BATE v Arsenal review – Lacazette red compounds lame loss for Gunners

You could say that it was harsh on the Gunners to go in behind at the break, but we failed to take our chances and the home side did, right on the stroke of half-time with a free header from a free kick given away by Monreal on the left.

It was not the only chance they had either, with some more sloppy defending allowing them to get down both flanks and produce dangerous balls in. Arsenal also had good chances to op0en the score, though, with a brilliant save denying Mkhitaryan in the opening minutes and Lacazette fluffing a great headed chance midway through the half.

Arsenal had more than 70 percent of possession in the first half but only managed a single shot on target and it had to improve after the break. Well it did not improve for Arsenal in any way. While we had looked dangerous before we now looked predictable.

There were some good pieces of play but the final ball was almost always astray. At the same time the Arsenal defenders were being pressured into mistakes and there was never any real momentum created, never mind clear cut chances.

It was all very frustrating and perhaps that is why Lacazette lost his rag and swung an arm after being fouled. Whatever the reason, the outcome was a straight red card and that pretty much ended our faint hopes of a big finish.

Arsenal have it all to do in London to rescue this Europa League tie, and if there is not a huge improvement all round then we could be heading out.



  1. Lacazette is a hardworker and a good striker, but his positioning is not as good as Aubameyang. Finally his frustation got the best of him

    Mkhitaryan’s and Maitland-Niles’ side looked dull, whereas Iwobi and Kolasinac tried hard to penetrate BATE’s defense. Arsenal need strong and skillful wingers like Iwobi

      1. I know I sound biased, but the fact is Arsenal require more wingers like him, if possible better

        He made a lot of chances, but none could be converted by the other attackers

        1. Why would you be”biased”? Are you Nigerian then? That would explain it, as all those who are biased seem to be Nigerian. Can’t help noticing! I actually thought he was one of our least awful players tonight. That is hardly a compliment but the whole lot were so awful that is probably is the best I can say about ANY of them.

          1. What’s wrong with you?
            For someone who claims to be so old, you can be baffling with your choice of words at times.

            “All those who are biased seem to be Nigerian” You know the word biased was introduced in the dictionary when the British discovered Nigeria

            1. Avoided answering my question by changing the subject I see, Perhaps you should try politics. That is what they do. Do you know if he is Nigerian or not? I suspect you do know!

      2. I have used all my energy to defend iwobi, but tonight am not going to do that. More so this is what happens to a team that has just one person making efforts to create chances. Iwobi was easily defended against because Bate knows where the attack will start from. But corners, defence, shots on target, wow.

      3. Defending Iwobi? He was our best player on the pitch by a country mile. I’m beginning to think people that post on here don’t watch the games. Any sort of attacking menace we provide almost always goes through iwobi. My only criticism of him is he needs to shoot more from distance. Otherwise Emery has really helped him improve leaps

      1. Iwobi was not a problem today. Emery was! Out of the cups and with very small chance of getting to top 4 I really can not see people talking that Europa League is our only chance of CL next season? Are they mad? We have no chance unless miracle happens.

    1. I remembered you said you enjoyed watching us play now because Ozil wasn’t in the team. Tell me do you enjoy that. I bet you our Under 23 will not lose that match. When we ( I, Eddie,Ken, Sue and others are airing our concern about Emery’s tactics and players selection it was like a kind of personal vendetta against him because he wasn’t playing Ozil. Well I hope you enjoy that.

      1. Mobella, you know the saddest thing of all?
        If this had been the score last season, we would have had so called Arsenal fans celebrating the fact that it was another nail in the coffin of our ex-manager.

        That’s what so pitiful about the whole situation.

        I don’t believe that anyone on here is celebrating this woeful display, but at least it’s stopped the histrionic, monotonous BS.

        We can compare directly now, one performance and result against another, along with six new players counteracting those three long term “dross” absentees.
        Same pitch, same opponents, different result.

        If anyone comes on here and says Ozil’s vision, craft and guile wouldn’t have made a difference because he hasn’t got a backbone, is mentally frail and doesn’t give 100%, I believe that person would make a complete fool of him/herself.
        Absolutely dillusional thinking.

        This game cried out for Ozil, who is fit by the way, and to leave him at home, doing stretching exercises, not being able to earn his grotesque salary, must take full responsibility.

        I’m not sure if UE is being told from above to leave him out in order to shift him on or not. If it is, then Unai needs to come out and say, because the honeymoon period is well and truly over,
        We are going backwards in every facet of our game.

        Our collective shots in 180 minutes of football (tonight and the city game) total just SEVEN, or one every TWENTY SIX MINUTES and Ozil stays at home!?!?!?

        1. exactly….hate to see the team lose but some fans get what they deserve and wish for….

          alot of fans still in Fifa 19 world or dreaming we become City and PSG….

          1. Emery is taking the team backwards, plain and simple.His defense tactics are not working.With Arsene we lost to Atletico, here we end up loosing to BB. And we dream to be in the UCL with this manager and face Bacra/Bayern/PSG? We lost 10-2, with this joke of a coach it can be 20-2.Better drop out of Europa and UCL, and focus next year solely on the FA cup and top 4. Emery is not the man for AFC. Maybe we try a British coach for a year to reorganize our defense, bring back the confidence to win 1-0, then look out for a flamboyant coach to take us forward.I may seem daft to others, its ok, but this is my opinion.

  2. I’m ready to sack Emery. He hasn’t brought anything into this team in 8 months.

    On paper we have a better squad than last season but Emery has brought the level down.

    Sacking Wenger was correct. Hiring Emery was not.

