Bayern not interested in Alexis leaving Man City in the clear

There is no doubt that all Arsenal fans were hoping that Alexis Sanchez would be going to Bayern Munich rather than our rivals Manchester City, but that now looks like a distant dream as the Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has now made it clear that the German giants are focusing on buying the best youngsters in the world rather than veterans like Alexis.

“Everyone is talking about building a new team and how Bayern Munich’s future must be shaped,” Hoeness was quoted as saying. “And then Bayern does exactly that – signs young players between 20 and 22 – and is criticised once again.”

“But you can’t build a new team with €100 million transfers for 29 and 30-year-olds. That isn’t a policy.

“Either we go down this road with all these young players, all getting a chance to play, or we don’t go down this road.”

“I fully support what’s been done so far – it’s highly satisfactory and it all makes sense,” Hoeness said. “Sule, Rudy, Gnabry and Tolisso are players with huge potential for the future.

“As chairman of the supervisory board I’m very pleased with our transfer policy up until now because it was implemented with great care.

“I said that if we wanted to strengthen this team then we had to buy the very best players. And to get them is difficult enough. In no way was I saying we would do this.

“I only wanted to point out that we have a very good team and if you want to strengthen, you have to spend a huge amount of money and you still don’t have any guarantee of winning the Champions League.

“If we wanted to buy our way to the Champions League title, we would have to throw a lot of money at it. I don’t think anything at all of alibi signings, we’ve spoken about this internally.”

Well I don’t think that you can get much clearer than that. Bayern are now officially out of the race to sign Sanchez, so it looks like the bookies have been right all along about Man City being near certainties to nab our superstar. I think that the best we can hope for now is that we get Aguero in return….



  1. I think Sanchez should be allowed to leave. We have plenty of talent like Welbeck, Iwobi, Wilshere and Perez that are ready made to take over. Plus if we play to Giroud strengths I think that would go a long way to making up for the goals and assists that would leave with Sanchez

    I’m not too worried about him leaving.

      1. We should be focusing on the wealth of talent we have. Why do we need to buy someone to replace Sanchez when we have Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott or Perez.

        We already have too many players!!!!!

        1. Get well soon Robin, you’ve caught a nasty case of the DavidNZ bug. ?

    1. U don’t keep an unhappy player,and it is not only man city competing with arsenal. We have Chelsea, man u,spurs,Liverpool. Let’s take the money and reinvest rather than lose him for free cos I can bet it Sanchez will sign precontract with city come January if he can’t force a move and he may not give us his best in remainder of his contract. Goodluck

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  3. Right. so now the media says that another bid is imminent for lemar. Exactly what i have been telling you guys thus far! 28m POUND bid made weeks ago that was rejected. Afc have since bit 35m POUNDS and deal was concluded. Lacazette has already done interviews and pictures. Announcement of both is imminent.
    Will reveal my source once deals are done. Yes my source is within the industry.

    1. Hahaha ?? Your source is within the industry? But Arsenal fan tv doesn’t count for much with their transfer speculations. ?

      1. Every arsenal fan follows AFTV. Why would I spread news from aftv?
        Ill reveal my source after the deals are done..
        You may say im boring but I state facts unlike majority of the media.

        Here is some more news… Presnel kimpembe will not happen this window as koscielny is going nowhere..


        1. Mate, since you opened your mouth our transfer dealings for Lacazette and Lemar have gone pear shaped ?? I couldn’t care less about your made up ketchup and mayonnaise sources. If you want to impress me ?? see if you can keep quiet for few days lol or if not then at least mention a player who we are after that hasn’t already been mentioned by the media. ??

  4. Even if Arsenal went back to Lyon and Monaco with improved bids for Lemar in particular and finally succeeded to sign Thomas Lemar. But that of Alexandre Lacazette unlikely due to Monaco’s huge £57m purported asking transfer fee price for him. However, Arsenal could up their bid for Lemar to €40m and no more. And if Lyon say no, let Arsenal jettison the transfer. This is because the signing of the 21 year old Lemar by Arsenal this summer is a hopeful gamble that may come off which Le Prof will be taking as Lemar only had one medium good goals scoring form for Lyon last season in the French Lig I and that doesn’t prove yet he’ll be a regular top goals scoring scorer for Arsenal if he joins us next season.

    Therefore, Sanchez MUST be kept at Arsenal next season and even beyond as he has proved to a consistent top goals scoring scorer Gunner for Arsenal in 2 seasons out of 3. The addition of Lemar to Arsenal forwad-line could then become a compliment to Sanchez’s many goals scoring efforts for Arsenal next season as Lemar hopeful will add his own many scored goals to Arsenal goals scoring efforts next season. The many goals scoring addition job which Alex Iwobi couldn’t do for Arsenal last season.

  5. Why is it that it’s only at Arsenal where we accept our best players to leave? This should not be allowed to happen if we want to consider ourselves as a big club. Sanchez wants to stay, but he also wants the club to show ambition, something which is not happening at the moment. People talk about he(Sanchez) being a distraction to the team. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but this squad really needs a reality check & some serious kicking in the head if they are to achieve anything of greatness. Sanchez brings hardwork & ambition to this team & that’s why I think he causes some distress. The others don’t put up the same shift & some Arsenal fans have accepted this sort of laziness on the pitch by our players, that’s why they feel Alexis should leave. You can’t fire you best employee just because he feels others around him aren’t doing enough. Either you invoke a strong mentality in the rest, or replace them gradually with players who can have a strong mentality.

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