Bayern v Arsenal review – Hapless, Humbled and OUT

It was actually painful to watch Arsenal tonight. Even when we managed to get to halftime with the scores level at 1-1, you could not kid yourself that Arsenal were in the game or worthy of a draw. It was systematic dominance all over the pitch and the Germans made it count after the break and the 5-1 scoreline could have been a lot worse.

The Gunners had started reasonably well, although it was a defensive mindset from the start. And there was not a lot we could do about their opener which came through some brilliance from Robben. From then on it was men against boys, though, as Bayern completely controlled the game, cutting through us with ease while we could hardly string two passes together.

For most of the game we did not get near them and when an Arsenal player got the ball it was recovered almost immediately. Even our goal was out of the blue and owed a lot to luck. Another ref would not have given a penalty for that kick on Koscielny and Alexis Sanchez needed three pops at the cherry to score.

Instead of riding our luck and learning and adapting to the first half, we got worse, and it was only a matter of time. Too much time to pick out a cross and Mustafi beaten too easily in the air made it 2-1. Two more that seeemed laughably easy in the next 10 minutes and Arsenal had given up.

A stupid mistake to let them get a fifth late on was no surprise and that equalled our worst ever defeat in Europe. No chance of coming back, only the hope of avoiding another humiliation. Time to go Arsene.



  1. Gurrosco says:


    1. muffdiver says:


      can you imagine fans celebrating top 4 just so we can get annihilated by bayern or barca every year

      top 5 richest club in world football and a laughing stock

      bye sanchez- ashamed you had to play with this manager and team- wish u well

      1. RSH says:

        How did we trick Alexis into playing for a club that doesn’t even have close to the same ambition as he does?

        1. sun says:

          @RSH …I heard Wenger sucks a mean c**k

          1. muffdiver says:

            Whoa come on man

            Tonight we all sucked German sausage

      2. Adienl says:

        Now we will beat Bayern 3-0 or 2-0 in the return leg in which they will start and play decent. Then fans will go crazy again about Ramsey and Wenger.

        1. Adienl says:

          *in which ramsey will start

      3. LagosGunner says:

        If i was Wenger, i will resign this night

      4. Disturbance says:

        I said Wenger out before the game and I stand firm by my decision, Welbeck was nowhere to be seen.

  2. kaybiks says:

    Wenger out with your sorrowgatsorrowgate son ozil

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Can we swap Ozil for that crackhead Robben??
      That cheating old @@@@ could play on for another 50 years,
      He single handedly ripped us apart.

      1. muffdiver says:

        Man’s been in his thirties since Woodstock

        Robben Where’s the fountain of youth… Van gaals boxers?’!

  3. RSH says:

    We all know what the problem is. Not players, not tactics, not referees. Say it with me, Arsene Wenger! Admin, just copy and paste articles from previous seasons to save yourself time because it’s the same position we find ourselves in every year folks.

    1. Adienl says:

      The tactics are a problem for they stem from Wenger. The root is probably Wenger.

    2. GO says:

      Anyone with Common sense will know that you dont play Ozil (in his current form), Iwobi, Coquelin in a game like this when you have Elneny, Welbeck and Walcott on the bench. That is tactical cluelessness. I would have even started Gabriel instead of Bellerin for this first leg and evn Monriel instead of Gibbs. This is sheer tactical naivety from Wenger. He has lost it for me and I would have said this even before the game started after announcing his starting line-up. This is rubbish. Arsene is done. The club doesnt need trophies, they only need the stability and financial results wenger brings year in year out, if they do they wont in their right sense keep Wenger. He is so so past his useful days. He is so Naive that he even looks it. Their goals are not alligned with the fans at all and its high time we showed these insensitive lots that without the fans there will be no club.

      1. HA559 says:

        Walcott? You think he is good? He is rubbish.