    1. His plan almost worked, unfortunately the attackers could not grasp the opportunities

      Let’s keep supporting when Arsenal still have the chance in EPL or EL

      1. Gotanidea, the fact that you wanted wenger out doesn’t mean you should agree with everything his replacement does, you know.
        His plan almost worked, I usually say something, no idea is a bad idea until proven wrong, the fact that his plan almost worked and didn’t work makes it a bad plan.

        You find a reason for him using 7 defensive minded players against the last team in the league

        You find a reason for him benching the 2nd most creative player in the league since he arrived when we struggle to create chances

        You find a reason for losing to bate, bate, I don’t mean to denounce any team here, but how do you lose to BATE?

        1. And as for ozils’s chance creation, you can confirm that, as at the Cardiff match in which he last played, he created his 500th goal scoring chance in that game, at that point, only Christian Eriksen had created more chances 510, and eriksen had played more matches at that point.

          As for the Ozil debate, when the advantage is more than the disadvantages, you utilise the advantages and try to minimize the disadvantages.

          Someone said something about how other coaches will be salivating at the prospect of playing the combination of using laca, auba and Mesut. With that attack, combined with bellerin’s and kolasinac’s runs, we’ll score enough goals, we won’t mind what’s going on at the back, but wait, Emery knows best.

          And some people don’t think he deserves to be questioned cos he’s in his first year and someone else used 22 years before he got the axe

          1. I like Emery’s methods because they are different than Wenger’s. Few defeats and uninspiring performances will not matter if Arsenal can return to the Champions League next season

            Klopp and Guardiola also struggled against weaker teams in their first season, but they have their own styles and player preferences. Emery also has his own methods and Ozil’s issue is similar to how Guardiola put Ibrahimovic/ Joe Hart aside

            As what I said previously, I understand how Ozil’s fans feel currently, because I used to think highly about Sanchez. Emery and his staffs are the ones that have been working with the players on daily basis, so let’s wait till the end of this season before launching a big protest

            1. gotanidea, Now you are talking. My take on the Emery criticism is that people in general were SO fed up with WENGER AND THAT HE WAS NOT SACKED LONG BEFORE HE FINALLY WAS, THAT THEY BEGAN TO THINK HIS GOING HAD CURED ALL OUR PROBLEMS. THAT WAS NEVER POSSIBLE , NOT WHILE KROENKE OWNS US. I agree that much of this seasons football has been boring as hell and tedious and that IMO, Emery has far too defensive a line up in most games and certainly tonight. But I also see that both our two only attacking creative midfield players are lazy and ineffective; OZIL AND MKHI and so they are rarely trusted. On Ozil it is surely obvious to those of us like me who see Ozils laziness that the club are definitely trying to make him leave That SHOULD be clear to all but is not , sadly. It all depends if you agree, as I do, with that strategy. The club has miles to go yet before being a serious title challenger and is hanging on grimly to the coattails of 4th place, despite a team and squad miles inferior to Chelseas and United. That is so true but it amazes me how many refuse to see it. Unlike so many, I consider it impossible to make rank bad defenders like all our current defenders and also some of the injured ones, into good enough ones. It cannot be done, They are simply not talented enough. That is how it is. With Kroenkes pittance allowed last summer, they HAD to do what Wenger should havedone, but did not, a decade earlier and PROPERLY replace Gilbereto with quality. Now we have but that took a large slice of that pittance. There was enough left over to bring in the other summer buys of which ONLY Licht , on a free, was a bad import. I am not that struck on Sokratis BUT he is a clear two steps up from Mustafi at least. So KROENKE IS THE REASON WE DO NOT FINANCIALLY COMPETE. To expect more than we have right now is not to face the truth and as a lover of truth – of course as I see it, which is the same for us all – I am impressed that we are a mere point from top four so late into the season. Tonight was awful- there is no denying it. This happens when you have so many sub par players at a club. ONLY TIME AND SOME FAR SHREWDER BUYING /SELLING THAN UNDER WENGER/GAZIDIS CAN CURE THIS. Early days yet. I COUNSEL PATIENCE, but do NOT expect it to happen.

    2. Lmaooo how is this a better squad than last season? We won ONE away game last season, ONE. Did anyone see that pitch, BATE should be fined, that was awful. Mark my words they’re getting smashed 5-0 At the Emirates

      1. what’s your point, you sarcastically ask how this team is better than last season’s own, then you make a point that that team only won an away game, now you make an excuse of the pitch not being good

        Looks like you’re not getting it, ur dislike for wenger and like for whoever replaces him seems to have blinded you, we scored 4 there last season on the same bad pitch that u think they should be banned for with holding, mustafi, mert, Elneny, Nelson, willock, Wilshire, Niles, Walcott, Giroud

        but we couldn’t score one with monreal, Kos, mustafi, kolasinac, Niles, guendouzi, xhaka, mhiki, iwobi and lacazette, pls think with your head, not with ur heart.

        1. you use one game as the sole determinant that this squad is any better. How did Wenger’s squad fair against Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool last season? So we buy Guendouzi and this side is magically amazing? He was the only Emery signing who even started today. Everyone else is Wenger. Ridiculous to pretend this is a squad Emery has assembled.

          1. I defend Iwobi when he plays well. Today was not that day. He has Sanchez syndrome. Look good on the ball, look like you’re about to do something…. dumb pass, or dribble into opponent. Anything that make him look like a joke. Only positive is that he doesn’t give the ball away as much as Sanchez did.

        2. Sorry I didn’t proof read, I think this team is streaks ahead of Wengers team last year. Way more mental grit. We’re definitely lacking in creativity atm but for years Arsenes team couldn’t directly compete with the top 6. This year we have beaten Tottenham, Chelsea and gotten a point at old Trafford whilst drawing with liverpool. The only teams that have comprehensively beaten us are away to Liverpool and Manchester city. Arsenes team couldn’t get one away result. That team was awful, players like iwobi, bellerin and guendozi have improved immensely under Emery. We were 6th place by some margin last season. Currently at this point we are actually in a promising position to finish top 4 and that’s immense progress for someone that inherited such a mess

          1. Stop talking rubbish. Arsenal won 4 games away in the league and drew another 5. in the Europa league, Arsenal won about 5 away games.

