Be careful tonight Arsenal security must watch out for terrorists as well as Munich fans

Arsenal’s upcoming Champions League clash with Bayern Munich at The Emirates tonight is fraught with heightened security concerns following a chilling threat issued by the Islamic State. As reported in today’s Mail, the notorious terrorist group has targeted the four stadiums hosting the quarter-finals, including The Emirates, raising alarms among authorities and fans alike.

Adding to the tension is UEFA’s decision to bar Bayern Munich supporters from attending the match. This unprecedented move stems from the chaotic scenes witnessed during their previous Champions League encounter against Lazio, where fireworks were recklessly thrown onto the pitch in celebration, prompting swift action from football’s governing body.

There is sure to be a massive security presence at the Stadium after the Al Azaim Foundation, a known media outlet linked to ISIS, circulated a menacing poster on Monday morning, explicitly declaring intentions to target the Parc des Princes, the Santiago Bernabeu, the Metropolitan, and The Emirates Stadium, with a stark message: ‘Kill them all.

According to AS, the Spanish Government have activated their security procedures for the Champions League double-header this week. It’s believed more than 3,000 members of security have been assigned to the fixtures in Spain – Real Madrid vs Manchester City and Atletico vs Borussia Dortmund. I am sure the British government will also take these threats seriously, never mind trying to stop Munich fans from entering the ground.

The specter of past incidents looms large, including the chaos instigated by Frankfurt supporters during a previous UEFA Cup tie at The Emirates. In response to the Bayern ban, Arsenal has taken stringent measures, implementing restrictions on ticket exchanges and memberships. Ticket access has been limited to longstanding members, with new registrants after March 11 preemptively barred from participation.

As the clash unfolds tonight, all eyes will be on The Emirates (as well as the Bernabeau), with security forces on high alert to ensure the safety of all attendees amidst this looming threat.

Be careful out there Gooners!


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    1. Yep
      I read that there was 220000 active threats in the Uk last year regarding extremism and terror related activities ..
      Yet our government seem more worried about these people getting offended than actually looking at the problem,which anyone with a brain knows where the root of it lies.

      1. I was going to add I’m sure someone will get offended by something on this thread ,looks like someone has already ,ironic that your username is GB

        1. You’ve totally jumped to wrong conclusion, I’m in no way offended mate, just wondered what Jen meant.

          1. Ok my apologies 👍
            I think he ment what I was suggesting ,with the influx of dangerous immigrants,but could be wrong

            1. Who knows what Jen meant DK?
              I’m sure she’ll elaborate.
              It could even be one of those white nutters who planted a bomb in America, wanting to cause problems?

            2. No problem, all cool mate, it didn’t cross my mind but now I totally see what you mean and perhaps that’s what he did mean by his comment.

  1. I thought the Emirates stadium was built with a massive investment from UAE, whose regime is Sunni and supports the caliphate idea?

    It would make more sense if ISIS attack Santiago Bernabeu or Nou Camp

    1. Can’t be called a “massive investment” anyway, just a loan deal. Except you’re referring to the sponsorship deal for the naming rights.

    2. Isis was a creation of USA for USA and Israel interests.

      It has nothing to do with Muslims and their sects despite the deceiving name.

      For how long will people remain willfully ignorant of who really is the big bad?

          1. Youll talking nonsense.
            Thier name gives them away


            You moslems should stop with ths lies and blame of others and be bold enough to say it as it is like the terrorists who do not hide their religion or their motives.

            1. It wouldn’t surprise me if HH was right. Not sure if they’ve changed it, but Israel’s motto is “By way of deception thou shalt do war”. Also there was the case of the USA ship, the USS Liberty being attacked by the Israeli air force back in the 60’s.

      1. Do you have evidence of that absurd claim?

        I think ISIS has identified themselves quite clearly; exactly who they are and what they stand for.

        1. You are going to find the US is behind nearly every conflict in this world. That should be a common knowledge.

          It’s not like they have spared Muslims because they call themselves Islamic state.

          I am sure most Muslims have suffered under that more than evil organization than non muslims.

      1. Religious terrorists killed a lot of people to make a statement and a big football stadium will be the perfect target for that purpose

    3. gai Whatever caused you to think that?(Your opening sentence).

      I would rather make no comment on your second. I LEAVE THAT TO OTHERS, IF THEY WISH!

  2. It’s time the world stops trying to be politically correct and identify a problem as a problem.

  3. Is there anything left in this world that these scum, vomits of the earth will let us enjoy in peace?

  4. This must be an attempt to direct attentions away from their original target venues. Football grounds hosting a CL game is too sophisticated security wise for them to seriously think they stand a chance of launching an attack. Those scumbags are heading elsewhere.

  5. The world has gone too hippy peace, being politically correct and always trying to kiss each other butt while scums like these lot roam free, spreading terror and killing innocents.
    At some point you have retaliate violence and cruelty with same. It’s the only language these barbarian understand after all.

  6. Fear not gunners, it will be a sea of red and white faithful that turns up for one purpose only, to see the mauling of the German Champion.

  7. Good to see so many people on here calling out the problems in our society for what they are.

    Jen hit it on the head with the first comment – although the sarcasm was misunderstood in some quarters!

    “Multiculturalism” is exactly what it says on the tin: multiple cultures living in pockets in the same space. Immigrants were supposed to assimilate into the native culture but it didn’t happen, what we have is multiple cultures at loggerheads so the name was accidentally prophetic.

    Now it’s starting to affect CL matches it becomes a legitimate topic for a football forum. I hope admin will leave these posts where they are.

    1. The assimilation into the culture is the key point. And in my opinion that only works when the immigrants are few. When they are so many it’s not possible for them to assimilate instead of keeping their own.

      I am not a fan of large scale immigration. The ideal world in my opinion should have been every culture in their place of origin but cooperating with other cultures in trading, science, studies, entertainment and tourism.

      Unfortunately that will remain a fantasy because of western govts meddling in every culture which create the large scale immigration problem.

      People will always want to move to western countries because they are not let be to prosper in their places with their resources.

      1. The idea that mass immigration is anything to do with “western govts meddling” is disinformation.

        Russia’s foreign policy is to drive waves of migrants into western societies with the explicit purpose of eroding the fabric of Western society and true democracy.

        The bunch in charge of Russia, essentially an organised crime syndicate, have created entire “troll factories” devoted to posting on forums in the West to get the young and gullible believing all the woke nonsense. Rubbishing their own country, being asked to be ashamed of its past etc. I have ancestors who fought to preserve our way of life, some of whom died for it, who would turn in their grave to see their own people disowning their sacrifice.

        They say empires crumble from within. The West is in the process of doing that at the moment, aided and abetted by Russia and to a lesser extent China and Iran.

        I see people starting to realise this in the last year or so and starting a fight back. A chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Long may it last (but we need better leaders than the spineless bunch we have to choose from in recent times).

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