Barton blasts spineless Arsenal and Wenger! Is he right?

Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal players are no strangers to criticism, especially in recent years, so we should not be surprised to see that the man who has an opinion on everything, but is also strangely unable to take any of it aimed in his direction, Joey `le muppet` Barton, has stuck his oar in on the day before the Gunners face another of those big away games that have been our undoing in the last few seasons.

A BBC report reveals that Barton, now playing for QPR again, has kindly offered his insight into why the Gunners struggle in these games and it does not make nice reading for Wenger and the players.

He accuses Arsenal of not having any real leaders in the squad, something we have heard from various other people as well. And he lays the blame for that squarely at the feet of the manager. Claiming to have some sort of insider information from the Arsenal dressing room, Barton says that the Frenchman actually discourages players from doing what many think is needed, blasting team mates for not doing their jobs and rallying the troops.

And he also thinks that the managers of other big clubs find it easy to needle Wenger and to tactically outwit him, which is why we have won only one away game against a top five team in the last five years.

Barton said, “In big games they get under his skin and work them out tactically.

“That record is probably the reason they haven’t won a title for years.

“Nobody can criticise Wenger on the job he has done to build the infrastructure at that club to a fantastic level. But it’s probably been sacrificed at the cost of trophies and challenging at that level.

“You think of his teams of [Emmanuel] Petit, [Patrick] Vieira, [Tony] Adams, [Martin] Keown and all those kind of warriors. You look around the Arsenal dressing room now, the people who would win you those kind of games against the top four clubs – they don’t really have an abundance of them.

“At the latter stages of a season they come unstuck because of that lack of – I hate to say it – a real lack of character or spine within the team.

“One of the things that comes out of the Arsenal dressing rooms is the change in culture from his first sides to now, where he’s developing from within.

“One player told me that Arsene doesn’t like anybody raising their voice at half-time if it’s not going well. He almost frowns upon it.

“Sometimes you need someone to galvanise and that might be a shouter and bawler. It may not be Arsene’s way, but I think they lack that.

“Psychologically, the managers of these big clubs are usually top managers and I think they’ve had Wenger on toast. Sir Alex Ferguson had him on toast in the end and Mourinho’s got him on toast now. That’s what costs them.”

As much as I want to dismiss Barton, because he is hardly qualified to tell other players and teams what they are doing wrong, you have to admit there is a real problem. However, I think that we have started to look like a tougher nut to crack this season, apart from in Dortmund.

If I was Wenger, I would make sure all the players read what the QPR man has said and make them determined to prove the little twerp wrong. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Joey barton a delinquent, lunatic, with no discipline what so ever, calling arsenal spineless? He should call himself lucky that he is still into football and not in a jail cell for violent intent! What a muppet!

  2. don’t care about barton but in a way he is right we need more players like gilberto/viera rather than slow pokes & softies like diaby/flamini & arteta

  3. Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Isaac Hayden trained with the Arsenal first-team squad hector bellerin & Centre-back Semi Ajayi were also there

    1. Digging into the youth team to cover gaps.
      1 or 2 injuries and we will push players into PL matches when they simply aren’t ready and possibly slow their development with a loss of confidence.
      Wenger is a fool.

  4. What the actual hell…
    The BFG doesn’t make it for him? Arteta’s professionalism isn’t better than his? Sanchez’s hunger isn’t enough? What about Jack Wilshere’s determination? What about Ramsey’s willingness to prove haters wrong?

    He doesn’t even have a point.

  5. hate barton but seriously this team doesn’t have any leader. We concede an early goal and everyone’s heads goes down. Would be wise to give to kos6.

  6. Joey ‘how can I get in the news this time’ Barton has an opinion, what else is new? It’s also an opinion regurgitated from numerous ‘pundits’ so it’s hardly ‘news’.

      1. spot on..barton not a very good footballer but a bit smarter than most of them and goes against the grain which i respect…but he is right on this wenger had the chance to bring in cb and cdm but buggered (sic) off to the vatican instead…repenting his numerous football sins of the last 10 years is one thing this was just dereliction of duty

  7. There is no smoke without Fire…and if you can’t arrange your house then you are giving outsiders chance to do it for you..