            Arsenal played Chelsea 4 times last year and lost none, winning 1 and drawing 3. Arsenal beat Spurs at home in the league and lost away. Arsenal drew Liverpool at home and lost away. We lost home and away to City last season, which we have repeated this current season.

    3. Who is going to replace him having to work with a yank owner who will not spend any money and just has the club to line his own pockets!! You could have any top manager but they would not be able to achieve anything while this dirty yank is here!!0

    4. Mcloovin I thought I said the same thing, we have more players than last season and we are more miserable. Emery is devaluing Arsenal Football Club fast

  3. We’re worse than we were last season! Even a Wenger team wouldn’t have been that pathetic! Created nothing.. I don’t even care if we won 10-0 in 2nd leg.. that Arsenal team have no chance whatsoever winning the Europa League!!! Bang average team with an average manager.

    1. No
      I guess we never lost 8-2 to United or 6-1 to Liverpool or lost in the Europa League with Wenger. It was all a dream

      1. This isn’t the time to defend Emery pal! I was a Wenger out since 09 but facts are facts! This is an embarrassment that Bate team haven’t played a match in 2 months.

        1. Good point John Wick. Tonight I blame Emery 100%, and not just tonight.
          Kronke is keeping his money but that doesn’t mean that those players can not win Bate and lower teams in PL.
          I want to know from him why Ozil stayed in London and why he did not start Auba or Suarez and finally why he played with 6 defending players against Bate!

          1. Exactly Maks! We won there last season 4-2 with a much weaker team.. the Bate keeper barely made a save he could have took his gf out for valentine’s Day and we still wouldn’t score! Emery is becoming clueless.. I don’t even understand what he’s trying to do but yeah Ozil, Aubameyang should have started the game if not Ozil Ramsey or Suarez

            1. You’re right, we beat them 6-0 and 4-2 last season with Wenger playing his second team in Europa group stages, sober actually fielded a stronger team tonight, so what the heavens is wrong?

              People are asking that we should wait for emery to get *his own* players, which players did he inherit from heaven that he needs to beat bate?

              1. Exactly Sammie! With that team he had he should have found a way to beat them! He’s got no excuses they’re one of the weakest teams in the competition! I would be disappointed if our u21s lost to Bate that’s how poorly I rate them.

    2. Arsenal players tend to be complacent and lacklustre when facing a weaker and poorer opponent. This disorder has been plaguing the team for many years

      Wait until they meet another big team like Chelsea or Inter, I believe they would get pumped up again

      1. That’s not good enough mate… They should treat every game the same and it’s up to the coach to pump them up against every opponent.

        1. The coaches can only motivate and discipline the players, but eventually the players are the only ones that can decide how much effort they want to put in the field

          I bet we would see a more spirited Arsenal at the second leg, because they will be under pressure

          1. That won’t be hard against an awful team like Bate! Still doesn’t excuse that shocking performance tonight! Creativity was non existent.. what exactly are they doing in training?

            1. I believe the training programmes are similar to what other big clubs have, but maybe Arsenal are more lenient to their players and no good bonus for assists/ goals

              Whatever player management, transfer, contract and youth development systems that they have in the last decade, simply do not work too well

              1. gotanidea, I’ve just picked up on another gem of yours.

                “Arsenal players tend to be complacent and lacklustre”.

                I thought we now had a team that gave 100%, in every game, unlike before and with a new found team spirit lacking for so long!!

                Make up your mind please…which one is it, or does that depend on if we win or lose?

  4. I don’t think we should panic. This unexpected result can be easily overturned at the Emirates. Maybe the boys didn’t take this game seriously enough. Oh well, it’s just 1- nil..not 5-1.

        1. Here here Pat! I’ve been an arsenal fan a long time and I have to say that was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen! They should hang their heads in shame including the manager! Our football is just terrible to watch.

          1. To be fair, that pitch was horrendous. Thankfully no-one got injured! kolsinac and myhkitarian were especially poor today, so disappointing. This team is extremely weak when away from home. It’s ridiculous. We’re winning the return fixture 5-0 though

            1. Like you John I’ve been an Arsenal fan for an awful long time (I even remember Mel Charles) and I can’t recall a worse performance. Considering the, so called, quality we have it was a clueless performance especially the second half headless chickens comes to mind. I am starting to doubt Emery now because we are actually going backwards but I still think we should judge him at the end of the season.

              1. That’s going back a long time Andrew so you’ve seen quite a lot of poor performances so considering tonight was probably the worse performance is saying something and I’m in total agreement with you! It was as you said clueless and no disrespect to Bate a very poor team which is quite worrying.. we actually beat this team with ease last season with a weaker team so Emery is struggling and I agree Andrew we of course must give him until then but if we miss out on Champions League football, I think we should move for someone else it can’t get any worse

  5. This might take us out of Europe. We all know we won’t keep a clean sheet at Emirates, so we need 3 goals now to advance. Iwobi and Miki are the worst attackers you can play together. it was disastrous early in the season and it was disastrous today. Our wide play was absolutely pathetic today. Embarrassing game. This one is on Emery. He got it wrong. Kill this ridiculous back 3 that we don’t have the players for please. Our wingbacks cannot defend and their delivery is terrible. Iwobi is clueless with the ball, same with Miki. Guendouzi, slow, Xhaka did nothing. Just awful.

