Be excited – Arsenal’s rebuild is almost complete….

How Long Will Our Rebuild Take?

From a previous article, I noted that we needed quite a number of new major signings to be truly competitive.

— New central defender.

— New rightback.

— New attacking midfielder. (Odegaard?)

— New striker.

Knowing that Leno is not it, and that Granit Xhaka might still be sold even after a new contract. We will also need their replacements within the next two seasons as well.

That’s 6 major signings. How long will it take Arsenal to sign these 6 major players?

Using historical evidence from our transfer activity in previous windows, I estimate 2 major signings per season. So far in this season, we have only made 1. We can expect one more signing. So that leaves 4 signings for the team to be complete. Ordinarily, this will make it 2 seasons before Arsenal’s rebuild is complete.

These remaining 4 signings can be done all in one swoop or a player might develop well enough internally to make the need redundant. So, I estimate only one more season beyond the current one for Arsenal to approach complete rebuild. By this time as well, many of the current crop of players (Tierney, Gabriel, White, Saka, Martinelli, Balogun, Lokonga) would be near prime performance ages. As a result, Arsenal must target players in the 21-25 age range. This will make sure that everyone is near or in their prime ages and ready to compete with rivals by the time the rebuild is complete. If any of the links are true, then Arsenal are indeed following this approach.

Be excited, indeed. Short term results right now are not the best but Arsenal fans have much to be excited about in the coming years.

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  1. I agree. I like the current long-term view being taken. Time will not only allow the addition of more key players, but importantly allow the off-loading of those that are not part of the future, which is proving to be a big difficulty at the moment. There will be ups & downs but it’s heading in the right direction.

    1. “NEW” players means little, “WHO” is important, and looking at who we have bought I cannot get your article. We are substantially lower in quality players than half the EPL teams. Although I am happy to see Odegaard here, we still have not got our Midfield Maestro, our main forwards are getting old, we don’t have a functional right back and have given the anarchic snailpace thug, Xhaka, a long contract. There is a long way to o go before we catch up to the main players, they are so far ahead that Europe seems a very long way off

  2. Yeah, don’t feel very optimistic.

    White and Ramsdale didn’t really set the PL alight last season and still we spent 80 million on them.

    And it doesnt strike me with confidence that the past signings of these 2 rookies have been borderline disastrous.

    1. Heard a rumor that the same GK coach who recommended Runarsson, also recommended Ramsdale. And that GK coach is part of the entourage Arteta brought.

      Laughable if true, but then again, this club has done absolutely ridiculous actions in the past few years that nothing surprises me anymore.

      1. I wonder what the England manager was thinking taking him to the Euros as part of his squad? Maybe our GK coach suggested that to him as well 🤔

      2. “Laughable”

        What’s laughable is that this club is lumbered with so-called fans of your caibre – sneering, cynical, destructive idiots.

        1. Maybe you have had enough internet for the day Michael,maybe have a lie down and come back tomorrow before you burst a blood vessel buddy .

          1. Even last season Arsenal had good squad. But we have bad manager. Artheta can not lead Arsenal to anywhere with his character. How can a manager be keeping personal malice with his players, Quarreling with influential players in the team. These players are in confraternity. They will be divided at the detriment of the club. Please the first solution to Arsenal’s problem is a new manager. This is just the truth. Artheta can not manage a football club with his character and attitude.

        2. Hi Michael,

          You can call me names but you cant deny what I said: this club HAS done unbelievably stupid actions. Are we supposed to just clap hands, smile and nod? I wouldn’t believe a billion pound franchise would be handled this incompetently.

          But for your healths sake, relax a little and come back after you get your impulses in control.

        3. When your club finishes 8th in two successive seasons it’s obvious that something is wrong, something is very wrong. Blind support doesn’t help anyone. The only people who are going to hold the club accountable are the fans because we demand better, especially for a club that should be in the top 4. If any other top team in England finished 8th the manager would be fired straight. But Arsenal in their complete wisdom not only not fire said manager they give him £200million to waste while other clubs are buying players like Lukaku, Sancho, Varane. It’s laughable how Arsenal spent more money on Pepe than United did on Bruno Fernandes, and more on Ben White than what Varane also cost.