        1. GO says:

          He would have posed a greater threat than Iwobi.
          He would have allowed the OX to play on the left an provide better cover for Gibbs against the threat of Lahm and Robben than Iwobi offered.
          He is far more experienced in games of this intensity.
          So yes! even Walcott as rubbish as you think he is would have delivered better

  4. Juhi McLovin says:

    Kudos to Wenger. That was one hell of a half-time pep talk.

    Did he even bother to get up his seat?

    I feel so much anger towards him but also pity. I look at him and I see an old man, too scared to step down but yet, being absolutely clueless. Does he have schizophrenia? I mean, everyone else sees how bad he is doing but he clearly doesn’t.

    1. muffdiver says:

      hahahaha can u imagine the team talk


    2. Juhi McLovin says:

      Oh and I can already see that he’s going to say in the press conference:

      Blame the referee or blame the Koscielny’s injury.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        To be fair, we did fall apart when Kos came off.
        Which just goes to show the weak mentality of our team.

  5. Jerick says:

    I need a change. Alexis and Koscielny are all that we have. I’m tired of these so call men getting millions and playing sh!t. Big ups to David Ospina. Score line could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for him.

  6. Greg says:

    Same old, same old for the 7th year running so embarrassing!

  7. Trudeau says:

    17 attempts for Bayern in the second half.
    0 attempts for Arsenal in the second half.
    Sutton United must be licking their chops.

    1. Twig says:

      Not true. Didn’t Xhaka have a shot saved in the 2nd half? Not that it would have mattered anyway?

  8. Uzi Ozil says:

    When ever Bayern attacks, you foresee a goal.

    We don’t have the players to execute a formation to hold Bayern. In fact, we can’t even play a formation to neutralize an opponent threat. Bayern are a great side but we should be doing better and go at it.

    Bayern will still posses the ball at the Emirates.

    Hope Kos injury won’t keep him for so long.. Anyway, we are out of the championship league yet again in round of 16.

    Premier league (Out), Champions league (Out), Capital one cup (Out), Wenger (Out), FA Cup (????).

    From a weary gunner..

  9. Adienl says:

    Ozil. Doesn’t run. Doesn’t track back. Doesn’t pressure the opposition. Chickens out of going in for 50:50 balls. I’m disgusted. He was strolling on the pitch whenever we didn’t have the ball.

    Btw I’m not saying that we lost just because of him. Obviously it was not just him. However, his lackadaisical and nonchalant approach towards his work is an insult to the arsenal Jersey.
    Wenger out after the season. No fa cup or top 4 crap redeems the last 13 or so years.

    1. GO says:

      Ozil was a major factor in this loss and everyone knew it before the game but lousy Wenger stuck by him as if he is greater than Arsenal. Ancellotti on the other hand benched Muller because of his dwindling form! Can you see the difference between a coach that wants to win an the one that wants to please players. Thats why we dont win, when its matters. Not won the league in 12 years, knocked out of Champions league at the same stage in 6 going to 7 years, finished in the first 4 in 12 years – doesnt that shows Wenger is consistent? of course he in consistently mediocre to the point that his first 7 years at the club is looking like a fluke and pure luck. He is been exposed and found out and he should have left long long ago.

  10. frank says:

    So does anyone here still think Arsene Wengers tactics are proficient?

  11. Greg says:

    We we’re just not good enough period! No excuses!

  12. rkw says:

    Just how much more football of this quality do we have to endure before this sick individual is put out to pasture …. He should do the honourable thing now and announce he is leaving at end of season giving time to plan ahead …. And let’s c how committed the grubby yank is to this club should be investing in club not taking out fake consultancy payments …. Club in a very sick place

  13. hecmanx says:

    Wenger should just go

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    Another shocker in a big game, Ozil goes missing again, we cannot defend, and it didn’t come as a surprise. What stunned me more than anything was some delusional Arsenal fans claiming we could beat them!

    Hopefully this result finally wakes up Wenger’s dwindling fan base, that maybe even Gary Neville can finally see the light!