    1. Iwobi was very good on the ball

      And no worries, I believe Emery would choose 4-2-3-1 at the Emirates to score more goals

      1. Gotanidea: All your doing mate is trying to be contrary to everybody else’s opinion. Iwobi along with Xhaka, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan and the rest of the side were pathetic. The more you post the more ridiculous you sound so put your keyboard away and go back playing formations on your FIFA 19 or whatever it’s called.

        1. I believe what I see, not what other people think

          And Iwobi was one of the most standout players tonight

            1. Hahaha ?

              Why so pained Danny? If he wasn’t a standout talent, how came he is the only player from his set still with the gooners squad? He didn’t graduate from the Arsenal academy alone now did he?

    2. Iwobi is acres ahead of all the other creative players we had on tonight, myhkitarian is an awful footballer

      1. gotanidea, i agree completely with your view that Iwobi was good on the ball.
        It was when he tried to move with the ball that it started to go wrong.
        Now I don’t usually criticise any one player, but I don’t understand what your seeing.
        Earlier you said that UE was unluck because his plan nearly worked…what plan was that?
        Ensuring that we only had three shots on goal?
        Ensuring that nearly every one of our corners didn’t clear their first defender?
        Ensuring that when Lacs was sent off, he was on the half way line trying to get some contact with the ball?
        Just exactly what was the plan that so nearly came off?
        I’m still watching a blank screen waiting for this to evolve from the underworld!

        1. I can’t believe you are blaming Emery for Xhaka’s horrible corners. What did you want Emery to do about it surely, walk onto the pitch and take them himself? You claim to be fair but you have never supported Emery ever since he joined, you are just working overtime looking for faults to blame him and somehow vindicate Wenger. Why can’t/won’t you move on from Wenger? Even if Emery fails Wenger won’t be coming back so let it go. At least give Emery a full season before you start with the scathing criticism, Wenger got 10 whole seasons to do his failing experiments!

          1. Pretty much how I see it too. No one else mentions Wengwre right now as much as Ken does. He constsntly defends evert comment madeagainst We nger. I could not stand Wenger for his last decade but have moved on , despite Wenger still having most of his players still here. Apparently their incompetence is Emerys fault!

      2. he cant execute a final pass, or make the correct decision. He LOOKS good on the ball then achieves nothing. It’s not good enough. He has to do better.

  6. When Laza was sent off nothing happened cos we where playing with one man less even before that. How? Emery’s playing with 3 at the back and 6 defending players all together was really out of any reason.
    Another fall of Unai Emery’s philosophy. We are looking like London’s Sevilla, and I do not like that… (although Sevilla was better)
    Why Auba and Suarez didn’t start?
    We need to know officially Emery’s reason of leaving Ozil behind.
    With Mislintat leaving and Kronke at ease, it does not look bright any more.

      1. I don’t like Emery always leaving Ozil out. But I wouldn’t have loved Ozil to play on that horrible pitch. Arsenal players could not create a good scoring chance against poor Bate – that’s bad – but the pitch contributed to it all.
        Again I don’t know why nobody can shoot a good ball from outside the box to any dangerous part of the goal post like other clubs do.
        Further, Laca’s red card was exactly the reason why Emery would usually sub him off in the past before his final change, and fans questioned him. He doesn’t know how to absorb and hide his feelings under pressure, making himself easy target for intolerant referees.
        Finally I’m optimistic Ozil will play the reverse fixture, and Arsenal can overturn this loss.

        1. Finally, someone said it. That pitch was horrendous. Could’ve injured half our squad if they pushed too hard

          1. ????
            Poor guys ,I feel for them I really do ,please less of the excuses.
            I’m still waiting for everyone to blame ozil or wenger

            1. Yet again gotan idea, Ozil IS fit and rearing to go, just read what the man himself says.
              I’m not deliberately picking on you, but there are so many things I don’t understand about your findings…where did you see the fact that Ozil is still not fit?

        2. Laca’s red card is exactly the reason emery usually subbed him off before his final change, are you saying there’s always the danger of lacazette being sent off?

          I’m saying this again, cos you badly wanted wenger out doesn’t mean you should agree or find a reason for everything his replacement does when there’s none. Pls, I’m begging you, think with your head and not with your heart.

    1. See the issue, Emery is a downgrade of Wenger anyday and anytime ( based on pattern and technique). Arsenal has always been a passing and attacking side, now Emery plays 6 defenders that’s plus the df, now that leaves us with just 4 attacking players and with this forget results.

  7. I am highly disappointed in Lacasette red card than the lost itself. This should be a warning to him, he should be able to control his temper and reaction.
    Huge task ahead in the return leg but l believe we will upturn it at Emirate stadium

    1. We are not making progress as a club. We are Arsenal for goodness sake. Emery will get sacked if he continues this way. Bring back Ozil into the team. What Iwobi struggles to do, Ozil does with ease..Ozil is Quality. He makes quick decisions. Quick and precise passes. Also, Emery should have kept Jack Wilshere. He is the only player in recent times who could make a quick transition between the defence and the attack. No other player does that in the team. We have midfielders who just keep passing. No one can dribble and move the ball forward. Something Jack does. Also, we should play a 433 formation consistently and improve on it. Iwobi should go back to the bench. Front 3 of aubameyang Lacazette and Suarez. Midfield of Ozil Torrera and Xhaka. Iwobi and mkhitaryan as subs.

      1. Can’t forget how Ozil and Wilshere were clueless against the ten-man Atletico Madrid in Europa League last season

        Passing the ball like merry-go-round

    1. London’s Sevilla I am afraid is Emery’s, Raul’s and Kronke’s goal… but even we are faaar from that.

      1. Lol Kroenke doesnt care about our playing style one bit.

        Stop deflecting the blame, which is now solely on Emery.

