger adores. Knows how to play the barca way so it would be safe to assume he knows how to play the Arsenal way. Decent price range also, maybe 16 to 25 mil (if english esp at liv would be 50m – 80m) Sanchez and Pedro on wings, sounds like something from a CL winning team. Would obviously prefer Reus or Griezmann but after those two you cant ask for much more than Pedro.

      A striker is really what we all want, but if the ideal one is not available well then id be more than happy with Arsene buying the finished articles for other positions such as with the Cech signing.

    1. I would not miss Cazorla.
      No one is indispensable.
      No one lasts for ever.
      Cazorla plays a lot because our other
      6 options are substandard, injury prone or both.
      That’s why we have resigned 32 yr old Arteta
      because the likes of Wilshere can never be relied upon.
      Same with 35 yr old Rosicky will be resigned
      because Ox and Gnabry can’t be relied upon.
      Slow poke Mertz plays for ever because
      Gabriel Chambers Hayden are not yet trusted.
      Same with Giroud playing all the time because
      Sango Wellbeck Podolski Campbell are not up to it.

            1. I have supported our great club for 42 years and I can’t stand people ripping our club apart.

      1. Dear god… Why do you keep bringing Hayden into it all of a sudden!? He is literally our 5th choice CB. Only ever first team appearance was in the league cup!
        Podolski’s gone.. Campbell’s looking on the way out. Move on!! I don’t get why you think anyone would be interested in your constant comments about players who have left or are leaving! It makes no sense.. Seriously, why would anyone want to talk about that David?

  5. Like carzola was even interested in a swap deal *smirks*……OT: Bastia better be serious about this flamini deal ……and i dn’t even know what to say bout Arteta…… Ain’t no team wanting sanogo (even on Loan)?

  6. Everyday I ead an article thst is worse than the last.

    So Barcelona buys Turan then he plays with Atletico until the ban is up then he returns to Barcelona? Erm what? The only way that happens is if Barcelona choose to loan a key player back to a league rival …I won’t even explain that.

    Secondly it’s good for Arsenal? How, it isn’t as if Turan is still at Atletico, he’s still gone and with the transfer done that quickly it means Atletico STILL need a new midfielder. That’s not a good thing at all.

    Lastly I’ve been noticing a blind contradiction of late. Some of us are confident of us making a league challenge, going so far as to say other teams are quaking in their boots because we signed Cech and our finish to last season, but as the transfer window stretches on it turns into anxious pleas, “why won’t Wegner sign anyone”. “Where will we finish if we don’t sign anyone else?”.

    An article a day ago suggested it was a good thing for Arsenal that the league champions upgraded their striker, comparing their 3rd choice to our first choice. Now this article.

    So which is it you recognize the need for squad improvement or are of the opinion that with our end of season flourish and Coquelin we’ll win the league because I’ll tell you now.

    Arsenal took the lowest number of points of the top 4 vs the top 10. We only won 2 away matches vs anyone in the top 10 and we didn’t beat any of the top 5 at home.

    Chelsea took 10 of 12 points at home vs the top 5, City took 7 of 12, United took 8 of 12, Arsenal took 3 of 12. That’s more than just a defensive problem.

      1. In the second half season how many top ten teams beat us at home. We know how poor we were in the first half season.

        True Gunner12 – You should have been impartial
        and wrote up how many of the top 10 teams beat
        us compared to how well they fared against the other
        three to four top teams.

        Also seeing as we are going by our latter form not only because it suits us but because that is when we got our players back along with newcomers,
        it is maybe a surer sign of how strong we are.

        In my opinion chelsea is the only team which came away from all top fixtures with redeeming quality or results.
        When we did get our players back and with new faces bedding in I think we showed a good account of ourselves.

        1. League titles are won primarily on the foundation of a good home form and the ability of a team to gain points at tough away grounds. In the second half of the season we gained 5 of 12 points vs the top 6 which is still poor. Vs that same top 6 after Christmas Chelsea gained 5 points.

          However 2 things stand out in that assessment.

          1. It is a mere 3 points more than what we gained in the first half of the season which is still poor.
          2. Chelsea had their first and 2nd choice strikers out for most of those fixtures. Costa didn’t play vs a single top 4 side in the second half of the season. Remy only played vs City and at worst they drew 2 fixtures won 1 lost 1.

          It is indicative of either a mental issue or quality issue as registering a 7 out of 24 points vs key opposition will not allow for a sustained league challenge with our poor away record at other grounds

    1. @truegunner, what you say at the end us getting just 3 of the possible 12 points at home is the difference between us and a winner.

      For one second imagine if we had gotten 10 points like Chelsea did and that is 7 points extra for us and many points less for the competition. We lost to Chelsea away and tied at home. These are the games that make the most difference and for those games we now have Arteta!!!!!!!

      1. Agreed, it’s something I plan to write an article on but for the most part it wasn’t so much defensive solidarity that cost us last season it was our away record at tough grounds as well as our home record vs tough opposition

        1. It had nothing to do with tough opposition, we were missing half of our squad during the 1st half of the season, just look at how City and Chelsea struggle without 1-2 of their key players, we were missing 7, I repeat, SEVEN. You can’t judge Arsenal based on the players they’re missing but on the players they HAVE. Right now we have the players to challenge and we’re only 2-3 additions away from turning our chances of challenging into chances of WINNING.

    2. I’ll be perfectly straight-forward. I think if we don’t sign anybody else, we will not win the league. I think that due to our past injury record. We need at least one more quality signing. We need at against the Top half of the table esp. against Man U, Man City, and Chelsea.

  7. PLEASE!!!!! Stop the negative comments and articles and cheer on the great AFC next season.

  8. I get the vibe of the article.
    Arsenal has made all gooners kind of paranoid and we put things together.
    After all…some things have happened.
    I dont think Santi is the Cholo Simeone-type player, i do think he is Smart, so my gues its he wont go.At least not there!

  9. The frog waffles on about only bringing in only highest quality players …. Griezman is that and cheaper than sterling and is a goal scoring winger who is much better in that position than the whippet … So match his buy out clause or offer santi and cash and see what happens … Show some f@@@@@@ ambition for god sake .,.10 m on Czech doesn’t come close …. Nor would 20m on benzema for that matter

    1. Offering a core player who performed the way he did this season, and every other season for that matter, to another club is in no way ambitious.
      Seriously, the guy has slotted in to three positions for us effortlessly, provided more assists than any player in the league since his arrival and other members of our team constantly name him as one of the best, most complete players they’ve ever played with. How in any way, shape or form is offering him to anyone ambitious??

  10. Atletico can not have Cazorla, but they are welcome to Sanogo and Flamini.

    Seriously, they can sell us Greizmann and Godin, but can keep Torres. 😉

  11. No Carola movements. Not now, not in Jan. Maybe next summer. Wenger need two more quality signing if we must compete for EPL/Champs Lge dis season!

  12. Arsenal is not in a position to sale quality player as what we did in the last few years. Now we are in a position to to add more quality players. Believe me AW will not let Santi go rather will add quality cf

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