BBC´s FA cup schedule WILL affect Arsenal fans….but NOT result!!

The first thing to say about the decision to move the FA cup game between Arsenal and Manchester United to a MOnday night is that it is another clear sign of how the TV companies and the money they bring to the game are now all important, with the hard working and long suffering fans way down the list.

The fact that it is being held at Old Trafford means that the travelling Arsenal fans will have real problems getting back from Manchester and home on a normal school night. Thanks BBC, you have really stitched up the average Gooner there! If it was at the Emirates it would not be so bad as most of the United fans live down south anyway…lol.

But how might the new kick-off time affect the result? We will have to wait and see if there is any effect of course and you would think that there is no reason for there to be. But, as much as Arsene Wenger has denied it, the Gunners do seem to have a bit of a problem with an early Saturday kick-off time, most recently shown again in the north London derby. That was easily our worst per4formance since new years day.

So maybe playing on Monday night, as far from our bogey time as possible will actually help Arsenal in the quest to retain the FA cup and make us the most successful club in the history of the competition.

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  1. Sumant The Gooner says:

    Even if we do manage to win it, it’s only a QF game. There will still be 2 more games for us to gain that glory! But that’s our cup of tea and its only a matter of time. So COYG!!!

  2. Ddog says:

    well i was rather happy with date, as it means the players will have a good rest before the match. better than old sky who like cram them in gving us two matches in 3 days, are you’re left watching waiting for the next injury

  3. No10 says:

    OT – those Chelsea fans in Paris were a disgrace!

    Anyone with those xenophobic views and pack behaviour should be prevented from breeding…they are cretins in the true meaning of the word.

    1. mr lean says:

      Same old Chelsea,nothing has changed with some of there fans.

      1. No10 says:

        Aaah of course, we’re talking about the good old firm aren’t we?

    2. KickAssFan says:

      I don’t mean to exaggerate, but Arsenal fans have always been among the best behaved and I pray it stays that way forever. I wish those Chelsea fans could be identified and dealt with.

  4. mr lean says:

    Just goes to show how much to companies care about the fans,hope Mr linekar is as vocal about this as he was last week when the tv deals for sky were announced.
    Any way I’m confident with the right team and tactics we will beat ,
    Manure just need a strong ref who will send off players for diving like shrek did at Preston.

  5. CraigZWE says:

    Screw spud faced boy and his pathetic, cheating United along with Van purse strings.

  6. HA559 says:

    I don’t know why bbc decides on this. Its not like they have adverts on their channel which can affect income based on time and day of kickoff. A good late evening game on Saturday would have been better. Maybe it’s because the bbc pundits take less pay on weekdays compared to weekeneds.

  7. RSH says:

    And then these TV companies say FA Cup is dying… I wonder why? Putting the biggest match of the QF on a Monday when the fans have to work and young kids have school. And London fans will have to buy expensive train tickets probably. FA is such a joke. Only upside is this is scheduled on a good day for us considering our schedule, but what a let down for fans. Doubt I’ll have time to see this match either :/

  8. SaveArsenal says:

    What a stupid time to show a game.
    Not all Arsenal supporters live in the UK or GMT.
    For a lot of fans the game will be in the middle of the night.
    Well pissed by such a selfish time slot.

  9. ger burke says:

    i think if you need to blame anybody then it is arsenal fc who signed up to these huge money deals in the first place . once you sign up for those television agreements then you are at the mercy of the schedullers. i do not blame the bbc or any other carrier in fact . the football clubs themselves are entirely to blame fot these strange kick off times and days . blame their neverending greed and their contempt for the fans who are the life blood of any sporting club . but we find it easier to blame the tv company of course . lets look at the greed of our own club before we throw any more stones guys .

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