  8. There’s got to be a better way of spending Thursday evening … Chech miki kos monreal all past their sell by date mustafi kolasinac xhaka are clowns parading as footballers (and laughing all the way to the bank at fans expense) Iwobi and maitland niles are championship players (the love for latter on this site tells me how far fans have sunk) guinduzi is work in progress and will need a lot of it laca is quality but sulks too much … I for one have had it with Emery thought it only fair to give him til seasons end but pointless he is wenger with an even funnier accent … We are now officially outside the top flight of European football … All the corporate lies about new stadium now in full view … Very sad state of club .. And to all you ozil haters … Just F off back to the 4th place hell hole dug in wenger’s 10 lost years …

    1. I agree, but Emery too was and is the problem these days.
      and good point about Ozil haters to Frakk off! 🙂

    2. If Emery could bring Arsenal back to the top four again, it is a big improvement and we should be happy for it

      1. Don’t stop there gotanidea, If Emery could win Premier league that would be a bigger improvement, then the Champions League that would be an even bigger improvement, then again if Emery could win the World Club Championship, wel! hallelujah. If’s a big word gotanidea. If your aunt had b—s, she’d be your uncle. Did you ever see the film “If”, check it out.

      2. If, if, if , if . Lol gotanidea. Am not sure you are a man of facts. There is to be a physical, statistcal, factual, improvement in a squad before it can overtake teams ahead of they. Have you seen Spurs lately, without Harry Kane and Dele Ali, can you see the grit and determination to improve all players from Poc, Son the unsung hero, has been in the shadow for a long time, but now with this opportunity he is shining like a new penny. GET REAL GOTANIDEA.

    3. Lmao…Nothing can ruin my day I’ve been in a bright mood all day, I’m gonna have some drinks and toast to more life..
      This team is a joke??
      Well we can’t blame anyone..
      Ozil wouldn’t have made any difference, he’s the laziest player so we don’t need his creativity, Mhiki as usual is the perfect player.
      Thank God I won’t be watching this dross of a team play this weekend.
      Frustrating team with no style of play..
      But he who must not be mentioned cannot be questioned or criticized, else his soldiers will come for your head??

      1. Same here, Eddie, Arsenal isn’t capable of ruining my day, not anymore. Never again.

        You’re right, Ozil’s so lazy he couldn’t have done anything, mhiki really tried anyway, and iwobi really did some pressing job well and
        Kudos to Emery, who always knows best

        1. thats right lets put the headless chicken brigade — iwobi ramsey xhaka etc — in to the team they will take us to the next level … oh just a minute shit weve been trying that experiment this season and we look worse than ever … good managers know how to get the best out of players … even the idiot scando running man utd can do that … this clown is clueless about how to get more out of the handful of quality players inc ozil he inherited from the delusional narcisist that preceeded him … so happy to see him go too

      2. At least we can agree Ozil would not have changed this game. This would’ve been prime disappearing time. When everyone else does horrible, so does he.

      3. Eddie, I am looking forward to a day when ramsey is out of the club.
        You won’t have a bright day then.
        It is funny how you hate Ozil and I know that with you is connected with frustration that your’s and wenger’s golden boy is “insufficiently disciplined to compete for the position of the holding mid and insufficiently creative for the place behind the attacker”.

        1. Makes I don’t know why you fancy trying to pick on my posts.. Read my post and read your post, you sound like shít cus honestly I don’t get a thing out of the poo you typed, you mentioned Ramsey, and then you went on to say how I hate Ozil, is it that you don’t have the capability to comprehend written words? You constantly try and yet always fail miserably when you try to use your sarcasm at my posts

          1. If this is not a forum I will explain to you better but you know who is golden boy so what shit you did not understand? You great journalist….
            if Ozil is from UK you will have a different opinion about him I am sure of it. Thats what is wrong about you.

            1. Jeez, what makes you think Eddie is from the UK?
              Right! It’s time to stop this bitching between you two. If you don’t stop I will be deleting your posts.
              We are here to talk about Arsenal okay….

              1. Admin I’m sorry I spew my mind after your warning. It won’t happen again, but people should think and be reasonable when it comes to discussion, I don’t go on about trying to paint people bad or trying to start fights, this fella here is just something else..
                I make a comment, he’ll be there to tell me if I’m getting paid by Ramsey n all that shít, it gets tiring and I’m tired of all that please.
                once again, I’m sorry I broke your rule admin

              2. Hey Admin,
                I did not say that EH is from UK, I just expressed my opinion that some fans (from UK and outside) respect English players more then let’s say…. I dnt know… African players, and thats the fact cos all the pundits are crazy about 5pur2 just cos they have more english players and they were angry on Wenger and Invincibles cos there were players from all over. My opinion is that Ozil is hated by some partly cos of his nationality (or better said for what he is not) and thats not right.
                Some of the greatest players and most skillful looked lazy and sometimes uninterested: Gazza, Platini, Prosinecki, Falcao, even Maradon was running just in one direction 🙂
                I know there were different times but… they were magicians as Ozil is even today.
                If they were forced to run in Emerys Sevilla style of play they wouldnt be able to
                perform as they did!

            2. “if Ozil is from UK you will have a different opinion about him I am sure of it” again another reason and proof that you’re a simpleton, I ain’t in from the UK and I don’t even have anything against Ozil. Everyone on here knows I’ve always called for him to play more.
              You just keep failing miserably like I said.
              How you concluded that fact about Ozil, UK and I and how you are so sure of it shows what a genius you are.
              Man get a life and stop trying to mince words with me, I hate this rubbish, I don’t fancy all these, but why you’ve been picking on my posts since Ramsey signed for Juventus is what I don’t know, I mean I don’t even know you or what you look like, yet you stalk my posts and say stuffs to me like you know shít about me.. Seriously you’re starting to irritate me

  9. This Arsenal side has no clue how to play against any team that does not press them. There is literally zero creativity within the team as a whole, no combination play, no triangles.. All they know how to do is switch the play, pass backwards & cross the ball into absolutely nobody ? It’s really hard to watch. I like Emery and I back him but I’m really starting to think he dislikes style and creativity which is a must for any consistent top level team.