          1. So true…
            It also surprise me when they let Gk Martinez leave because of Leno,and now they are looking for another Gk

  3. I think save the excitement until mid season and we know where we stand ,it takes apt for me to get excited with Arsenal these days and the signings we have made that still applys .
    I think the first 3 boys in through the door was pretty good business but I cannot get a excited with Odegaard and Ramsdale no matter how much some of us big them up .
    Would liked to have seen that 60 million for the last two put to better use .

    1. And I hope Arteta plays to whites strengths because it could be a long hard season for him with the price tag on his head .

      1. Couldn’t agree there more DK. Arteta has two annoying although contradictory habits:
        1) He insists on a left and right footed centre back, a left footed cm ie Xhaka etc. In certain situations you get chosen according to your foot, not because you are the best in that position.
        2) He then contradicts all that by playing other players in unnatural positions for no obvious reason
        I hope he doesnt screw around with White. We have had enough CBs disintegrate already!

        1. I think a back 3 with white middle and Gabriel and holding either side giving TIerney a license to roam forward and also the right back whoever that will be .
          Looking at the team in a positive mind and what we have to play with I think going forward a 3-4-1-2 or a 5-2-3 .

          1. Agree with the three at the back but think White is better suited to right side with Holding in the middle.

      2. Also now that Arteta hasn’t signed a new striker he should not create enemity with Senior players whom we still depend on.
        Arsenals success is more important than those petty squabbles.

        1. In replacement, almost complete but in the team we want, no way near. Arteta needs not to overthink about details but be more direct. What the team needs is a player or two of ozil and Sanchez calibre or just a player like Fernandez who can score all kinds of goals and lift the mood of others. That team can beat anyone when they have good morale which might come from coach or players like afformentioned.
          I have hope in the team because of this window’s recruitment strategy, no more old spares.

  4. For us to get striker we have to qualify for European competition and be ready to pay over odd a good striker that will improve us will cost nothing lesss than £70mi IMO, so am hoping we can get Rb sorted this summer and throw in all our next summer budget on a striker.
    Our team now is good enough for 6th place at least, anything less is unacceptable IMO,
    If we are looking at our performance 2nd half of the season, then now with an upgrade we should get 6th coyg.

    OT. We can see how media has played with us all summer. MA has told us they have a plan, it’s the fans that are not patient enough.
    This summer has been a good one already IMO, and anything else is icing on the cake

  5. I applaud your optimism, but I don’t think Kronke will complete anything. For him at least (and his track record at Arsenal) it’s more about profit generating than building to win titles.

    All those Top 4 years with Wenger, and never did he “complete” the team with that player or two getting us further in the CL or competing for the PL title.

    Even now that has not changed. Does anyone think this team is anywhere close to being complete?

    1. We have spent £135-150m so far on basically an under 23 team already this window which you must agree is way more than we expected to be sanctioned by Kroenke – currently we are the biggest spenders in the EPL. I’m not getting involved in dicussing personal preferences on purchases , but whilst this is obviously not a top 4 team its a team with much more potential than this time last year, even if it won’t yet make a huge difference. I’m not saying the team, the plan or Arteta will succeed, just that at least its a long term upgrade.

  6. I agree. A lot of young talent walking through the doors these days. A new RB in place of Bellerin + successful offloading of squad players and I’d say it’s been a pretty successful window.

  7. New players coming in have to get used to a new philosophy and create an understanding with other players. It will take time for us to start to peak. They are not just going to walk in and perform miracles. The criticism that Ben White is getting is unfair. Look at players like Mcguire who struggled to slot into the Mutd defense.

    1. Agree Dboy – sensible comments, although we both know that instant judgements will be made. Whether or not you approve of Arteta, let’s at least give the 5 new players a chance before the hatchet jobs start.

      1. Just like Unai Emery got, but the important particulars of a CV are to have been assistant to Pep Guardiola and to have been a midfielder at Arsenal.
        I will always support the manager and players in the shirt provided they put in 100% and are good for the Club. Time will tell, whether that support is warranted.

