Be HAPPY Arsenal fans! Wenger is BETTER than Mourinho

Okay Arsenal fans, I know that I am going to get a lot of grief for this, but before you just rant at me and call me a deluded Wenger loving idiot, actually read why I think that the Arsenal boss is a better manager and has more class in his little finger than Jose Mourinho has in his whole body, and then decide if I am right.

I appreciate that Mourinho has been more successful. He has won the Champions League with two different clubs and has won the league title in four different countries. There is no denying that Mourinho has got a reason to lay claim to his self proclaimed title of the special one. BUT.

And it is a big but, if you pardon the pun. When you look a little closer into his managerial career and get beyond the stats and the bluster, all is not quite so rosy. Take Chelsea, where he is viewed as some sort of god. They have conveniently forgotten the end of his first spell, when Abramovich was so fed up with the turgid football served up by his team that he sacked the man, unless you believe the `mutual consent´ garbage that they released.

Mourinho had not won the league the previous year and was not going to win it when he `agreed mutually´ to leave, despite spending the annual budget of a decent sized country on players (something he now condemns Man City for BTW). And that is what I´m getting at. Every club he has managed has achieved initial success which Mourinho has then failed to build on. That is some talent to be fair. He has an aura and seems to take the players with him but it does not last and then things get nasty. I really believe that he might have led Man United back to glory if they had picked him rather than David Moyes last season, but it would have been another flash in the pan.

He speaks about Wenger and the fact that Arsenal have stuck with the Frenchman through thick and thin, but the door swings both ways. Wenger has stuck with us as well, even when the money was not there and the criticism came flying in. Would Mourinho have stayed? His record of not managing any club for more than three years suggests not.

Every team Mourinho has taken over have either been already in the position to win or ready to spend huge amounts of money. I am not saying that Wenger would have led them instantly to the title or Champions League glory but he did pretty well when he first came to Arsenal. However, that amazing invincibles season came EIGHT years later. Maureen would have been long gone.

I think the reason Mourinho tries to denegrate Wenger´s longevity is that he is jealous of it and he knows that it is not a string he has to his own bow. And that brings me on to another thing that separates the two managers. Wenger has had his moments of anger, kicking bottles, rowing with Ferguson, Pardew, Allardyce and even Mourinho himself, but they seem to be moments of passion, Mourinho is much more sly. Yes Wenger pushed Mourinho this season and it was not great, but he was reacting to years of provocation and the fact that Cahill had just launched a two footed studs up tackle on Alexis Sanchez. Did Mourinho tell his team to target our star man? You decide. If I was Wenger it would have been more than a push.

He is hypocritical, calculating and cowardly. If you have not seen the incident when he sneaks up behind Tito Vilanova and sticks his finger into the then Assistant manager of Barcelona, then you can see it here on Youtube at around 2 minutes 50 seconds (note the smirk when he thinks he has got away with it and remember that the Spanish FA banned him and then rescinded the ban because of the power of Real Madrid in Spain!?! And he has the gall to denounce players for bad tackles! What a C****). The video also highlights how Mourinho had turned Real Madrid from superstars into thugs, as he does with every team. Cheating, aggression and conning the officials is what we love best about football after all is it not?

I contend that no manager but Wenger could have done as well for Arsenal in the last 18 years, especially not the poisonous toad that is Jose Mourinho. Am I wrong? Is winning at all costs really better than playing well and showing class? Follow Mourinho to his next club if you think so.

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    1. last time i checked mourinho has did it in several leagues, has won bigger an more trophies in less time.
      no point being bias for the sake of it, still love our manager

        1. partially, i agree on mourinhos behaviour.

          sad truth is he is a winner, an in the annals of history his trophy haul will look better than wengers.

          wenger has never won the champions league. that fact right there is pretty big when u talk about best managers.
          18 years to do it, an if u look at that 06 final plus previous years our squad not winning cl was a big failure.
          how many world class world cup players were in our team?
          how solid was our back 4

          1. but we lost Lehmann early in the game and still nearly won
            you need a bit of luck and we didn’t have it

            1. so somehow bob im to get my dolorean go back in time an see if they were btter than us in this era?
              anything else realistic u care to ask for?
              a monkey who dj’s perhaps
              a unicorn wearing hammer pants?

              look bobby brown its not my fault im just the messenger

        2. Truth is, Mourinho won CL with Porto(!!!), went unbeaten at Stamford Bridge during his whole first period with Chelsea. Won the treble with Inter and managed to give Real Madrid their first trophy since 2007, Copa del Rey since 1993 and had them in the semi final of CL three years in a row, being out of it since 2003. After using his first season to build the team he prefers, he’s now on a solid route for winning the PL, he’s also still in the game for the FA cup and Champions League, having already won the league cup.