  10. Fair play to Emery. He’s certainly worked quickly with this squad. Took Wenger 20 years to get to this stage.

    1. ????? took me a few seconds to understand your comment. How apt. We are looking downwards at the moment. This is Bate a less than average premier league team. Only God knows what will happen when we met bigger teams.

  11. Emery will always be questioned when we get results like this, and his most creative player who is fit fails to make the bench

    Is he saying Lichtsteiner,Nketiah are more useful substitutes than Ozil?

    Even if you don’t want him in the 11, he should always make the bench when fit

  12. I said after Huddersfield I wasn’t going to get annoyed any more but flip me how poor are We? It’s bad when you wife who never watches football says ” your wasting your money going to and watch that rubbish.” How true is That? I am afraid that’s me finished with this shit.

    1. Nooooo! I am afraid Emery was our best choice at the time regarding the fact that he knew that we won’t have much money to invest.

  13. Emery: I finished every season in la liga behind Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
    Arsenal Board: You mean you finished 6th every season.
    Emery: Yes.
    Arsenal Board: You are hired

      1. Tonight he has really pis*ed me off if I’m honest… 3 lousy shots on target the whole game against a team I’d never heard of!! So he leaves OZIL and Ramsey at home!!! Absolutely disgusting…. it’s all gone Pete Tong yet again…… so gutted

        1. Ramsey is injured and Ozil who knows, but playing with 6 defending players against Bate was a BIG mistake. He had Suarez and Auba on the bench almost until the end ??!!

          1. Ozil was in full training…. I am seriously losing my patience with Unai…. come on sort your beef out, these piss poor performances are doing my head in…. didn’t help that I ripped it out of a spud earlier… they’d never lose to Bate (who?) though ☹ we really are awful

            1. Agree Sue, Bate were no better than Blackpool. The team should be ashamed of themselves, talk about “not fit to wear the shirt”

              1. They should be indeed Kenny… and I really feel for the poor sods that travelled over there…. if I had, I’d be demanding my money back!!!

    1. Too right Sue ???? tell me what he says because I don’t even wanna see him! He gets on my nerves now! Like a broken record.. we played our way, it’s a process! It’s a process losing against Bate borisov ?

      1. I think I’d probably slap him or shake him John! How on earth can you defend this??!! We can’t because we don’t even know how to defend ? come on Gerwyn ?

        1. We don’t know how to attack either Sue ? the interior and exterior factors of Emery’s system have gone violently wrong ? Gerwyn would probably get in that Arsenal team haha

              1. Super ripped! He’s an ex rubgy player (no cauliflower ears thank god!) The crowd wind him up, he gives a bit back – they don’t like it! He’s just been fined for his celebrations in a tournament he won!!! He was 6-2 up tonight & it finished 6-6…. nothing’s gone right tonight ?

                1. I’m ripped he’s more bulk but understandable since he’s a rugby player and yeah cauliflower ears is gross ? Jesus Sue how did he blow that lead?? ?

                    1. Well a draw is better than a defeat Sue so maybe he’ll win next time.. I don’t really know much about darts I just hear results on sky sports news ? bad day all round then ?

                    2. Have you never played?
                      I’m starting to feel rough… I sound like that old gal out of the Exorcist ?? have my colleagues to thank for that ??

                    3. I’ve played when I was p*ssd once or twice, not very good at it ? aha possessed Regan ? is that because you were shouting at the box ? Lol

                    4. But did you actually hit the board?! ?
                      No I just sat there speechless (for once!) Have neck ache, from repeatedly shaking my head ??

                    5. Haha I’m below average but not that bad ? I was actually angry for once I could have filled 4 swear boxes in that 2nd half damn Emery, damn Arsenal ?

                    6. Nothing surprises me anymore John, we are well & truly broken… I asked my son if he wanted to go next thursday (As it’s half term) he said no… and I never thought I’d say this, but I was quite glad.. not sure I could sit through it!! I don’t like these poor performances, last 2 times coming home on the train I felt really peeved… I expected better.. much better!
                      Will we ever see a decent performance John?? Need a week off to get over tonight ?

                    7. Haha that’s say something about Arsenal when your 12 year old is losing interest Sue ? I’d be astonished if we went out against Bate, I do expect the team to win 4 or 5 against them next week, but that’s not really the point.. we’re just awful to watch ? a week? You need until the end of the season lol. I don’t know Sue, if I’m honest I don’t think Emery is the man for Arsenal.. I was gutted we didn’t get Luis Enrique tbh and was gutted we lost Guardiola because Wenger wouldn’t leave.

                    8. I’ll be astonished if we score 4 or 5 John ??
                      Well yes at least 6 months should cover it ?
                      I wouldn’t have minded Allegri… but I guess we’ll never know now… all I do know is I’m seriously going to have the piss ripped out of me tomorrow.. it’ll be on par with Bradford… ok actually it’ll be worse ??

                    9. Trust in the process Sue ? we all did but that wasn’t realistic, he was never leaving Juventus.. I think Enrique wanted Arsenal job though until Stan said we’re skint ? Aww that league cup disaster ? we’re all getting the p*ss taken out of us after that! On par with Ostersunds but at least we won the 1st leg in that one ?

                2. Luckily we aren’t playing for another week so just soak it up tomorrow ? well don’t work too hard Sue, enjoy the weekend and we go again next Thursday ?

