Bayern Munich agree to meet Giroud’s buyout clause! As if…

There have been so many Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that the big European clubs would like to poach some of our top players like Alexis Sanchez, Hector Bellerin, Laurent Koscielny and Mesut Ozil, but the media rarely link the players that we Gooners actually WANT to leave, like Theo Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain or Per Mertesacker.

So I thought I’d set that record straight by suggesting that one of these giants are after Olivier Giroud. As if? As if any of them would want him? As if Arsenal have ever put a buyout clause into any of their contracts?

The fact is that; not only are most of our players too mediocre to be coveted by our rivals; but they would be very reluctant to even match the exorbitant wages that Arsene Wenger has given our deadwood staff every time they enter into contract talks.

How we all wish that Wenger had refused to listen to Walcott’s wage demands a couple of years ago, and put him up for sale. Perhaps now we would have a truly world-class winger with a smaller wage packet than the eternal whippet.

Now we have other players like Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain demanding to have wages parity with Theo. And I assure you that Wenger will be entering into contract talks with those two players very shortly, and he WILL cave in and give them what they want, despite the fact that their reputations have declined rather than been enhanced in the last few years.

This is why our hopes of building a truly world class squad to match Europes best has been hindered. Wenger needs to grow a pair and stop showing favouritism in the HOPE they may improve one day.

It ain’t gonna happen!



  1. l am having a laugh.
    Olivier Giroud!!! of all players in our squad, wanted by Bayern? Not even Bayer will want him.
    I am sure someone woke up only to start a comedy.

    1. it’s wenger’s show and the owners like it as it is. wenger will run the show as he wants; he is a genial despot who doesn’t care about what the fans want. he’s having run running the show and collecting the dough. like all despots he’ll have to be pushed but he will fight tooth and nail to stay and collect his 8M. god i wish he would go off and be england’s manager. we can bray all we want to get WC players, but mr wenger is just not about that. making CL, getting bonus, and rinse and repeat.

  2. Not only are bayern buying Giroud, Real Madrid want to Theo so bad they are willing to give us both Bale and CR9 along with £50mil…

  3. Everyone stop bitching about giroud. He better than Lukaku imo.
    The team consists of 10 other players who hardly lit up the premier league last season. Ok he missed some sitters…. Even the worlds best that you crave so much do at times as well. In his defense he has scored some fantastic goals which these so called “top top” strikers wouldn’t have been able to.

      1. There is a big difference. Auba Plays in Bundesliga where you don’t have 10-12 Teams who can suffocate you. Most of the games here are deadwood games. Trust me I live in Germany for the past 10 years. Bayern has given the world a wrong preception about Bundesliga. But also Dortmund will not give Auba for anything. They just lost Hummels and Mkhitaryan so Auba is out of question.

    1. Also, can you remind me these fantastic goals Giroud scores that other top strikers like Suarez,lewandoski, aguero and Higuain can’t score? Do you mean the routine headers or tap ins on the near post? Or useless hatricks at the end of the season…

  4. honestly tho…what the heck is up with ozil…this guy is soooo good..his movement..positioning..brilliant…bt the guy duzn wna score when he has to..he could easily hav gotten as much goals as mahrez or at least 10…bt he jus duzn shoot..a level above cazorla imo bt the diff is cazorla shoots…

  5. Stew pot.. …well said. Lukaku is good but no different from Giroud. Infact I prefer Giroud. If we want to get someone different to Giroud or an upgrade to Giroud then Lukaku is not the man for MI. Anyway.. ..we are still waiting to see who Wenger will sign. Maybe he won’t sign any striker.. .

  6. Good joke.. Top class clubs like bayern do not go after players like giroud or use them as first choice striker for 4 years straight. Good plan b striker but to limited as a first choice striker. On the striker note, did anyone notice how quickly arsenal annouced the takuma asano signing even without he doing the medical yet.. Lol. What does that say about this signing? They are going through with it no matter what, you know why? They must sell shirts in asia by force. I have nothing against expanding our brand, its also important but that should not be where our focus should be. We need to get the players we need first then go on and do whatever after. The way they quickly annouced it is very fishy as we normally take long to annouce even after the player has already passed his medical. I am waiting on what they do next, then i will understand the bigger picture.

  7. No, they actually do want him, one of their flood lights is missing a pole and he is the perfect replacement

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