Bayern v Arsenal – Please don’t screw this one up Arsene…

Make or break time! Most important game of our season! by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone, Champions League time! I just can’t stress enough the importance of this game. It’s the culmination of Arsenal’s tireless efforts to finish in the top four and getting past the more mediocre teams in the competition. It’s about playing the elite! Comparing ourselves to the best in Europe.

And we’ve fallen flat quite a few times! But now we’re playing Bayern Munich. A team that has won the competition a mere 5 times. If you are not motivated to play in that game despite our recent form, you’re not for this football club, nor do you deserve to play the highest stage in Europe. To put our chances in perspective, Munich are 4/1 second favourites in the Champions League betting, while Arsenal are priced at a massive 27/1, but as always it is how the team performs on the day.

We need to pick our sorry selves up from the ground and put a performance of the highest quality to have any chance left after the first game. There are reasons to be optimistic. Starting with ourselves, we do have quality and we have beaten Bayern before! If we can focus and everyone does their job we’ll at least give them a fight!

They are not at their best and despite dominating a Bundesliga lacking competition, some of their players admitted things are still not perfect. They lost to Rostov in the Champions league this season and I watched that game. Bayern can get frustrated and that game they lacked ideas up front. Can we frustrate them and make them pay for mistakes?

We can in theory, but will we do it? Ribery is likely to miss the game and Gerome Boateng has fitness issues. We need to pick a good squad. Some players have seen a massive drop in form and maybe we need to give chances to players who haven’t had enough exposure despite playing well.

Up front we have pace. Put Alexis, Welbeck and Lucas and we might catch Bayern off guard. I doubt this will happen. I believe in the squad, but it’s Arsene that will screw it up I think. Still he has to pick the right squad and do the right team talk.

He has to inject winning belief that the squad can beat Bayern and somehow light up the inner fire so that the players fight for each other. We need an away goal. The look on our players faces when we conceded against Chelsea was one of defeat. We need a plan to follow in every situation – if we are a goal down, if it’s tight, if we are ahead. Prepare for all situations.

Come on Arsene, please just this one time put one final effort. I want to believe, I really do. I’ve invited some friends to come see the game, but we’ve all seen it so many times before. I want us to have a fighting chance after the game. Wish you all the best.


Updated: February 14, 2017 — 2:11 pm


  1. we start with
    welbeck lucas
    gibbs chambo eleney bellerin

    kos Gabriel mustafi
    but im very sorry we don’t have a manger that adapts, he is too stereotype and most fans enjoy that fact, we are more like a movie that’s already been acted we just sit and watch as things occur again and again, tell me one thing that has happened this season that we have not seen before, always starting the season poorly then pick up a good momentum and then lose to the bigger boys and drop all hopes of winning the epl then fight like our lives depend on it for the top four and next season the same reasons that led to our downfall aren’t addressed and the situation still continues…aren’t we tired of doing and seeing the same thing over again, wenger has turned arsenal to a mediocre club that’s the fact…say and believe whatever you may but only a fool does the same thing over again and expects different results, I am so sure Bayern would beat us and the topic wud be that we gave our all….always excuses

  2. everyone is behind the team for this one, though we have been for the past 5 or 6 years (watching the same movie every year), hope this one is different. and I hope Ramsey is a spectator for this match

    1. m sori bro but this isn’t gonna be different we are already screwed

  3. “I believe in the squad, but it’s Arsene that will screw it up I think.” – you just can’t let it go, can you? You do realize that it’s on Wenger as much as it is on the players, don’t you? He can put out his best guys out there; give them a great motivational speech before the game, but it’s up to the players themselves to pick up the slack. Individual performances will key in this game. Which Sanchez will show up? The one that couldn’t do squat against Watford and Chelsea? What about Ozil? Can he be ready mentally and put his recent performances behind him? How about our defense? Midfield? Everyone will have to be on their best behavior, and focused for the whole game, not just 60-70 minutes or whatever. Our bench will also be important, whether it’s to protect a lead, or maybe get a goal.

    P.S. Lucas didn’t train on Tuesday, and didn’t travel with the squad to Germany (slight hamstring problem). So you may want to do your research ahead of time rather than constantly bashing the players, and the manager.

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