  15. AndersS says:

    I actually feel sorry for our players. They are put out on the pitch with absolutely no tactical plan for what is ahead, the team selection is completely wrong, and it looks like they aren’t really motivated.
    It was not only a given result, when the teams were official. As many pointed out, it was a given result way before, because Wenger couldn’t be expected to learn from years of mistakes and he was actually expected to do, what he did.
    We do have class players, but sooner or later, they all will be made to look like fools, because they aren’t coached and organized for modern football.
    Poor guys.

  16. Zimbo says:

    l will seize to respect Wenger if he does not admit that he has failed and he is no longer the man to take us forward. l thought we were rock bottom after the Chelsea game and the only way was up but alas…

  17. Budd says:

    Poor selection, gutless players (Ozil) , crazy mustangs (Coquelin) , tired players (all the defense) and above all a manager who still believes he has something to say in the modern football.
    I am not angry, I am sad. Sad for what the man I used to defend against all the evidences presented in front of me. I hoped he will prove me wrong, I really did. But hey, all things die in the end, is just how they do it.
    That was my line -up


    Wenger played 4231 again although people will say it was a 433. Ox on the right when he had two cracker of a game in the middle. Adds Iwobi who is a huge talent but he never had a great game, not this year anyway. Then adds Coquelin and Ozil proving to everyone that he does not care, I will play my way, with people out of form.
    Yes, I agree Lucas was injured but you had Walcott which is natural on the wings. You know Robben is playing and he only has one foot. Why don’t you put Gibbs advanced and Monreal as a CLB? You know they will press in block and can’t go behind lines (as we do) yet you don’t flood the midfield.
    Ah, ladies, there will always be next year. Isn’t it?
    PS: wait for the top 4 fight. This may get hairy.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Budd, sadly I’m right there with you.

    2. Arsenal_Girl says:

      And yet you still have that stupid photo on your profile image

      Blame Wenger for everything. He signed the players we have

      Wenger couldn’t manage a LIDL

      1. Budd says:

        Well, you must be pretty new here to know the story of it. I will leave you search back the archives to look for the reason. It has somehow to do with people like you judging not what I post but the picture of my avatar. Which means I was right and I will keep it.
        Let me know if you have further questions.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Hi Bud, hope alls well?
          I have one Question… Do you still play chess with pigeons?

          1. Budd says:

            Funny you should ask me this when you didn’t show up for the last 11 games.

            1. Fatboy Gooney says:

              Hahaha ?
              I have been busy @ Trafalgar Square, free food ?

  18. Greg says:

    Poor Alexis after this performance his thoughts of an exit seems imminent!

    1. RSH says:

      Who are we kidding? He has made his decision already. He’s just nice enough of a guy and is just thinking about the fans at this point. Let’s enjoy these last few months of having a truly world class player. Thank you Alexis for always fighting. Now go win some silverware, because we have a lot of work to do before we are anywhere where we need to be. First step is change in management, with Gazidis shortly behind.

  19. Eddy Hoyte says:

    the whole team should be ashamed of themselves…Wenger should humbly resign to gain little respect cus at this point he is as useless as the “P” in Psalm…cant even shout at or motivate his team

  20. Ramterta says:

    somehow it ended only 5 1

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Same as last year… Talk about GROUNDHOG ?

  21. Twig says:


    Hope PSG go on to win the UCL. I’m tired of the same old Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid winning it.

    We need new a new AM, DM and manager next season. That’s for sure.

  22. Ronny331 says:

    I don’t put that loss down to Wenger it wasn’t a tactical loss it was lost on the pitch by the players. Not often I say this but they let him down tonight. Disgraceful bunch of weak losers. The players need a fresh voice and Outlook they need to come to training and be edgy and on their toes, too comfortable for seasons now.

