Who should be Arsenal’s starting Number 9 in Munich? Jesus or Havertz?

Jesus or Havertz?

As we get set for the big clash against Bayern tonight, everyone is going to be wondering how Arteta will line his squad up. Bayern have a lot of missing players for the game, and it could really benefit our chances with the players they have missing. With defender Alphonso Davies missing due to suspension and midfielder Kingsley Coman ruled out due to an injury in the league on the weekend, Bayern will be without two of their best players.

Arsenal looks good injury wise (other than Jurrien Timber) and Arteta has stated he has pretty much a full squad in contention, but who starts up front for the Gunners tonight, Gabriel Jesus or Kai Havertz?

If we are talking my opinion, I’d pick Havertz. I know Jesus is a great player and has a lot of quality, but he has been out for a lot of the season and although it sounds a tad harsh, we have been doing just fine without him. Havertz has been able to pick up the slack and has become a key part of this Arsenal set up. He plays as a number nine for his country and has been thriving there also. I just personally, don’t think there’s any point of trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

The fact that Havertz has been playing more regularly, whether that be as the number nine or in midfield, means he’s 100% fit and ready for a game like tonight, whereas Jesus, although he has been playing recently, hasn’t been able to hit the ground running again and I just think that’s due to him being out for some time.

A game like tonight, there’s no point messing about, we must put our strongest team forward and I think our strongest team has Havertz up top. Jesus had some good games playing on the wing and that could be an option, but he could also just be brought on in the second half when some of the Bayern players legs aren’t as fresh and could make more of an impact from there.

Jesus clearly has experience and is a fantastic player, especially when he’s having a good day, and if he starts, I won’t be disappointed, but I do think it could be a costly mistake when I think of the big picture. I just don’t think he’s fit enough to be starting in a fast-paced game like this, I’m sure he can have an impact, but ideally, I’d prefer it was from the bench.

Obviously, it’s up to Arteta and how he wants his team to play and some of you might not agree with me, but after being so consistent and deadly this season, I don’t think changing the front three that we have been so good at winning with is the right option.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Coman did not start the game against us – as he was just returning from injury

    If he’s returned to injury that still gives us no advantage

  2. I would not play Jesus as striker; he would be competition on the wings.

    Havertz has rightfully unseated him as a striker, and Trossard is a more productive striker than Jesus. Trossard scores and assists, whereas Jesus has the occasional assist, and too anemic when it comes to goals.

  3. I think Daisy is massively OVERHYPING the actual ability of JESUS. She describes him as being “great” and as “fantastic” and yet does not think he should start!!

    Forgive my opinion if you will , that Daisy is way over hyping a steadily regressing player. However, despite the hype, she has come up with the correct conclusion as to who WILL start, I much hope!!

  4. Jesus, is not a number 9, never will be, never has and gets more in the way. Haverz also, is never a number 9 but is better than Jesus. The problem with Arteta is, false this, inverted that and copying Pep. He isn’t as clever as Pep. Start buying, specialist strikers and specialist defenders.

  5. Neither in an ideal world ,120 million spent on the two and neither them are number 9s.
    But if I had to choose it would be Jesus .

  6. For Havertz’s physicallity having, and his gppd aerial prowess advantage status. And also his ability to track back to defend and his hard tackling strength. I will encourage Mikel Arteta to start Havertz as the Gunners lead striker for our Bayern Munchen match tonight.
    But he is the Arsenal manager who makes the decisions and implement them at his own discretion. But hopefull, and if for this time at this occasion. He’ll listen to some useful advice from the Gooners concerning his Arsenal starting XI team for our Bayern Munchen big Ucl game match clash at the Allianz Arena tonight.
    A big Ucl game match clash which the Gunners have to win it. And they will win it come throwing of brimstone and sulphur by Bayern Munchen in the game as it is being played to hurt Arsenal.
    But the Gunners will withstand the ferry flames attacks to them by Bayern Munchen. And quench them totally. And beat Bayern and qualify for the semi-final match unfailingly.

    1. My Nigerian Brother With Dreams

      Let’s Hope They Get A Red Card Like PSG

      Cos without that red card Barca would have definitely wiped PSG again

      Let’s hope we get some kinda luck like so too

  7. I would like to make one extra point, since we are getting close to the end of the season!

    After spending well over $160m on Rice and Havertz,

    This year’s Midfield of Odgaard, Rice and (Havertz or Jorginho) might well be worse than last year’s of Odegaarde, Partey and Xhaka.

    I believe that the better play of Rice may have been lessened by the poor midfield play of Havertz.

    Arteta managed to get something out of Havertz as a false nine, but, in my view he was poor in midfield!!!

    So, we have Jesus, Trossard and, Eddie N and Havertz as our forward options.

    If we buy a goal scoring number 9, what do we do with Havertz. No one will pay $60m+ for him, so will he just become a bench warmer?

    Surely even Arteta isn’t stupid enough to put him back into the midfileld!!!!

    i hasten to add, I do not think any of this is Havertz fault, I lay the blame at the feet of Arteta!!

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