                  1. You enjoy the weekend too John.. I’m off for 7 days after tomorrow ?
                    I might casually forget about the game on Thurs & watch the darts instead ?

                    1. Sweet good long break ? don’t you want to watch Iwobi strut his stuff next week ? thanks Sue maybe when I get this horror show out of my system ?

    2. Sue, today’s performance looks familiar. I’m so sure I have seen before. How. could I forget. Yes, yes, I remember now. We performed exactly like that against Westham. It is certainly becoming a norm.

      1. You’re right Mobella, it certainly is becoming the norm….getting to the point now where we expect these sort of results! One thing’s for sure, I’ll really be on edge about every away game & I can’t see myself shaking that feeling for a very long time!!

  14. Michael Owen prediction on BATE Borisov vs Arsenal.

    ”….I feel they (Arsenal) will have to settle for a draw at best on Thursday such is their current away form in the Premier League.

    “Bate have lost all three previous home games against English opposition. “But I feel they will get a positive result against Unai Emery’s side.

    “Although I fully expect the Premier League outfit to qualify for the last 16.”

    Why are we mad with pundits when they say the truth. Our qualifications I’d hanging in the balance now. BATE will certainly score in next meeting because we can’t play without conceding goal. Thus we need more than 2 goals to qualify. God save our soul.

  15. I’m confident that Arsenal will win the second leg and go through easily but that’s the little picture. The big picture is what worries me. I can’t stand the three at the back, don’t understand the lack of creativity in the middle, whatever grit Emery seemed to instill early on in the season is gone and he seems to have lost his midas touch with second half changes – for the third straight game I’m at a loss to tell what formation we were playing in the second half.

    5-2 Arsenal on aggregate. Ramsey and Ozil to start and pull all the strings and confuse us all.

  16. If you find your self supporting Iwobi due of you thinking he is good enough than dont act all that suprised and angry when you end up losing games. Arsenal is a small club with a stubborn ignorant fanbase who cant see things straight.

    The players are not up for the job and the owner is not here to make you happy.

  17. We are what we are, a very poor side.How can we hope to recruit quality players with results like tonight.Like you Trudeau,I want Emery to consign this ultra defensive back three system to the nearest bin .

  18. Lmao…Nothing can ruin my day I’ve been in a bright mood all day, I’m gonna have some drinks and toast to more life..
    This team is a joke??
    Well we can’t blame anyone..
    Ozil wouldn’t have made any difference, he’s the laziest player so we don’t need his creativity, Mhiki as usual is the perfect player.
    Thank God I won’t be watching this dross of a team play this weekend.
    Frustrating team with no style of play..
    But he who must not be mentioned cannot be questioned or criticized, else his soldiers will come for your head??

      1. ?Sue remember I told you if we keep a clean sheet that it’ll break my heart because leaking goals is our thing now..
        well it means I was prepared, once I saw the line up I knew this was gon be another boring game, and I decided to finish up with some projects I had at hand, I started watching the game after 32 minutes into it.
        Anyone who really think Emery shouldn’t be called out is crazy upstairs.
        If I was Ozil, I’ll pull a Sanchez and laugh all I want when these bullshíts go on, I’d tease and laugh at the coach..But I ain’t, the man has respect for his fellow players and doesn’t like talking to much..
        Constant poor performances and yet you’d see people on here defending Emery and creating excuses for him. It’s such a shame that this what we have to face. My team can’t attack, my team can’t defend.. At this point, people still say stuffs like give him a year before you judge.
        Smh, bunch of sore losers

        1. We have problems all over the pitch.. and I thought things could only get better Eddie! Absolutely laughable!! Unai is starting to do my head right in…. I’m really not liking what I see & there’s only one person who is at fault for that…..

  19. I think I will be supporting Bate next week.
    Sorry but I cannot bring myself to bother with such a bunch of overpaid, self absorbed, talentless foreign mercenary trash like Arsenal.
    Not one of them there gives a shit about the club that pays them their huge salaries.
    A club like Arsenal does not deserve the support it gets.
    And it’s time that Arsenal fans woke up to smell the coffee – Arsenal are not going to change. They are not going to become a force under Emery.
    Arsenal should have stuck with Wenger.
    After all, you sack a manager and bring in a new one to improve things.
    Has anyone seen improvement?

  20. I believe Emery prepared the Arsenal 18 Gunners team squad that he took to Belarus very well to play against 8ATE Borisov in today’s Europa League Cup 1st leg knock out match of the last 32 teams in which Arsenal have lost 1-0 to BATE.

    Nevertheless, in as much as Arsenal have unexpectedly lost the match to our disappointments , notwithstanding, my advice is we should accept the lose of the match and take it on our chins and be of good hearts toward Emery and the Gunners for their having a bad result night against BATE. With all things being equalled for Arsenal in the 2nd leg knock out match at the Ems next Thursday night, the Gunners should be able to put the full of energy BATE to the guns utterly in the match knocking them out from the competition.

    Therefore, let’s all excise patient and wait patiently for Arsenal to get the job done over the line.

    1. Saamu, are you asking us to ignore the nonsense we played tonight and have been playing for the past few weeks cos we might qualify next week?

  21. Just wanted to say fook we were awful tonight and unfortunately Guendouzi had an unusual howler of a game.

    On the previous article will we now not sign a defender in the summer? Probably nothing would suprise me probably still keen to get a winger in.. I’m still pinning a lot of hope on the future pairing of Holding and Mavropanos.

  22. On Ozil 18m in wages a year and not even travelling.
    I wish he would either say right I’ll roll my sleeves up or just say okay I’ll go.
    I think it’s too late tbh as it’s not just how he plays but his sickness record as well I didn’t realise just how many games he’d missed through throwing a duvet day!

