Bayern star´s BIG concern ahead of Arsenal UCL clash

Despite helping Germany to win lift the World Cup trophy last summer, and to qualify for the tournament in the first place of course, the Arsenal play maker Mesut Ozil was getting the same sort of criticism from the football media and former players in his homeland as he was from the English press and pundits, for what many perceived as a bad attitude and a lack of effort.

That feeling was never shared by his team mates though, for either club or country, because they are the ones on the pitch with him and so can really appreciate what his vision, ability and even work rate, bring to the team. One player who knows Ozil´s game better than most is Phillip Lahm, the captain of our Champions League opponents tonight and Lahm has warned his Bayern Munich team mates that they are coming against one of the very best.

The German right back certainly appreciates what the Arsenal midfielder can do and an ESPN report quotes him as saying that Ozil is the best he has ever played with in one respect.

Lahm said, “Mesut is probably the most intelligent player I have ever played with, he is probably the most intelligent player in Europe today.

“Mesut sees things only he can — his vision is as good as I have ever seen.

“[Arsenal] are seriously challenging Manchester City for the title in England, and even after a poor start in Europe they can challenge for the Champions League.

“We don’t get beaten often, but we did in London. That would have given Arsenal confidence, and I am sure they now have the belief they can come to Munich and get a good result.

“People don’t necessarily understand his game, he isn’t there to run at players or even beat them, he is far more intelligent than that.

“He finds space and creates chances for his teammates, and you only need to look at the assist table to understand there is nobody better than him at that.”

Lahm´s opinion of Ozil is now becoming more common, but not because people are getting better at appreciating his subtlety and vision. It does help when , as reported by the Evening Standard, you are statistically rated as the best attacking midfielder in Europe.

But will Lahm´s warning help Bayern Munich to nullify the threat of our majestic Mesut?

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  1. Twig says:

    “Subtlety and vision” are useless if not combined with work rate. Ozil has started to put the work into his game and that’s the reason for his improvement in recent weeks.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Well said Twig ?
      You were also right about that “listen baby please” fella becoming annoying ????

  2. Ivan Gazidis says:

    If we lose tonight, we must SELL!

    #SaveFace #WarChest

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Sell? ?….. Don’t you mean Buy?

      # penny-pinching-wengermongering

  3. BabyPlease says:

    Mesut is WC on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even on a yearly basis baby please

  4. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I said it last season here..what Ozil offers is something no other player can,he might not have strength or pace but damn he’s one of a kind, his type doesn’t come or show up always in football. We’re blessed to have him, I still know people will still question his ability even after one of the game’s best has revealed this bout him, we can moan all we want,the players who have him knows his worth. That’s why its a team,one body..Carzola and Coq the heart of the genius team called Arsenal, Ozil the brain of this genius, Sanchez and our attack, the strength and speed of this genius, Kos and his fellow defenders, the walls surrounding this genius and Cech our great wall..(the walls of… All am trying to say his we shouldn’t expect Ozil to do everything, he’s the best in his position..
    lets get a win tonight.

  5. Yoe_its_Moe says:

    Ozil has zidane-like class on a football pitch, and thankfully he looks to be hitting top form this season. He is elegance simplified. He is a bit light on the ball, so sometimes it looks painfully easy to push him off it. But his football brain is second to none, when we have our quick counters going, his vision is incredible, his passing is precise, he really is a joy to watch. Ozil with a hatrick tonight, a hatrick of assists that is …

  6. Budd says:

    I am going to laugh a lot if Wenger changes the formation and the lineup. Because that means we have a plan. A vile one.

  7. HA559 says:

    no Kosicleny in starting 11. Why?

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