BBC journalist says Arsenal deserves credit “for grabbing the lifeline.”

According to Phil McNulty of the BBC, Chelsea has only themselves to blame for the 2-2 draw against Arsenal this evening, as they squandered a two-goal lead.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team outperformed Arsenal, who struggled to find their footing in the match.

Chelsea was in a commanding position with a two-goal lead early in the second half and appeared more likely to score their third goal than to concede any to Arsenal.

However, the situation quickly unraveled in the later stages of the game, due to a mistake by Robert Sanchez that gifted Arsenal a goal.

The Gunners managed to score another late goal, levelling the game at 2-2, a result that many might argue they didn’t deserve.

Mikel Arteta is likely satisfied with the outcome, given how poorly his team performed in the match, while Pochettino may find the final score frustrating.

After the match, McNulty wrote on the BBC:

“Pochettino will be so frustrated. Chelsea had the game under control until Sanchez’s poor clearance.

“Arsenal poor for the most part but stuck in there and credit to them for grabbing the lifeline.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

That was not the best performance from Arsenal this season, that is for sure and to some extent we were lucky, however, we have maintained our unbeaten run and picked up a point and that is all that matters.


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  1. If we are to win de league partey has to start playing with rice n ordgaard if nt ordgaard won’t shine any more coz jorghinho is nt gud enough

  2. Chelsea “gifted” Arsenal a goal?
    No credit given to DR then?

    Didn’t Arsenal gift Chelsea their second goal?
    No, by all accounts it was a wonderful piece of skill by Mudryk.

    Anyone see the irony?

    1. Almost ALLfans comments, biased as almost all are KEN, are FULL OF IRONY. Remember my take , with which you seem to disagree, about ALL humans (which includes fans) being hypocrites, simply by normal common human nature. We all are old chum, even you!

  3. It was a point that we didn’t really deserve on the balance of play, but I am very happy with.
    We should have had a penalty after Sanchez took out Jesus with that flying punch – he was nowhere near to getting the ball it was ridiculous.
    People criticise VAR but for me it has been an absolute blessing because pre-VAR the referee had to make split second decisions, often from a limited angle – they COULD be forgiven for missing an incident but with the technology and power to stop the game and review an incident they still make unbelievably stupid decisions..
    Good point from Arsenal on what was a poor performance.

  4. I most fans will be blaming Raya for goal Mudryk score but the problems most can’t see is that where the hell was White he was supposed to be man marking mudryk, and i know arsenal aren’t going to win all games this season yet when we draw most fans treat it as a grave mistake man city have lost two we haven’t lost so that means we are hard to beat and most mistakes that have happened are mostly from the coach most know this some will assume it and point it the other way,Saka was struggling yet he played the whole game yet arsenal’s only dangerous attacker Martineli was subbed off, Martin our captain was poor on that game,Jorginho was poor with is passing. This is a game where Havertz will have done well but was introduced way too late i am happy for the draw at least we restore our dignity to avoid noises from our London neighbors.

    1. Raya’s positioning was very poor, had it been correct he would have easily taken that cross (and it was a cross).
      Wingers frequently beat full backs or wing backs to cross a bass therefore I would not say White was at fault for that – Raya was very poor and looks like a nervous wreck to me..

  5. Zinchenko seems to be the only player Arteta wants to save from emparasment i would give him a rating of 5
    Raya_game out to take a ball from Jackson’s legs, 5
    White _ at fault for leaving Mudryk unmarked for Chelsea second goal 6
    Salina/Gabriel _ did well against tricky Chelsea attackers 6.8
    Jorginho _more back passes and sideway 5
    Declan Rice _man of the match did well difensively i wasn’t worried when the ball was on is legs big difference big presence in this arsenal team 8.5
    Odegaard_our captain seems to be tired from is international break needs a rest 6
    Saka _this boy surely needs a rest wonderful assist to confirm is arrival from an injury 6.5
    Martineli_our only dengerous forward, forced this to happen got some few overlaps assistants from Declan in that wing coz Zinchenko left him all alone 7
    Gabriel Jesus _ a good player to have but really arsenal deserve a better center forward 6

    Tomiyasu_ 6.2 keeping anyone in that wing in is bocket
    Trossard_ 6.7 for is goal
    Havertz _6 .5 come on and stabilized our attack
    Smith Rowe _the cameo will do him lots of confidence should 6 .2

  6. Arteta has only himself to blame for our poor performance. He knows that Partey and Rice would form a formidable partnership in midfield but continues experimenting.

  7. On the positives- we fought back for the draw and the change in personnel changed the course of the game along with the wonder strike from Rice. A blunder by the keeper should not take away from the power and direction of Rice’s goal which on another day could have ballooned over the bar It gave us a route back

    Whilst the letter of the law may have been applied to Saliba, the Sanchez balls up should have resulted in a penalty for us. Where is the consistency?

    I understood why Arteta felt Ramsdale’s consistency towards the end of the season was a worrying feature. Raya started ok with good distribution but has – like others have pointed out- become a nervous wreck at times and could become a liability. Something for Arteta to ponder on.

    Trossard scored a lovely goal – well taken. Could do with a bit more of that from those who are supposed to be the natural goal scorers.

    Hopefully it was just a case of the post international blues.

    1. Good points.
      The ‘letter of the law’ as it is often applied to handball is problematic as it implies that a player cannot jump effectively without being at risk of a handball. Anyone who has played any sport that involves jumping knows that you need to use your arms for leverage and, actually, personal safety. Suggesting that this is an “unnatural” position of the arm is illogical.
      Raya has made mistakes so, in my view, the jury is still out on him and Arteta’s “experiment”. However, I do find it disappointing (though not surprising) that a number of fans have quickly written off Raya (and Arteta’s idea). This is a rush to judgement that is far too common among some fans and pundits.
      As things stand we are still in good shape overall but Arteta will need to think carefully about how to approach his selections for our upcoming games.

  8. This game is the kind we would have lost in seasons gone. But our improved bench and greater maturity made the difference.
    And I think these two factors will give us success this season

  9. Just to point out that mathematically, when ever we draw a game instead of winning it, we have IN REALITY, LOST TWO THIRDS of all the points available. A draw is little better than a loss then in reality. VITALLY and because we failed to turn up til we scored our first, we dropped TWO vital points to our main title rivals.

    No reason to cheer for me. We were really poor, except for MARTINELLI, who was IMO, by far our best player. Also in the second half Tomi strengthened the alarming defence where Zinny had a disastrous game.

    Eddie looked sharp in those last minutes too. Though Rice took his goal well and tried hard as always, he was also below his usual standard by a distance til later on.

  10. Me I think we’ve to rest any blame to anybody and thank the team for the good work they did. But Arteta need to be careful with the squad selection and avoid these costly blunders.

  11. “a result that many might argue they didn’t deserve”
    Did we cheat?
    Were Chelsea robbed by poor referee decisions?
    Did we have some underved good luck?
    Were our goals flukes?
    We won the match fair & square, so deserved our win 100%

  12. To me the match end well but i have now starting to doubt the performance of our goal keeper Raya right from man city game upto this chelsea game.
    He always looks to have serious phobia when it comes to big games.
    Arteta has to take note of that coz yesterday it could have costed us the third goal

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