Bayern Munich looking to take advantage of Unai Emery’s negligence

One of the most crucial requirements of being an elite football manager is man management and there is growing evidence that Unai Emery is failing in that department.

It is being reported today that Xavier Amaechi is seriously considering his future at the Emirates following his exclusion from the 23 man matchday squad and the truth is, he has every right to be furious.

Emery in his wisdom went with a third goalkeeper, Dejan Iliev, on the 12 man bench and that is said to have infuriated the 18-year-old midfielder.

Amaechi has just 12 months left on his contract and the report further claims that Bayern Munich is interested in signing him.

Think about that for a minute, a club as huge as Bayern Munich wants to sign one of our players whom Emery does not deem worthy enough to be on the bench in a major Europen final but instead goes with a keeper that he would probably not use in a thousand games under the same circumstances.

What was Emery thinking? Did he really think that Amaechi would be happy to be the only player left out of the travelling 24 man squad?

Top clubs throughout Europe use teenagers on a regular basis, they trust in their youth and while the manager did use 19-year-old Joe Willock that does not excuse his treatment of Amaechi.

We have so little money to buy players with that we must at some point start trusting our young players, not just here and there but on a consistent regular basis.

With the right man management and training, a club can still be very successful with a core of youngsters, just look at Ajax as a prime example.

There is only one word I can think of to summarise Emery’s treatment of Amaechi and that is negligence unless you think it was the right call to go with a keeper that you were never going to use at the expense of a player coveted by Bayern Munich.


  1. Who? You’re seriously having a go at Emery, if one of our youngsters leave, that I don’t think has ever even appeared in the first team. I don’t think I have ever seen him play, but he would have got game time if he was decent. Willock, Smith-Rowe, Saka, Nketiah, etc, have all had chances this season, so Emery has been willing to give youth a chance.

    Wenger let Kane go when he was a kid, should we have a pop at Wenger for that one?

    1. If i am being honest he is a better player than Willock . with proper training he may be the next Sancho. Even kids now feel entitled . this is what arsenal has turned too.

    2. He is down to last 12 months of his contract. Hmm, sounds like Emery did not have a hand here. Clearly management’s fault

      1. Just remember Emery has been employed as the “Head Coach” not “Manager” at Arsenal. He does not initiate or extend contracts, only advises of players he wants and is paid to coach.

  2. Come on !……………….seriously !
    Did anyone really think that most of them kids were going to be on the bench for the EL Final when most were not on the bench for most other EL games ?
    Amaechi was probaly surprised himself to be in the squad and hopefully he will get game time next season and sign a new contract as with our budget I can see a lot of these boys getting a chance.
    Another newsnow rumour bait imo.

      1. I do sometimes write serious Mr Fox……………………although you may not like my reply to you on a previous post ! 🙂

        I`m going to offer to shake your hand in a website manner and start again…..have a good evening.

        1. Gladly Le Coq. I never take disagreements personally and fully accept that there are as many different opinions as we have fans. That is normal and healthy. But it was your constant avoiding of actual Arsenal matters that got my goat. Humour is fine and I use it too. Nothing wrong with that at all but you also need on a fans forum some serious discussion on Arsenal . You now seem to be doing that so we can easily be friends. After all we all support the same team and have the same frustrations at how the absent and remote owner harms our club. I do not mean to patronise when I say you are clearly an intelligent fan and when you write about Arsenal your passion and intellect shows through. No harm meant and I freely admit I call a spade a spade, simply because I dislike using half truths and evasions. No one has ever called me shy and inhibited. Maybe, if it was true, I would be more likeable and bland but we are all as we are and I refuse to act or play a role that I am not. I couldn’t, even if I tried.

          1. Thank you………………although I will almost certainly be 90% on the humour side and be serious when I have a real point to make, even though saying that I try to put a point across even with the intended humour.
            I do see the humour in your comments or shall I say sarcasm and irony, but personally I think sarcasm is great, some call it the lowest form of wit, but I disagree.
            Looking at your comments, other than Ozil, I think we are on the same boat on most other Arsenal related things.