    1. Budd says:

      Of course it was the players. Is not Wenger playing the game but he sends them in. Of course it was Coquelin fault but he is absolutely out of form and tired. Why send him in? You know Ozil is cack, why send him in? Just to be abused by you? You also know Iwobi is absoluetly nonchalant this season. You want him to have a go at Bayern? Seriously? You know defense is pi$$ poor for games now, yet you play only with 2 CBs weared out in 20 EPL games.
      Should I go on? Yes, it was their fault but there is so much you can do as a human, athlete, player , whatever you want. If you don’t have the means to do it then is the one sending you to the fight.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        We just knew we were in trouble as soon as Kos went off.

    2. Adienl says:

      The tactics are the reason Bayern handed us our buttocks on a silver platter with extra cheese.

    3. RSH says:

      7 seasons in a row we get slaughtered in 1st leg. It’s not the players. You can analyze all of Bayerns goal if you want, but that’s not the root of the problem.

  23. Visibles says:

    That was a actually pretty merciful from bayern
    Compassionate chaps they are

    1. muffdiver says:


      literally merciful 5-1

      imagine being prison bummed by the aryan brotherhood and one of them gives u a hug
      somehow u would feel the compassion


      1. Visibles says:

        I especially like the way they graciously relieved us of all nervousness and uncertainty in just a matter of minutes
        No need to drag it out, just crush and absolutely stomp our hopes and wishes in a space of 10 minutes and get on with it

  24. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wenger is not under performing, but quit performing up to his demands. The demand is him archiving cl footbal. the 4th place, and he is doing his job.

    he only buys, so he can secure the 4th place. till now we are still in the game for the 4th place.

    but whats funny is, him trying to manipulate fans into thinking that the 4th place is good enough. but such things are un acceptable, knowing that many fans pay a lots, to see nothing in the pitch.

    take it like it is, or demand change. there is no middleground here

  25. JAmerican says:

    Wenger has done a lot for this club but the next manager shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever improving this club on a football level. This team along with their mentality finds a way to anger me even more season after season where I should be immune to it by now. Either we focus on the league and just give some one else the slot or completely shank the league and get a manager and players who can win the Champions League. Instead of getting embarrassed in both every season.

  26. Big Gun says:

    You know people laugh at United and how much money they have spent, but I guarantee you it won’t be long till they find their feet soon and surpass us. At least they show intent on actually wanting to win. The real difference is the Glazers actually give a damn about their fans, because they realize without the fans support emotionally and financially there would be no United. But Arsenal board are a bunch of thieves and liars, content to keep raking in the bux from loyal fans. How many times have we heard Gazidis go on about the financial clout to contend and go toe to toe with the Bayerns and Barcas? Well where is it Gazidis? WHERE? For what we are worth as a club, we SHOULD be able to but all I have seen the last few seasons is a team full of overpaid pretenders and a complacent, spineless manager clinging onto his 8m a year.

    Sad thing is if this was any other club, the board and owner would be under so much heat they would be forced to make changes. Yet us Arsenal fans go into each season with the same manager, same mindset expecting different results. TIME FOR A CHANGE

    1. G-Force says:

      Been a long time ‘Big Gun’. Have you finally come back to your senses and want Wenger Out…again?

  27. JAmerican says:

    What is going on with this club? What have we learnt from previous round of 16’s? What are we doing to better ourselves in our own domestic competitions? Seriously!!! WTF is going on? Are we planning on redeeming ourselves against the mighty Sutton?

  28. gotanidea says:

    We have been discussing some new tactics for Arsenal, even though we know that those discussions will be useless, because Arsenal always uses 4-2-3-1 with Ozil behind the striker as the central attacking midfielder. That tactic and whatever system they use clearly do not work for many years, and nobody dares to change it.

    I prefer to see a losing team that is willing to improve, confident and creative, rather than a winning team with controversies and luck. If Arsenal can have that confidence, mentality and creativity back, I will not care if they lose, at least they lose with style and dignity.