    1. Do you really believe that crap. This a professional athlete we are talking about and not someone with sickle cell anemia. Even patient with sickle cell don’t fall sick like Ozil has been reported. If the club don’t want him they should come and say so. He was injured, came back from injury, played one match, back to bench and became sick for doing nothing. How I wish I can become Ozil right now doing nothing for 1.5m that is more 600m in naira. What a shitload of money for doing nada. And the funny thing is the club is ok with it

    2. A duvet day??? It’s not Ozil who decides who’ll board that plane….
      It’s not just how he plays?? Be nice to actually see him play…

      1. Emery has a personal issue with him and should stop trotting out the usual rubbish about him when questioned about it. If he doesn’t fit in his style of play then he should have moved him on even if his wages were subsidised because it is still costing £350k a week with over two years of his contract left. The longer it is left the more difficult it becomes to sell him, he’s not getting any younger. By the way I hope today’s performance doesn’t represent his style of play!!!

        1. Yes that personal issue is causing havoc with the team! But he’s obviously happy with 3 shots against a team of farmers! That certainly is Arsenal at it’s very best!! Well done UE… how about we go one better next week & lose at home to them & get knocked out! Sheesh…. ?

          1. Totally agree with you Sue and all your previous comments. The Team under Emery is imploding and unfortunately I don’t believe that Emery is the guy to take us forward in the next chapter of successful Arsenal football no matter what players he brings in.

            1. Just gets worse…. nothing to be happy about.. these last few weeks have been an absolute nightmare & I’m sick to death of just limping over the finish line but last night we couldn’t even do that!!! Not happy to say the least……

  23. Now people are saying the same guys who went 22 unbeaten trying to impress a new manager are shit.
    Let’s get rid of this clown of a manager and actually get someone who can actually coach star players and see the difference. Not even Wenger in his last days could lose this game. PROVEN

  24. Unai is out dated manager his style of football is like Jose Mo style of football very annoying, players will be running up and down in the pitch with no idea of what he’s doing and he called it high pressing……iwobi always struggle to dribble, he can’t kick ball properly and he’s our best player,tomorrow Lucas might be our number 8 “OMG”….earlier the better.

  25. I lost faith in Emery the very day he subbed Lacca and we ended up drawing 2:2 with Brighton, I said to myself that day that I’m not gonna watch Arsenal games until further notice, and up to date I have not waste my time to watch any Arsenal match – live.

    It’s sad to say, but I don’t trust in Emery. I sense great danger ahead.

  26. If mhikt and laca scored like ruthless teams do, the game would suit the tactics.

    Unless if unai plans to develop this, meaning in players like laca or iwobi so be it. But player like iwobi, like gary neville is a player not blessed with talent but can only rely on hardwork, that is the fruits of this hardwork.

    We need to get this 343 sorted because the players look uncomfortable with not being allowed to be more creative. At home we look better but the tactics of 4321 or 433 work.

    Whatever happens at home unai needs to be positive and creative.

  27. Klopp reached Europa League final in his first season with a lot worse squad than what Emery has, Guardiola finished in top four and reached Champions League quarter finals with an old city squad. The two were still playing the most attractive football in the division despite the limitations. Emery’s team is an eye sore. its football blasphemy to compare the two with Emery.

  28. We just lost to a team who hadn’t played a game in 2 months and got beater by our B team 6-0 last year.

    I’m so sick of this!

  29. Uani is finding it hard to motivate the players. players do not understand why their most talented player is not included in match day squad. soon they will start to question the manager. Leno in one interview said that Ozil is one of the most talented players in Europe, the other day Lucas said he cant believe it that his locker is just next to Ozil. both players are telling the manager something. soon the owners are going to take action. this is a business and when your biggest asset is under utilized you as the financier of the investment will be forced to take action. the beautiful Arsenal is gone and it is now Mou all over at Arsenal!. i will be surprised if Unai lasts longer than his two year contract. no one in his sane mind is going to keep him around.

  30. Kolasinac is now on a par with Mustafi when it comes to defending.Useless.The honeymoon period is over for Emery who should abandon this defensive back three system as of now.Play a back four of AMN,Mav, Koc and Monreal next match and bring back Ozil and Ramsay for some creativity.All this unjustifiable slagging off of Iwobi makes me embarrassed to be an Arsenal supporter.Once again be was one of our better players on the night.Please get off his back and focus on the facts.He is not being played instead of Ozil and Ramsay.He brings another dimension to the team in his role as a ball carried with enormous stamina that nobody else in the team can match.He lacks creativity in the final third but makes up for it by his capacity for non stop work.

  31. hello to all the gunners and haters . I firstly wana give due where due is to be given iwobi well done for improving and the way you working and no I’m not Nigerian. at ue. if you read this please cut out the difference you have with ozil as the team needs him play miki on the left and iwobi on the right with ozil behind the pair of abmng n laca with torera n gwendozi behind ozil. thank you

  32. Emery is making poor tactical and selection decisions. But the real problem is Kroenke: the decline will continue until we can (somehow) bring about a change of ownership.

  33. I won’t start blaming Emery until I see his own full squad players, I’ve reiterated these Wenger boys aren’t up to the task, they are clearly average or below average in rating.
    My only issue with Unaj is i don’t understand his formation, 3 at the back against a bate is rubbish, Also our attack is dead until we get very good wingers and a ball carrier in the AM position..

    Iwobi and Guendozi are the only one with balls to drive the ball up, Iwobi isn’t a natural winger, he’s supposed to be a back up AM and LW..he tries for his ability..
    Suarez was lively and could be our carzola..
    Ozil wouldn’t have made any difference, he would have been his usual slow side passing..
    Mhicky,xhaka and kolasinac are all not good enough..
    Only few aew worth playing for this FC.

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