Bayer battling to stop striker transfer to Arsenal

The fact that the German Bundesliga club specifically mentioned Arsenal in their statement does suggest to me that the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a January transfer move for their former Manchester United star were close to the mark.

It was being reported around the football media last week that the Mexico international forward Javier Hernandez was keen on a return to the Premier League this month. And after the 27-year old comprehensively proved that Louis van Gaal was wrong to let him leave Old Trafford, smashing 19 goals in 22 games for new club Bayer Leverkusen, you could hardly blame the Arsenal boss for wanting to offer him a route back.

But as reported by The Mirror, his new club are understandably keen to keep him and have issued a hands off warning to the Gunners and any other club with transfer plans for their star player.

The Bayer boss Rudi Voller said, “We’re not selling Chicharito to Arsenal or anyone else.

“He’s not for sale.”

Is that enough to stop Wenger from trying to sign this prolific striker? It would not be the first time that a club stated categorically that one of their players would not be leaving only for it to happen.

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  1. I think it was Arsene who said it takes three parties to agee a transfer. Player. Buying club and selling club ( if player is contracted) so I reckon that’s a no then. But I reckon there’s a fourth party anyway. The all important MRS.

  2. On the Sunday supplement or a similar show this morning the media was mentioning that Aubameyang is Arsenals real target. I could see Arsene wanting this player over little pea. Myself I would love to see Pea on the end of some of Ozils passes but can he contribute in build up and other areas. Also he is another wee little man but if other players with height arrive then I would be fine with that. Basically whichever player Wenger wants here is the one that I want.

    1. I don’t want to see pee on the end of Özil’s passes..

      Besides I thought Hernandez isn’t eligible to move this window?

      Would love to see Aubameyang though. His pace is unreal. However I doubt to see why would Dortmund sell him when they only have Ramos to cover him.

      Could Isco be available? Cazorla is out until February/March and he isn’t getting any younger. He would be the perfect replacement for him.

        1. Publish anything!!
          Is this not Arsenal News?
          Did the Bayer boss actually mention Arsenal ? Yes!
          Did the Mirror report it? Yes!
          Why should we not be allowed to report every Arsenal article we find?

          1. He’s right. Stop moaning and get your facts straight. There : Arsenal. I just said the word, why don’t you make up an article about this.

    2. Auba is too good to pass on for chicha……. Younger, pacy, versatile, skillful with an eye for goal as well

      who wouldn’t want him?????

  3. My wish: Chicarito or Aubamayeng or Ighalo or Isco for a title push.

    In reality what Wenger will do is sign the unknown Egyptian and a teen from nowhere for the usual fourth place finish

  4. Please, don’t keep your hopes up for a big signing…and you will not be disappointed. So, if Wenger decides to bring in a big signing, it will be a pleasant surprise for everyone.
    At least it seems Elneny is really coming…and he seems to be a good prospect by the way.

  5. Off Topic:I really think our British core is proving to be a failed experiment.Walcott is a player who has pace but is one of the least technically gifted fowards I have ever seen.Ramsey is just average and was over hyped after his breakout season.Jack wheelchair is too injury prone,Chambers has proved to be a flop (though he has time) Ox has not improved for 5 years.Kieran Gibbs is not too bad off but is still not good enough.None of these players can even make the starting XI of England(except Rambo since he’s welsh)IMO we have to get rid of this English core and maybe invest in better talent

    1. If you criticize Ramsey then you really don’t know what football is. Rambo is easily one of the best ACMs in Europe.

  6. Aubameyang stories are heating up, with some reports suggesting that Wenger is willing to pay the 42 million asking price ?
    That would show true intent on Wenger’s behalf,
    As this player is the closest to a Henry type of player and the added bonus is, he would be eligible to play in the champions league.

    This one is worth holding your breath for ??????

      1. Ozil and Sanchez were not wanted by their clubs. Aub. is under contract until 2020. No way he moves in January.

    1. there’s something bout this price tag “£42miL” …….it just seems to move wenger ….42 is his Lucky number u would say!

  7. The top goalscorers in the league are (goals scored/ games played):

    Lukaku 15/20
    Vardy 15/20
    Ighalo 14/20
    Mahrez 13/19
    Kane 11/20

    It’s unacceptable that no Arsenal player is in the top 5. Something needs to be done.

    1. Why? If you rely too heavily on one player for goals, you are screwed if he gets hurt. Arsenal have survived an injury to Sanchez. Spurs are screwed if Kane gets hurt.

  8. According to rumours doing the rounds, a source revealed

    ‘An intermediary has made contact with Dortmund about Pierre-Emerick making a move to Arsenal.
    ‘Wenger knows the fee is very high – yet this is a striker who can make a massive difference for him and help win the title for the first time in 12 years.
    ‘But there is a lot of interest in him.’

    add to that, wenger’s words…. “we will be very busy and will only sign top players this window” *not exactly verbatim*

    i’m not getting too excited or ahead of myself tho…..this is too sweet to pass on!

  9. Its a good thing that no one on this site is deluded.We are all aware our team is not good enough
    Only ozil sanchez and cech are special.
    The rest even astonvilla watford and crystal palace have

  10. and by that, are u exactly saying the likes of monreal, le coq, bellerin, hell even koscielny isn’t good enough?

    Guess, U would love to refute ur statement as well as apologize to the gunners faithfull

    1. stop your hypocricy.
      You once said chelsea are miles better than us.
      You also said monreal and coq are not good enough.
      I havent forgotten any of it

    2. Hahaha……..LmFaO…… I dn’t recall comparing our team to a sh**** ex-moanino team….. I’m always not on the side of CheLski and u knw it……Try again fella!

  11. Aubameyang will be 27 years old in June this year. And @ his purported £42m selling price tag by his parent club BVB Dortmond, would that huge amount of money be better invested on a younger Premier League talent like Romelu Menama Lukaku of Everton FC @ a buying price of not more than £35m?

    Everton are said to have bought him @ £28m last season. A return of £7m shouldn’t be a bad profit if they sell him to Arsenal. Everton are not playing 4th place finish club. No disrespect. So, I see no reason why they wouldn’t want to sell him to Arsenal if at all the Boss wants to sign him.

    But haven said this on the basis of a longer service value Lukaku could render to Arsenal than the shorter service value Auba would render to Arsenal before his pace starts to decline possibly after he has clocked 29 years old. The Boss may sign the prolific goal poacher Auba for the purpose of winning the title & the Ucl this season and the next next(3seasons). Should that becomes realised, then the ends has justified the means.

    The Boss to sign Aubameyang? Yes, why not if he wants to sing him. He’s a top quality highly suitable for Arsenal’s titles campaign. By the way, any news on Aleksandr Kokorin? Has the Boss jettison his interest to sign him?

    1. pls find out how old ozil or sanchez is at the moment…….. Even at that, many teams out ere would be willing to fork out well over 50miL for each of em…….

      This is one chance in a million for us to run away with the Trophy

      If there’s a realistic chance of getting Auba for 42 miL in january, i’d say Take it and Leave Licking ur Lips!

  12. Leo My man for accurate gossips where are you? WE NEED proven DM and ST to fight both fronts specially win the EPL as this year is there for the taken unless we re enforce the team.Bench underperformed as soon as we get this new blood injected and Alexis back.I dream of front 3 with Alexis – Theo- Aubameyang feed by Mr Assists even mighty Barca will think twice to play free flow against us. dreams can come true If we work hard to reach them, Can Mr wenger?

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