    If we compare Arsenal with the other Premiere League clubs, it seems like Arsenal is the only top club that is unwilling to change. Stick with the same blunders, errors and predictable strategies for many years. Actually Arsenal was one of the top clubs in the past, but now it is not, so we had better not put our expectation too high.

    If Wenger still manages Arsenal next season, I will not support Arsenal anymore. I hope the Arsenal fans in London would do the same. If he is still around, do not go to the stadium. Let the board knows how disappointed the fans are.

    1. Budd says:

      4231 works fine as long as you have a CAM who’s not afraid to tackle.

  29. Fatboy Gooney says:

    You can’t deny at half time we were influenced with false hopes! ?
    Begging for Iwobi to be replaced early,but who would have thought that the early sub would have been for the injured Kos?
    Everything just fell apart as soon as He went off.
    The defending was absolutely terrible.

  30. Ronny331 says:

    I actually thought Wenger looked like his heart had been ripped out in the interview. Sad for us, the badge and very much for him. Should have gone after the 2nd fa cup win.

  31. planner says:

    You guys should stop blaming Wenger. we know he has faultered, but the players are bunch of shittee…. if PSG can put on a performance and beat down Barca why can’t Arsenal do the same? the problem is simply on the players, they are always nervous against a big team. Koscielny would always find way to Walkout of the game if he sees things won’t work. That injury of his David Luiz can endure up to the end. He is fund of doing that. Ospina is the only stand-out player tonight. F***k all the players.

    1. Bobbyraz says:

      since 2011 we haven’t passed the round of 16 different types of players have come and gone within that period nothing has changed the only constant is the manager has been there thru out this years,same sh*t tactics, players always scared, crumble after conceding, its the managers fault and he needs to go

  32. The Dom04 says:

    I’m just standing here waiting for the next manager. Is that a problem???

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Standing and waiting? ?
      Good luck with that, Maybe 3 might come along at once

  33. BUR says:

    It’s time now for the supporters to action their disgust at the manager and the board. It’s tome for protest. It’s time to boycott the Emerittes. Its time to kick them all out.

  34. Godswill says:

    Wenger out and out completely.
    I can see why Ozil doesn’t want to sign unless Wenger stays.
    No other coach would have played him.

  35. G-Force says:

    The match day camera pans to the Bayern technical area and you see Ancelotti standing up, giving instructions and then it pans to the Arsenal technical area and who is there? ABSOLUTELY nobody! I still can’t believe this joke of a manager Ar$ene is still hanging around at the club and when you get paid £8 mil but can’t be bothered to stand up and give instructions to the team – you know that it’s time for a new manager!

  36. marty53 says:

    I feel sorry for Wenger, he’s a proud man who has done wonders for this club but surely he can see now that he has taken them as far as he can. It’s sad to see him looking so haggard.

    I know he decides the team and tactics but I think it’s pretty obvious that this current squad of players aren’t good enough to challenge for top honours now. The squad needs a complete overhaul and fresh ideas.

    1. Twig says:

      I beg to disagree. This squad has the potential of holding the scoreline to at most 3-1. Ozil should have been dropped. Welbeck should have started to help Sanchez with the pressing up front. The OX shouldn’t have been moved out wide, since he had been excelling centrally. Why change his position? It was Ozil and not Iwobi who should have gone off. I can go on and on.

  37. Osipna had most touches in our team. That speaks for itself.

  38. Ramterta says:

    Im hoping to hear the news wenger is gone when I wake tommorow.
    Wont be that bad for him especially if the new manager does well with the players.He would be considered as the one who built the team.
    And a hero he will be for making an admission.
    Worse for him is if he signs a new contract

    1. DANDY GUNNER says:

      and he can bring Steve Bould with him he is getting money for old rope.

  39. Twig says:

    So what exactly will Wenger tell the players ahead of the second leg?
    What will be the plan?
    How do we go to face Southampton this weekend?
    It’s annoying it could have been so different, especially with that last goal. A very needless goal to concede.