            1. Yes, I much agree that on all Arsenal related matters except Ozil we are in close accord. To be clearer still on my previous comments, I love humour and do not EVER want it to stop. If you were to see my many posts and blogs on non football sites you would see how true that is. You have now proven you are a real, insightful and passionate fan and what else can anyone ask, except that I wish there were more of them. What really gets my goat is the constant hasty reactionary posts without any clear thought that all social media brings. You can be humourous and a deep thinker and all in a single post and they are complementary, not opposites. I think deeply about life issues , maybe in part because I have been around the block rather too many times for comfort and do tend to bring in social and life issues into my general thinking, even though this is a football site. But football is a key part of life to all of us fans, (of whichever club) so I see no contradiction there. Reckon we might be friends from now on and I apologise for being too harsh on you.

              1. John, I reckon we`ve both been around the block a few times so between the two of us we could probably pass The Knowledge !

                Talking of which an old school friend of mine is on a TV programme tomorrow night called 63 UP on ITV………………I wonder if he is still a cabbie.

                Apology accepted and I hope you accept mine if anything said has caused any ill feeling.
                Now we can get on by setting up a fund to finance the asassination of Kroenke…………….or at least take his syrup out !

  3. Infuriated!! It’s the Europa league final he’s barely played u23 games this season. Who the hell does he think he is? Ozil is one thing but the last thing we need is a primadonna youth team player GET RID!
    Oh and as for ‘negligence” part. Tell me how many goalkeepers did Sarri, Poch and Klopp
    have in their 23 man squad’s. Stop being such a drama queen!

  4. We shouldn’t allow any talented young winger to be another Sancho

    If a young winger is skilled enough to play for the first team, he should be given the chance to start ahead of one of our CAMs

    We need to use the youth’s energy and ambition to clinch a regular spot in the main team

  5. Your missing the point TM ,If he was not decent why would one of Europe’s top sides be genuinely interested in him?

    1. Well it’s very likely Bayern do not even want him, or have even heard of him, given that 99% of rumours have no basis to them. As I said, if Amaechi is a top prospect, then why did Emery not pick him this season then? Emery was happy to try out other youngsters.

  6. O.T: this just crossed my mind. Would you guys have been happier if the two north London clubs had been the victors in Europe this year?….. I would like to know your opinions on this

    1. Before you asked that question, I was in the belief that unlike people I know, I never begrudge people when they get a bit of luck or fully deserve something they’ve achieved. Turns out I do begrudge, that price is very high, even though it would’ve kicked off a great first season for Emery and it would help us to improve, also it would be interesting to see how we coped in CL with a manager who won a Euro cup ..I think the price is too high, wouldn’t feel sweet at all if they were to lord “Champions of Europe” over us.

  7. How dare Emery!!!!!

    I can’t believe he did this to us!!!!!

  8. Rubbish sensationalism.
    How many academy youngsters have left Arsenal in the last 20 years? 99.9% of them we ain’t got a clue who they were.


    1. Haven’t watched the player, but was interested to see that both AW and Ozil appeared in the conversation, most unusual.
      If Bayern Munich are really interested in him, surely we would have, at least, a little more general knowledge of the player ourselves as fans?
      It does seem strange to take three keepers, but that was the choice of UE and as everthing else went so well on Wednesday evening, we shouldn’t be questioning something so irrelevant as this surely?

      1. ken, I watch every Arsenal U23’s and U18’s game i can access on u Tube. Amaechi is, along with many other players in these teams, a good prospect.
        Apparently Admin believes Emery was “negligent” because he didn’t take the lot!

        1. ozziegunner, admire your dedication my fellow gooner and it seems that whatever UE does, some part of our fanbase (me included) will find fault.
          All mangers certainly earn their money, even if the tendency to think they “bleed the club dry” rears its ugly head sometimes.

          The results we are getting from our younger sides does bode well for the future and I have said before, this present predicament is a blip to some of the problems in recent years…upwards and onwards as they say!!

  9. Emery is a clueless plep, and is going nowhere with the club..
    are Rowe and Nelson coming this summer ??

    1. I look forward to you putting in for the coach’s position when it becomes available.
      Your CV should be enlightening,

  10. Why would Emery care a jot? He is trying to oil his own boat. We should have had someone who cares about Arsenal. About the youngsters. If we buy, we must buy. In that case then buy ready made, top players. Maddison, Maguire, Fraser, etc, etc, etc. Some players do not give a shite. Money for their old age, which most are appoaching very soon. Lowlife Kroenke………spend some money!!!!!

    1. Sean, Emery cares because he is professional and doesn’t want to damege his reputation and future earning potential by not being successful at Arsenal.
      Surely he had to assess the quality of the squad he inherited, which wasn’t helped by the long term injuries encountered during his first season.

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