Bayern Munich confident of signing Aaron Ramsey?

It seems that I am going to be eating my words after saying there was no way one of the European giants would be clambering to sign Aaron Ramsey after Arsenal withdrew his contract extension, but according to today’s Independent it is practically a done deal that Bayern Munich are going to secure his signature.

They reported…..

Bayern Munich are confident they have won the race to sign Aaron Ramsey.

The Arsenal midfielder is available on a lucrative free transfer this summer when his Arsenal contract expires. There has been plenty of interest in him from within the Premier League, especially from Liverpool and Chelsea, as well as from abroad.

But German champions Bayern Munich believe that they have won the race to sign the Wales international.

There has been a recent breakthrough in talks and now Ramsey is expected to sign a long-term contract at the Allianz Arena from the start of next season.

If it’s true they must have offered him a mega contract (or signing on fee) but at Bayern Munich the highest earner is Lewandowski on 200,000 GBP a week and it must be very unlikely that Ramsey will be taking home more than that, so I wonder how much Arsenal offered him before withdrawing the offer?



  1. I’m happy for him I really am ,now we can move forward and maybe get a proper cm or promote from within .
    For me he’s never been arsenal standard from what I’ve grown up watching ,maybe he’s the type of player we have all be getting used to this last 5-10 years ,so I’m pretty happy he’s not been given a new contract

  2. If I were a Dortmund fan and this rumour turned out to be true, which I do NOT believe, I would be thrilled, as it would help Dortmund or Bayern’s other rivals. We surely all know Ramsey would weaken Bayern.

    1. Further to this , in my view, fake news, who else on here rushes out to buy The Independent to find out the latest transfer truth? No, me neither! All I care is that this man goes and asap.

  3. I don’t know if this is real or not,but have always known Ramsey will play for a big club if he decides to leave arsenal,the boy it’s a big game player.i have a wales friend who still believe they lost to Portugal because Ramsey was suspended.

    1. I can-Ramsey is not good enough to have a First Team spot at Arsenal this season.He is even behind Xhaka in the pecking order.That sums him up as far as I’m concerned.BM are struggling this season where they used to dominate so obviously they are looking to re-inforce.If the best they set their sites on is an Arsenal SUBSTITUTE then they are surely in decline.If they could take Mustafi and Xhaka off is at the same time that would be a bonus for us as well.

  4. Okay Phil but do you think maybe just maybe Ramsey contract has anything to do with him being on the bench,and will you also say mustafi and holding are better than sokratis,or in your own view do you believe Anthony martial and Olivier Giroud are better than laca,that laca was only called when martial couldn’t make it due to his injury,you see my point is just because a player is being played from the bench does not means he’s bad

    1. I’m not too sure I understand your point at all if I’m honest.Ramsey is not in the side because when he has appeared he has been pretty dire.Does that not say it all?As for you bringing Mustafi Holding Sokritis And a MANC into things -what has that got to do with anything?Ramsey is a good player.That is all.He is not worth a place in our midfield.He has proved that by his below par performances this season and the fact he allowed his contract to run down.

  5. He will strengthen their bench so it’s a good signing for them if it happens.

    He won’t weaken them. That’s ridiculous

  6. how is it a good signing for them, they have a bench that is higher than Ramsey standard so why on earth would they sign him again?. yeah right arsene Wenger was linked to them so Ramsey must going to play his daddy. for goodness sake there are some discard immediately you read them.

    1. kristoman, “discard them immediately you read them”?
      Are you talking about that quote about AW and Ramsey specifically?
      Such a “mature” statement, it makes one want to read your future comments!?!?
      Perhaps Arsenal have got it wrong and Bayern have got it right?
      Ask yourself this, why does Emery keep including him in his squad?
      Ramsey has stated he is going to play out his contract, so the old red herring about putting him in the “shop window”.
      So there can only be one answer, Emery STILL rates him.
      As previously stated, Ramsey holds all the cards, including holding our club to ransom. I can’t wait for him to go, but anyone who thinks he’s not good enough should ask Emery the question I posed above.

      1. Ken, It amuses me that you post so often asking “why is Emery still selecting so and so for either the 11 or the 18, if he does not rate then”? THUS ASSUMING HE DOES RATE THEM, WHEN MANY OF THINK HE DOES NOT. You must know the answer is becasuse he cannot change all the players in one window and must work within Kroenkes meagre allowance. We have to field a team and squad , so THAT is why. Quite a simple answer and he is a pragmatic man. He needs to be! RAMSEY IS NOT A REGULAR STARTER NOW AND HE WAS MORE REGULAR UNDER WENGER, which to me says it all!

        1. So Jon, we have a player who is not good enough for our bench, weakens us as a club, not worth a new contract, a weak individual and is also greedy. I happen to support the the greedy point myself.
          What amuses me is that you think Emery has no other choice but to play him?
          So why was he on the bench against Wolves then?
          Emery didn’t have to bring him on did he, he didn’t even have to include him in the squad and here’s why……….
          Unai has a twenty four first team squad to choose from, of whom, I believe, five were unavailable on Sunday (Kos, soks, monreal, welbs, mavs,).
          These were four defenders and a forward as identified in our handbook 2018/19.
          Ramsey is identified as a midfield player in that same publication, along with SEVEN OTHER MIDFIELDERS, so your “simple answer” that he has to pick him doesn’t really make sense does it?
          The “simple answer” then, surely, must be that Emery rates him ( no matter how much you and others want him out of the club) for his playing abilities.
          As usual, you include AW in your post and you say it “says it all” that he was more regular under him…. how many times has Emery not included him in his squad this season?
          Oh I forgot, he HAS to!!!! THAT makes ME smile Jon it really does.
          I’m sure you’ll also remember the winning goals he scored during two of our cup final triumps in the “barren years”, which to me says it all about the player, winning cup final medals in a team you see as so inept at everything.

          My pragmatic reasoning for wanting him to go is very simple and basic… trying to hold the club to ransom over his wage demands, to which the club thankfully turned him down.
          That outrageous attempt does not alter his ability as a footballer and this is why major clubs around europe are enquiring after him, just as emery has realised and why includes him in his plans.

          By the way Jon, I notice that you are trying again to accuse me of questioning Emery’s decisions.
          As far as I am aware, I have never questioned why “SO AND SO” have been selected…except Mustafi and you have been in TOTAL agreement of course.

          I have NEVER called the likes of Iwobi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ozil, Holding or Elneny unfit to wear the shirt, unlike yourself Jon…and of course they have all been given new contracts (bar Ozil) by Unai Emery.
          But I forget again, he HAD to offer those new contracts didn’t he?
          All AW signings of course and ALSO made whilst under Kronkies meagre allowance!!
          That says it all for me, well done Unai and Arsene FOR SPOTTING TALENT AND KEEPING THEM AT THE CLUB.
          Unless Jon, YOU are now questioning Emery’s abilities?

  7. Bayern turning average gradually… Ramsey aGnabry Sule …
    Lewy robben ribery boateng hummels neuer declining n close to retirement

  8. Arsenal is bound to play Ramsey as long as he is fit whether as a starter or substitute, this is the main reason Ramsey will be leaving Arsenal, He has to play or we pay him at the end of the season again having bound to leave for free. Money was not the issue but regular playing time.

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