  40. Greatness says:

    what a Shame!!!!! Wenger why????

  41. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger isn’t going Anywhere we all know this, Who stays in the same class for 13years writing the same exam under the same condition and still fails to come first? For Me the moment Conte of Chelsea went Top of the League I accepted what Jose of Man. United said About Wenger. Arsenal is A series We always wait for next Season

  42. you fans from the beginning of the season some of us where saying the team is not good enough no Wolcott is on fire bellerin best left back Sanchez ozil Lauren world class ox running the midfield some of us are not fool that easy the i said the team where actually overachieveing base on the quality of the players we are not blind i don’t believe in god so i analyze and scrutinize every players individually and collectively none of our players can start for the top ten clubs not even sanchez

  43. Midkemma says:

    Losing Kos was the turning point, before then we could have pinched a win at the end if we had kept the number of shots down, Ospina made some fantastic savs but that was after Kos had come off.

    Gab has shown yet again he isn’t good enough at CB for us, I really am disapointed in that 🙁

    Ox should have started in the middle instead of Coquelin, Theo on the right and Welbz on the left if we was going to play a counter attacking game. Ox was in the wrong pos so often when he was on the right, not pressing with Alexis and Iwobi and playing way too deep to be a real threat going forward, taking away from his game. It is obvious he is a central player, he is gravitating towards central role which has hurt our gameplay.

    Wenger picked the wrong team IMO then he was too slow in making changes which just aided the sinking ship.

    I would like to see Wenger step up to the board as he does have a lot of wisdom still, he just isn’t getting the right tactics for the squad he has and I would like to see someone good with tactics step in.

  44. HA559 says:

    You feel sorry for him even if you are Wenger out, but he keeps putting faith in the same players season after season who let him down, for that he has to go. When a new manager comes in who trains players hard, he will be able to see the fraudsters in the squad easily and hopefully he will get rid of them. It’s too easy with Wenger in charge, the players easily pass round in training and in games with no punishment from the manager.

    In games like these you put the hardest working players in. Welbeck and Eleneny although not technically the greatest would’ve been running down opposition for a good 70 minutes in the game.

  45. gilo says:


    Cech: Most Cleans sheets in EPL history.

    Bellerin: The best right back last season. Just a season after his break through.

    Monreal: Joins Arsenal, get call up in the world’s most star studded XI.

    KOS: Arguably the best defender in EPL.

    Mustafi: A WC winner/German International. In a star studded Germany.

    Xhaka: One of the world’s best passers of the ball.

    COQ: Before Kante and Gueye, this was your guy.

    Carzola: At his best, there has never been a midfield battle he hasn’t won. He is arguably the best ambidextrous player in the world right now.

    Sanchez: Just recently, he was the COPA SA player of the tournament. Two time winner. And his CV speaks for itself.

    OZIL: Once the best 10 in the world.

    Ramsey: One of the best players at Euro 2016.And of course once carried our team in 2013/2014.

    Wilshere: This lad is the closest England has ever come to a special player with a blend of fight, flair and talent. Their best prospect in years.

    Giroud: Before he joined… He led minnows to a Ligue one win. Was one of France’s best players at the Euros.

    OX/WALCOTT: Some of the fastest players in the league.. And at one time, Walcott was the most feared player in the Barca camp..

    Walcott once dragged Us to 3rd in one of his best seasons.

    Among the top young players in the world. Every list has Iwobi.


    I don’t want to listen to garbage that we have bad players.. These boys are all decent footballers.. ??. All. They just aren’t interested anymore, tactics are bogus.. And that’s what needs to be checked.

  46. Aussie Jack says:

    I feel for Sanchez, goodbye and thank you for entertaining us . Ozil? Come the end of the season I doubt Bayern Munich will be putting a bid in. No heart!
    Wenger? The worst kind of fool is an intelligent one. Goodbye!