  8. Gunners manager he don’t know what he is doing at all we have attacking middifielder better than odegard

  9. What this article completely fails to recognise, unless I have read it incorrectly, is the players that MA/EDU have signed since they took charge of the club.

    Luiz, Willian, Mari, Runnarson, Aubameyang, Xhaka, Ryan, Soares, Gabriel, Ceballos, Odegaard and any others I have missed, were ALL re-signed with very large contracts, or were their permanent signings as well.

    I believe that, under this stewardship, more than ten players have been introduced and/or become part of the vision…. so let’s not forget author of this article, that trying to brushstrokes out the full and true picture of what the duohave/have not acieved, just will not wash with the fans – and if you class a reported £30,000,000 on a keeper and, likewise, £30,000,000 plus on a AM as not being “major signings” then the author must be confusing us with City and Chelsea.

    If the transfers above go through, over £125,000,000 will have been spent in this transfer window alone… add up the other costs as indicated since MA arrived and there can be NO EXCUSE if he doesn’t deliver this season – methinks the excuses are already being prepared, with some facts being left out to make the medicine seem sweeter.

    1. No excuse if the team is not in top 7 by November/December
      What am excited about is the quality of the signing, it will be hard for any coach taking over to bin our young guys and the players brought in already

      1. This is the most reasonable comment made so far. I agree, top 7 by Nov/Dec is a fair marker, neither over optimistic nor too pessimistic.

    2. I believe it’s 140 million Ken if my maths are correct .
      Either way it’s a lot of money spent from an owner who apparently does not spend money ,also looked at money spent over the last 5 years and Arsenal are now 3rd on the list .

  10. Am I excited – not quite, though I am excited to be able to get back to watching my team again. There are two main priorities for me. A quality right back is a must, plus a proven striker, especially if Auba goes. But the focus must also be on shipping out those players we no longer need. This process seems to be proceeding at glacial pace, if at all.

    1. Declan, I saw this and thought of you:

      Did you know… all #AFCU23 fixtures will be free to attend at Meadow Park this season! Everyone 16 + will be expected to scan the NHS QR code to gain entry. ID will also be requested. (Arsenal Academy)

  11. Even if MA signs Lionel & Ronaldo, our fans shall still complain bitterly. MA said he got plan and he is working towards it, whether fans love it or not is another thing entirely. Arsenal didn’t sign Ryan (but he wanted us) because Aaron was their number 1 target + all the rumors on Maddison & Aouar are just plan B, only if Odegaard bid fails. Saying MA doesn’t have a plan is laughable. I hope it doesn’t take too much time before they gel together, if not, most of our fans are going to build a fence around Arteta and pay for it.

    1. Arteta said he has a plan..

      I see..

      Well when I was six I thought I was going to be an Astronaut. I really and truly believed that would be the case but it turns out I was wrong.

        1. Hahaha yes..sure the space program are screaming out for a 50 yr old couch potato to fill their ranks..
          About as much chance of that happening as Xhaka going to Roma!;)

          1. AOT, in our dreams; it would be quite a ride. The Club theme song would be “Fly me to the Moon”.

  12. Spending that much money we should be a capable top 4 team.not the players I would have spent the money on we will struggle.

  13. Spot on. This is a complete rebuild of a squad concentrating on youth, hard work and attitude. If Arteta is given time I predict one hell f a team in a coupe of seasons but hey modern day sociery and “fans” no patience. Can they not see the potential with Ramsdale, White, Gabreil, Tierney, Belgian chap, Saka, Smith_rowe , Odegard, Balugon, Eddie etc

  14. A welcome dose of optimism for our future, among the deluge of gloom from many of our so called “fans”, who are so sickeningly and childishly self entitled.

    Well written Al therefore!

    More like this please, to give we true SUPPORTRS of our club, (unlike those who appear to “hate” us) a badly needed and welcome antidote to the constant written poison we have to read so tediously from the same old gloom mongers on here.

    1. ‘So called fans’ and ‘true fans’ …really!?

      Anyone who questions the AFC and it’s operations in terms of owner, management and fans is not a true fan right?

      If someone says not everything is rosy within the garden they are branded traitors.
      Absolutely laughable.

