Bayern back out but will PSG sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has been standing firm with his comments about Alexis Sanchez, insisting that Arsenal will not sell our star striker during this summer transfer window, but maybe the Frenchman should not have used the example of the former Gunners striker Robin van Persie in his interview.

After all, despite Wenger insisting that the two situations are completely different, we do not have to look hard to see a similarity or two. The final year of a contract. Wanting to leave after seeing Arsenal fail to challenge for the Premier League or Champions League trophy. Wanted by a direct EPL rival and while Wenger uses their age difference to illustrate his point he was wrong and there is less than half a year’s difference.

So all this has done is to remind us that sometimes Wenger will say one thing and the do another and if that is going to happen again then we can only hope that Arsenal sell Alexis to a club in a different country and league. It looked as if that might be the German champions Bayern Munich but their president has declared the interest in Sanchez to be over, leaving just Man City pursuing our player.

Until now that is, because The Telegraph is reporting that PSG are back in the game. They have the money to pay a big transfer fee and give the Chilean a massive wage. They always have a great chance of winning the French Ligue 1 title but perhaps more important is their stated desire to win the Champions League.

Could all this add up to Arsenal selling Alexis Sanchez to PSG?



  1. Can we go a day without talking about Alexis Sanchez? Personally, I want him gone. It’s clear that he’s made up his mind and wants to leave, and he’ll be nothing but a distraction all season long if he stays. And PSG would be the best option for both him and us.

    1. I said it before I’ll repeat it again. Vieira made overtures on a move away almost every single season. He even wanted Manu one summer. Did no harm fighting for him, and even after he signed an extension we had to convince him of a stay the following summer. The stuff was relentless if people can remember. He was just too important for us to say the usual – no-one bigger than club. So if people would love Alexis to sign, then they shouldn’t be turned off simply because he’s letting his contract run down, it happens. Bayern got Lewy that way. Dortmund didn’t want to sell, Lewy still looked class, as would Alexis.

  2. like I’ve said before, Wenger is simply stating that Sanchez is staying so that he can regain some leverage when it comes time to make a deal and to shift the focus back squarely on Sanchez…this is 101 tactics in PR management…the very fact that he even mentioned RVP’s name speaks to the utterance arrogance of a man that believes he answers to no one…before you harshly judge Sanchez think carefully about what the ultimate intentions of both parties involved…Sanchez wants to win trophies and get paid generously for his efforts, whereas the club wants to pull the wool over our eyes once again so that we blame the player for wanting the very things we told him we wanted when we brought him in…how many times do we have to go down this road before we realize the only common factor in each of these scenarios is the club itself…trust me, if we showed any ambition Sanchez’s contract demands would be much different…just like in other major sports players will take a “home town” discount if they see those in charge making a truly honest attempt to fight for the highest honours in their respective fields…that being said, if they see a team trying to make disparaging remarks about them in the press and not following through on their promises, they will likely try to make them pay a premium for their services or seek greener pastures…btw if anyone simply looks at the score versus Bayern today and thinks that even for a second that this was a deserved victory, just watch the game and judge for yourself…actually save yourself the anguish and just know that if it weren’t for Cech and Martinez this could have been a repeat of our Champions League flopping or worse

  3. The ups and downs continue…
    Today AS is staying,
    Tomorrow he is leaving.

    This must be the transfer Chronicles of Alex Sanchez…

    This should be settled and let’s focus.

  4. The decision has been “made” and I hope we stick to it for a few reason:

    1. Shows we stick to our word for a change: Many times we have said the same thing (Van P..Cesc etc) and then sell the we look like a joke

    2. Show our players there is no more running to the other side..wear that badge with pride: we have a allowed to many players to go and weaken our team and strength our rivals at the cost of our pride..NO MORE we cant allow this to happen again.

    3. It just makes sense: We sell him we get £50/60 million but that will hinge out chances of challenging for the league, Qualifying for Champions League and even (dare i say it) a winning Europa..the revenue from those will be the same or even more than what is offered for him

    4. He may change his mind at the start of the saga it was about wages, then lack of drive from the team , then no champions league..if we have a good season this could make him want to stay and be a main part of the the Wenger it or not Sanchez makes a difference it would take buying 2 players to replace what Sanchez gives us

    1. Couldn’t agree more.
      What if we could strike a deal with PSG, they buy Alexis for £50 mil and we can buy Verratti for £50 mil?

      Okay os it would still mean we would have to sweet talk the player into no UCL for a season but… I dunno, in chaos comes opportunity, as long as it is good for us then worth considering still.

      1. I honestly see Sanchez to PSG for $70M as great business for Arsenal.

        He is never going to resign for the Gunners and his petulance on and off the pitch could prove catastrophic for Arsenals EPL title charge and attempted return to the Champions League.

        The $70M could pay for Van Dyjk and Goretska, plus the clearing of 5-7 players would allow Arsene to make a serious run @ Lemar , Mahrez or both.

        If Arsenal were able to acquire Laca, Lemar, Goretska, Kolasanic, Mahrez and VVD in this window most sensible fans would quickly forget about a certain, disgruntled Chilean.

  5. Yeah but even if you do intend on selling the player you have to sound strong in protests against the idea. It’ll weaken a teams position if they say otherwise.

    PSG are after Neymar too, and Mbappe, I don’t know how much of it is true. I was thinking if Neymar left Barca, they (Barca) wouldn’t find much better than Alexis. Maybe then they’d look at Mbappe too.

  6. Everyday must be Alexis Sanchez day…but seriously i’m pretty sure Wenger is serious this time around. let me explain – In the past when Wenger said players were staying Wenger and the board never came to an agreement about it. This time though it seems both the board and Arsene had a discussion about it and they both said screw the money. Alexis cost us only 32m and he has at least made us more than that so for the duration of his contract up until now he has paid his transfer fee. If you remember in the past Wenger said he wanted the players to stay or he doesn’t think they want to leave but it’s the first time I can remember him coming out and saying “a decision has been taken.” It means for once they analysed the risk vs reward of selling Alexis Sanchez and at the moment it is too much of a risk to take. Apart from fan backlash, Where would they get a wc player available if they were supposed to sell for say 50m…When Lukaku and Morata are going for 70-75m?…It pays more to keep him and take a shot at the premier league and that is what most fans seem to can’t comprehend. If he even doesn’t sign another contract we will at least be back in the Champions League. For once we are being the big club that we are instead of everyone gets their way. I will say this, it is going to be a very interesting season 🙂

  7. Sanchez and his agent will push to leave and will probably get it if they make the right noises to attract the possible suitors.

    Think it’s just a matter of time. He wants to be playing in champions league and winning the top honours and has said that. He obviously can’t do that at Arsenal so will be sold to the highest bidder when they come a knockin..

    The price is always right when it’s high enough.

  8. Now PSG are reportedly trying to get Neymar, it is obvious they would fail in their bid to sign Him from Barca and when that happens, they will turn to Alexis as the next option.

  9. sell him for Draxler/Rabiott + 30M£
    he gets his precious CL and big money move, we get a top player + money instead

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