  8. Barton usually wrong, but I think there’s some truth in what he says. I dont see a clear leader in the team. And lets be honest, you have to be one of the better players on the team to be a respected captain. Arteta… he’s usually the one making mistakes so how can he tell others what to do? But Wenger’s tactics are more concerning than having no real captain at the moment.

  9. It seems like Barton has been auditioning for a media role for the last four years – about the same time folks started considering him past his best. Kind of like his new teammate Rio. I wish guys like them would either just man up and play the bloody game or, better yet, retire so they can join the Sun and blast away with impunity.

    1. True @Ks-Gunner.
      Is Joey bad-thong a piece of sh*t? Yes, he is.
      Is Joey bad-thong right about what he said? Yes, he is.

  10. News from Metro – Sami Khedira agreed personal terms with Arsenal, now a fee to be decided b/w Gunners and Madrid. What say everyone?

  11. Before we start slaying players again. Please it is AW who picks and organise the team. However with a bit of clever planning and management I think we can beat Chelsea or come off with a draw.

  12. He may sound stupid to talk about our club and not his but he is right. We have short and weak guys in our central midfield. Now that Welbek provides speed and strength up front i would take 2 tall hard tackling central midfielders any time. One with the possibility to play central defense.
    Our proBlem is just in central midfield, one only thinks about scoring goals, one likes holding on to the ball for long, cant pass before he runs and bumps into other players, the others just weak and slow. There is totally no coordination between them.
    We also need another center back

  13. Barton is a very good player. Dicks judge his off pitch behaviour and fail to see his worth as a player. If we had him as a DM these past years we would have won other trophies.

    So what if he is violent off pitch, what real man isn’t aggressive. The only people complaining and judging him are those who wish they had the backbone to be like him.

    He trolls teams on Twitter and in interviews, and so does Wilshere and other Arsenal players. Wilshere is also aggressive and violent off pitch. Double standards of blinkered fans. If Thierry Henry had a penchant for attacking people in his spare time, which Barton haters would care?

    Barton does his best talking on the pitch. I remember against Newcastle a few years ago we were leading 0-4 at half time. In the second half Barton got Diaby sent off, he got the Ref behind him, he got the crowd behind him and then got the team behind him. This one player made the game finish 4-4 and had there been another 5 minutes I would say we would have lost. He led by example. He is always professional despite his aggression and outspoken manner. He does wonders at QPR, it’s why they had him back after his stint in France.

    I bet Vieira had been carded more than Barton. Ian Wright certainly was. It’s no coincidence he mentions Petit and Vieira, two players who probably inspired him when he was a kid.

    Bottom line is, Barton is a good player. He has determination to win games, he is the worst nightmare for managers with players like Messi, Ozil and Ronaldo, he has technical skills and a great footballing brain. He knows what he is talking about, he knows Arsenal players socially (Queens Park is North London) and personally.

    1. Ah! I found it very perplex that you have that confident on Barton! Or are you confusing Joey Barton for another super star? Pleaseeeeee! Arsenal fans wake up!

  14. I miss the “Petit” type, yes. and the “Adams” type.
    We lack one of those indeed.
    but that is NIT the reason, we have beaten big temas in recent years (I remember a goal by Ramsey to Manu to beat them) our mainissue has been the lost points vs “smaller” teams.

  15. If we get Khedira, Reus and Hummels in January, I will be satisfied, not happy at all but at least satisfied.

    I think it would be a decent transfer window. We need another defender and DM. Also Reus would be useful if we lose Podolski and Campbell.

  16. Joey is completely correct. As Arsenal1Again above says, do NOT judge the guy’s comments by what he does or does not do off the field. Think first about what he has said and evaluate on merit.
    Do you think Fergie took prisoners in the dressing room? Do you think José does? Or Pellegrini? Nice guys come second, people, we all know that. When AW arrived at Highbury, he was much younger and he kicked butt. He has mellowed too much.
    Remember a few years ago when we dreaded to travel to Stoke? Why? How come when we play against a team with big hard guys that kick the sh*t out of our little pussyfooters, we inevitably loose, even if that team is at the bottom of the log. Be real. We need some kick-ass guys to lead and to play hard. Even Barca has its share of hard players in their tikka-takka team.
    With Wenger and Arteta leading the troops, a strong wind blows them over.

  17. Ah! I found it very perplex that you have that confident on Barton! Or are you confusing Joey Barton for another super star? Pleaseeeeee! Arsenal fans wake up!

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