      Let’s see where we are huh; come 10 games in shall we Before getting carried away with over zealous hyperbole ?

      I’m all for optimism (and believe it or not I generally am in everyday life) but you have to look at trends and facts that help you forecast what comes next.

      1. kudos to you, AOT, for all the work you’re putting in again today, especially on the heels of our most recent rather uninspiring projected signings and this “rebuild almost complete” nonsense

        1. TRVL4e, when trying to find your way out of the bush (forest) someone (the leader/manager) has to know where you are, where you want to go and how to find the best path.

        1. Admin Pat, if you honestly believe that we should “be excited – Arsenal rebuild almost complete”, then you might be interested in a harbour bridge I have for sale?

      2. AOT. trends and facts shouldnt write off the new signings.
        ppl say we are lacking midfield maestro? I m seeing Lokonga being the top of the crop amongst the midfielder of his age. He is already knocking on the door of belgium national team.
        Honestly, fact is we cant attract world class signing, but whom we acquired (white/Odee/lokonga) are someone who has the highest possibility to reach those level. MA and Edu are working in the direction they planned to . however . whether or not the plan works out is down to their execution and that i believe as of now is everybody’s verdict till nov or dec or even end of this season.

  15. I don’t understand some so call arsenal suppoters each time we sign a player they will never see any positives on them is either it’s too expensive or that it’s not a super star how much did Madrid sign varane and how much do u think his worth in today’s market with three years contract?

  16. It really doesn’t matter who we buy as long as we are still devoid of a method of play that’s gonna yield positive results. Lots of enthusiasm about our signings Lokonga, Tavares, possibly Oedegard. No point having these type of players if you’re only going to play them sparingly and still elect to play the likes of xhaka, Pepe, Elneny. If you’ve got a decent XI then play them in unison, don’t try to muddle through with the lane players and use the decent players as impact subs. Also, employ your players with a style and method of football which will get the best results. No more ball retention for the sake of it. No more negative backward and sideways passing. If we’re still going to play like we have over the last season and prior. Then we might as well have saved our pennies and relied on Xhaka, Willian, Pepe et al

  17. Rather than focussing on the amount spent, we must focus on what players the amount is spent and in which position. Was White signing essential when we had Saliba, was Odegaard and Ramsdale signing more important than signing Aouar, Bissouma and Sam Johnstone/Onana. Also we need a new CF in case Auba is planning to leave and something seems to have happened, by the look of it, between MA and Auba. Anyway, since MA has said he has got a plan, I for one would back him till December and than take a call. Until than gooners, lets wait and watch.

  18. Apparently from what I’ve been reading in the media it seems that since Arteta took over he has spent over 300million, a manager should have more then he needs to get the team playing to his system with that amount spent.
    Also the reason he has been given the highest amount to spend in one window is because Silent Stan wants us back in Europe , there will be repercussions if we are not in a position to grab a European spot by December and he will he sacked .
    I’m just going by the feeling I’ve gotten but it does make sense for Stan to suddenly sanction this windows spending while demanding Arteta gets us back into European football.
    In the meantime I will “support the players”/club and hope we progress up the table .
    Up the Arsenal

  19. We need a player like Renato Sanchez to disrupt opposition play and launch attacks. Mr Kroenke, please do it for us

  20. Why don’t we just get a proper Manager? Why was Brendan Rogers ignored and snapped up by Leicester? Why is EDU working at the Club? Why do good players loose interest after a few Months at the Club? Why was Xhaka one of the top , if not the top players at the Euros ?

  21. So, this transfer window has been The Arsenal rebuild!

    My question is: Who did they model the rebuild on?

    Was it the first pig?

    Was it the second pig?

    OR, Was it the third pig?

    I guess we wont know until we play Wolves

  22. What proof do you have that long term will pay us..By the time u even get to the long term you think manu mancity and other clubs will be waiting for us right..pls stop all these plea and patience talk to support mediocrity ok..If you need to fix your problem do it now..Chelsea has won 2 champions league and the second one came as a result of the short term sacking of did that not pay out in a short term..pls stop all these long term talk and focus on now okay.

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