Bayern Munich? Arsenal can beat ANYONE!

Arsenal are set to face Bayern Munich on Tuesday in fine form, having won their last three League games and scoring 11 goals in the process including the demolition of Man United a couple of weeks ago. But Bayern Munich are on an even more impressive run. Yesterday they made it a perfect 10 out of 10 in the Bundesliga with a 1-0 away win at Werder Bremen, having scored 31 goals in that run. They have also won both their Champions League games, scoring 8 goals without reply, so they are arguably the team with the best form in Europe at this moment in time.

But Theo Walcott is not overawed by the German Champions, and he firmly believes that if Arsenal play as ruthlessly as they did against Manchester United, then they can beat anyone.

Walcott said in the Mirror: “Playing against Bayern and their quality is of course going to be a challenge for us, but we are at home with our support, and we need a similar sort of performance like we had against Manchester United,”

“We know we can beat anyone and we’re going to be completely ready for this one.

“We need to move on from the first couple of results in the Champions League. We know we are capable of getting results against Bayern and we want to put things right.

“Looking at our last Premier League home match against United, the intensity of our game was different to what it was like against Olympiakos in the Champions League.

“We want put it right and we just need to work hard – that is what it comes down to. If everyone is doing their job on the day it is difficult to beat us.”

The Bayern star Thiago Alcantara is also expecting a hard game at the Emirates, despite Arsenal’s poor form in the competition so far. “For me it is strange that ­Arsenal have zero points in the table. I considered them as the favourites along with Bayern for this group.” he said.

“They have failed in two matches and that means this match could be decisive for them. They are more dangerous because they need the points.”

I cannot help but agree that Arsenal have a chance if they play to their best form, but with Wenger saying that he may rest some stars I think it will be a lot harder to get anything out of the game.

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  1. bayern who??!!never had of that team before.
    give them
    chambers mertz monreal gibbs
    arteta ramsey
    ox cazorla walcott
    we shall cruise to a comfortable 3 0 victory with giroud scoring his first senior hat trick

    1. mate lewandowski wont be able to overcome calum chambers
      manuel neuer has never dealt with someone of girouds gift
      arteta will laugh at arturo vidal an mario gotzes attempts to boss midfield

      1. hey muff you do realise that this is more of the same team that beat dortmund last year.The same dortmund that bossed the group till then.
        lewandowski v chambers-If you didnt realise ive put chambers on the right back position meaning he will either have to battle gotze or ribery.But since he countered well with kane and costa.They are not much more of a threat.
        arteta v vidal-yeah listen As much as I rate vidal.It isnt just gonna be arteta he will have to deal withis also gonna be ramsey
        finally giroud v neuer.
        I have no say hear.there is still walcott and cazorla who really know how to shoot

  2. “Arsenal can beat ANYONE!”, had a good chuckle at that leading title. I suppose on our day we can beat anyone in Europe, just as long as we don’t ever play any team ever (doesn’t matter how bad they are) in the last 16.

      u had to mention the last 16-

      u sir..are uninvited to my birthday…
      im having a clown, balloons and everythinggggg

      1. Now that’s just mean. Although I did get a 100 balloons down at Poundland yesterday, so I’m sorted anyway!

    1. how dare you!
      those results were because the grass was cut anti clockwise, also we ran out of cherry flavoured lucozade

      sorry but how do u prepare for that!

      1. oh that’s what it was….i knew their was something wrong with those pitches (in zegreb and i heard from a friend of mine whose friend works at the emirates) someone from greek cut the grass clockwise during Olympicos)….turning clockwise our shots to our goal. damn i knew we couldn’t be beaten historically( not beaten since 19_____(pls fill in the blanks accordingly)) if the grasses were cut with the right clocking…thanks for the insight mate.

    2. @antiwenger
      You and 3rdmanjw need to get real. Arsenal can beat anyone out there, if we show up to WIN…And just because we lost to those teams does not mean we cannot beat them. It only means we did not beat them on those days…Big difference…

      1. i do joke about our losses, but ppl tend to forget we beat barca at there absolute best ..with players like bentdner and djorou playing
        we beat bayern comfortably at the allianz….again when they were at there best

        arsenal are one of those bogey teams that can literally beat anyone…

  3. this is our biggest problem complacency every time our players come out in media like this and say something outrageous I start feeling little feared because it unnecessarily invites pressure on you so Theo you r playing well and do all the talking on pitch not on cameras
    also players should be banned to talk to media before games over the last year or so there has been this pattern where a player would come out before and say we will do this that and on match day they suck

    1. Your not wrong, I remember a good number of years back we would give our say on Stokes footballing abilities leading up to a game and I remember thinking that they will use those headlines hanging on locker room wall against us and then we would get bulldozed during the game. Some of our players always had to speak before the games.

  4. what pisses me off the most is how fans still label and blame Ospina for one mistake.. Get a grip of yourselves and move on. Cech also made mistakes that cost us points against WH.. Ospina is a fabulous goalkeeper. I thank God Wenger aint like Mourinho..would’ve completely ruin the dude’s confidence with blames

  5. Did Wenger really say he will rest players on tuesday? I thought he said he will make one or two changes and am guessing Gabriel for Mertesacker, then Ox for Ramsey and thats a maybe

  6. i think bayern are overrated…

    anyone can score 5 goals in 9 mins …so like whatever robert
    do the treble….mate i did that with my pub team fc pork scratchings..big woop

  7. We must get of the high horse and do a reality check with the upcoming games against Bayern, true the team is playing well, but now is all about tactics against the best team in Europe, hope WENGER has done his homework….we must demolish them at home, park the Bus in Munich and hope for some magic from Alexis, Ozil and Cazorla…..anything can happen in football but again is up to WENGER to come up with the tactics to get us through we dug ourselves in the CL.

  8. The think with most good runs like Bayern are on is that they do tend to end sometime. Like Olympiakos had never won in England and then came and beat us. We just have to hope we play at our best, luck goes our way and they have an off day.

    I wouldn’t be too upset at going out of the CL though.We can give our fringe players a run out in the Europa League while our first team focuses on the BPL. It helped Liverpool’s challenge a couple of years ago. What’s really important is to keep our good form in the league going. Man City look really sharp and we need to keep winning to keep pace with them.

  9. Bayern are a top side but they aren’t as strong as they were in 2013, and we beat them in 2013. We’re stronger than we were in 2013. Therefore it’s entirely possible that we can beat them this year.

  10. Statement: Bayern Munich? Arsenal can beat ANYONE!
    Response: Yes we can.

    Statement: Do we usually?
    Response: No we don’t

  11. Listen Baby Please

    I suppose it’s possible but who do we play in following positions


    1. Mertsacker or Gabriel
    2. Ramsey or OX or Walcott
    3. Walcott or Giroud

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