  47. Ozzy AFC says:

    It’s the managers fault through and through
    He buts the players he trains the players and he sets the tactics and the formations.
    We DO NOT have the players, they don’t get trained to make them the players and Thier performances whatever the formation and tactics are dire.
    Our squad isn’t good enough and that’s not Thier fault per sey it’s the manager who sanctioned buying them.
    The problem starts with the board who allow Wenger to do what he does and be ultra frugal and this bleeds down to at best a second rate squad.
    Keep the faith though chaps we’ve only got about another century of this and maybe we’ll see a change.
    The club doesn’t want to win anything cos that sets higher expectations and THAT means spending money.
    Wenger won’t do that and the board don’t want him to as they are happy with the 4th spot and the high profit they make.
    So the board stay in profit Wenger keeps his job and we keep getting humiliated.
    After tonight’s performance there’s not a member of the squad worthy of wearing the shirt
    Its disgusting and it’s blatant and it’s not going to stop with or without Wenger at the helm cos if Wenger goes (when he goes) we’ll get another one just like him as the board won’t want a manager who wants to spend money so let’s realise that with kroenke and gazidis and Wenger 8n charge this is how it’s going to be for the foreseeable.

  48. what does Wolcott do on the field apart from scoring sitters any players can look good playing for a good team

  49. damigunner says:

    it is really funny most people come to just say wenger out without really taking s good look at arsenals problem….yes it’s wenger…and for the life of me…If I have my way he wouldn’t be on the bench against Sutton…and back to the problem I see arsenal have…and that is marking or pressing if you choose to call it….the arsenals team are so bad without the ball that you see everyone except Sanchez keeps jogging on the field instead of pressing and marking out opponents….times without number bayern pass the ball between coq and xhaka without them making any effort to track the ball but instead the stay in a positional play which some call zonal marking…and that has been the problem of arsenal without the teams just get past our midfield the way they like…and the likes of the wingers to support the full backs are always jogging as well instead of closing down opponent…so it makes it so easy for us to concede cheap goals no matter how you blame our cb…although I don’t bliv in the likes of Gabriel and mustaphi either….defensively this as bin our problem over the years and that’s why we haven’t achieved anything so far….it was same back in days of the fab,nasri,hleb,etc….atleast back then the team make up to the fans on the offensive play which was likened to barca tiki taka back then….but now all I see is rubbish play on the attack as well with no flexibility in tactics..things are so bad at the moment and the best arsene can do is just state that he is not extending so the search of a heir can start as soon….i think the players have heard all he has to say and there is no more motivation….in as much as we have less quality players in the likes of ox,coq,gibbs,walcot,mustafi,gabriel,iwobi, and to some extent ozil on the pitch of play today….i don’t agree we should be conceding five….give some of these players another good manager and you will be amazed at the performance….though in my opinion we should still do away with ox,coq,gibbs,walcot,gabriel,ramsey,wilshere,…they have been here for so long and keeps getting pampered by wenger with new contracts and nothing to show for it….#wenger should leave….wenger out is somehow rude to the man who sacrificed his career for us as said by usmanov….lets just respect him….but he should respect us as well by doing the honorable thing….

  50. Wayne Barker says:

    Waiting for the article how we can Bayern in the next leg and qualify .

    Oil clearly doesn’t care about this club and Sanchez will surely leave . Rest are just ordinary bunch of players including mustafi and that clown xhaka

  51. ger burke says:

    wenger has never sacrificed anything for the arsenal !. he is a slave to money. where else would pay him millions of pounds year in and year out for failure.we were once proud arsenal , now , we are the minnows of europe. we are the team that everybody wants to play.the result against munched does not surprise me in the least. in fact, the only people surprised by this hammering are wengers fans, yes , he still , unbelievably has fans . but i tell you one thing, his fan base is dwindling faster than wenger can come up with lame excuses .the end in nigh , bow out gracefully arsens, like the gentleman you were before you decided to sit on your laurels .your legacy, as you call it , is about destroying our wonderful club .

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