Bayern Munich in for a Champions League shock from Arsenal?

When Arsene Wenger took his Arsenal team so Stamford Bridge to face the Premier League leaders Chelsea recently, he was roundly criticised for the way he set the side up. After losing 3-1 to Chelsea a lot of pundits were quick to slam the Frenchman and his tactics, which were too open and allowed the Blues to hit us on the counter way too easily.

That same sort of idea about the way Arsenal play was evident from the Germany international keeper Manuel Neuer this week, as the Daily Mail reported his pre-match comments ahead of the Gunners trip to face Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League knockout tie.

The Bayern stopper said, “Arsenal are a team that want to play.

“They are strong but you will get more free space to play. We are a team that likes to let the ball circulate and take advantage of this space. That is why it will be nice for the supporters to watch.”

He has a point, but if Bayern are expecting to face an open Arsenal tonight I think they are in for a surprise. After all, this home and away double header is a completely different prospect than the trip to Stamford Bridge. Because of the respective league positions a draw was not much use to us so the Gunners had to be gung-ho if there was to be any chance of the EPL title.

Tonight though, Wenger and Arsenal will de delighted to come away with a draw and I expect us to approach the game accordingly. Arsenal do have a strong defence and midfielders who can work hard and get stuck in to bolster the back line. We also have pace up front and are dangerous on the counter ourselves.

Hopefully Neuer and his teammates expect us to attack because they might not be ready for us and Arsenal could put one foot into the quarter-finals.



  1. optimisticgooner says:

    If we maintain our shape throight the game we can surely get a good result.
    Having already lost the league to Chelsea i really wish we make it atleast to the semis of UCL. Going to the quarterfinals is good as well but it just won’t be enough for my satisfaction as it would feel like we barely made some progress.
    Lets win it tonight.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I just hope the lads don’t go showing that desperation if we go down a goal, two legs is a long time. It’s been the undoing of us at this stage previously, an away goal and a low scoreline should be the aim, they need to remember that no matter who scores first.

  2. Ugabooga says:

    Lol nothing but a Bayern win is obvious

    1. Godswill says:

      @Ugabooga Yes that is obvious.
      But what is not obvious is also a possibility just as Barca picked ball out of their net 4 good times unexpectedly yesterday.

  3. Koss says:

    hope the lads turn up tonight. COYG

  4. hecmanx says:

    If we fail to win the ucl then wenger should leave, but we all know we can’t win ucl under wenger, its shocking that he is still managing arsenal, fickle fans will want to give him another chance if we go far in this ucl season and easily forgetting past disappointments, I will watch this match with no expectation if we win I will be happy but won’t get carried away with 1 victory. Wenger is the reason we have not progress ed in recent years, athletico madrid have played 2 finals in 3 years but we are struggling to get past the round of 16

    1. Break-on-through says:

      There’s no point saying fickle fans, it’s not like you venting is gonna keep him in or out. The one’s complaining, why you are giving out about the other fans, sure you are there watching the games with them. The difference is, they are not trying to oust him, but you’s supposedly are, venting at fellow Gooners online will not achieve this. If you’re gonna hate on any fan, it should be the wobs, they say they’re not happy, but they attend every game and then queue up for an AFTV rant, they love it.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    We will either win, lose or draw…..Surely one of the three options will be the outcome. Lol

  6. aluz says:

    As an ardent arsenal fan, I wish the team well. However, one must also prepare for the worst because arsenal has the propensity to flop big time in 90% of big matches such as this today.
    I hope it goes differently tonight.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    We have a decent record in Munich, well.. it’s a lot better than our home record against them and Going by them stats I would normally be feeling pretty confident about tonight’s game BUT this Arsenal team hasn’t been performing to their capabilities of late and I can’t see how or where the big improvement will come from all of a sudden,so I’m expecting the worse tonight.?

  8. Godswill says:

    Boys, stand up to be counted.
    It happened at Paris yesterday.

  9. dboy says:

    The away goal is what can decide the outcome. Counter attack with precision and speed is how this team should be set up. Problem is we like to keep possession and control the tempo of the game and that can be our downfall.

  10. Adienl says:

    The first thing to get right for maximum efficiency is getting the tactics and lineup right. If the past is anything to go by then I’m not sure about Wenger getting the two most crucial things right.

    Here’s hoping he does, and that our players run themselves to the ground irrespective of a win or a loss. COYG

    1. HA559 says:

      Well the lineup is wrong. Not sure about the tactics.

  11. HA559 says:

    Absoloute idiot of a manager. Why is he holding Welbeck back for? I guess to secure top 4 after we are out of everything.
    Such a slow midfield three in Xhaka, Coquelin and Ozil.

  12. HA559 says:

    Atleast he dropped Walcott, which is good.

  13. ger burke says:

    oh there will be a shock alright , which will be felt all the way back to the emirates !.

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