Basel boss asking for BIG trouble with Arsenal comments?

We fans of Arsenal or any other football club for that matter are known to see things with a certain amount of bias and that is only to be expected really. But I do not think you needed any kind of rose tinted spectacles to see that Arsenal were the better side in the Premier League away tie with West Ham at the weekend, even if you think that the 5-1 scoreline was a bit flattering to the Gunners.

I have seen and read lots of stuff in the football media about our latest win and although some may have sopoke about how much we rely on and even Arsene Wenger himself suggested that on another day we may have been punished for failing to really drive home our first half advantage. no one seems to think that West Ham were unlucky to lose.

Well no one except the manager of Arsenal’s next opponents Basel that is, The Mirror has reported. Perhaps Urs Fischer was trying to boost the confidence of his players ahead of our Champions League clash, but his declaration that Arsenal were dominated by West Ham at the weekend may have the opposite effect to what he wants.

He said, “I did see the 5-1 match – West Ham dominated that match. What I could see is that Arsenal have really dynamic movement and good forward runs.

“They are a very efficient squad In the first half it was balanced, in the second half West Ham were the better team and were dominating the match. But then Arsenal scored and it changed so fast and made them pay.”

Do you think these odd comments will give the Gunners an extra spur to win this match in Basel and make the manager of the Swiss champions eat his words?

Sam P.

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  1. unjonzeable says:

    Who cares about his comment… the time his team gets a whooping, I believe his comments will change!

  2. TR7 says:

    football is not played in the previous match but what happens on the pitch today

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