          The author of this article does not take into consideration that he left Inter to manage Real Madrid, creating a big hole in the club which eventually led to their downfall from the Serie A throne.

          Neither does he seem to give a rats bum about his time at Porto, which is even more impressive than Greece winning the Euro cup in 2004. The only match(es) he lost was using junior players, after already having secured the league title.

          There’s a reason why Mourinho got himself in the place where he was wanted by big clubs with money to spend – he’s the best manager in the world. (Even though I find Ancelotti’s current spell at Real Madrid more impressive than mourinhos)

          Meanwhile, Arsene has still not beaten Mourinho, not even once. Sure, he won the PL without losing in 2003/2004 and FA cup in 2005 and 2014, but thats pretty much the only things he can show off with. He’s been a world class manager, no doubt – looking at how he managed to build a team like the invincibles, but lets face the fact: José Mourinho has got Arsene Wenger deep inside his pockets when it comes to having the skills that pays the bills as a manager.

          Class does not win you league titles, skills do. I genuinly hope Mourinho will be Wengers successor in Arsenal, wins about everything he can win within three years after having his ideal team up and running – just to show prove his point to Wenger.

          Article author is clearly trying to avoid not being labeled as an AKB, but he’s not doing anything to hide the fact that he’s one of the biggest hater of Mourinho ive seen.

  1. I still cnt xplain the reason for his UCL success at Porto.. Because they weren’t one of the favourites and had no money like Chelsea or Madrid.

    1. because he is that good a manager.
      same reason he did it at inter. he is that good a manager.

      1. except that INter won Serie A the previous season under Mancini and had the best squad and Mourinho spent massive money the next summer. Every little helps and then he left them when Madrid came calling.

          1. Zlatan, Crespo, VIEIRA, Figo, Julio Cesar, Stankovic, Materazzi, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Maicon etc and that was before he spent anything….eto’o, balatelli when he was good, Milito, Motta, Sneijder
            But as I say he does do really well when he goes somewhere, it just doesn’t last or he sods off for greener pastures
            I said he is good but I think Arsenal are better off with Wenger and Maureen would have left us as soon as a better offer came or the money stopped flowing
            Am I wrong?

            1. wtf wrong- wrong-wrong
              zlatan left in 09- so wasnt in that team
              viera barely played under mourinho
              crespo played for genoa in 09-10
              figo retired in 09′ loooool

              mourinho didnt have any of them in 2010 treble year

              now list the players in barcelonas team of that year.
              an real madrids, chelsea an bayerns hell even uniteds

              what mourinho did in 2010 was amazing

                1. LOL so would you give respect to Suarez for disqualifying Ghana with a hand ball ? Would you give respect to Ramires for diving in order to win a game ? If winning is everything I guess we whouls allow dirty tackles and offsides as well. You’re not an Arsenal fan to be so classless.

              1. he had them when he went there though and you haven’t answered my question would he have done better for Arsenal?

                1. Of course he would. Look at how he was with Real Madrid. They were back then in the same situation as we are in now.

                  Champions League: Couldnt get past q.finals
                  La Liga: hadn’t won it since 2007
                  CdR: Hadn’t won it since 1993

                  He won CdR in 2011, La Liga in 2012 and reached Champions League semi-finals every year while being in Real Madrid.

                  Semi’s: Lost to Barcelona in his first year. Neither of the teams deserved to win, and Messi was the difference. Lost to Bayern in 2012, deserved to win that year, bad luck. The year after they collapsed in the first leg against Dortmund and lost 4-1, but did not manage to win more than 2-0 in the second leg (needed 3-0)

                  I wonder why you even question if Mourinho would do better in Arsenal than Arsene, when he proves that in every club he’s been managing.

  2. If you say so

    I think Wenger is miles better as a human being. Mourinho is an asshole of the highest order.

    But Mourinho knows what players to bring in to win trophies. He brought it Costa (WC striker), Fabregas (WC CAM) and Remy/Drogba as backup strikers. Then Cuadrado in January

    In Summer if Wenger had bought another top CB, a Top striker and Top DM we would be challenging for 1st. Just saying. We went half the season short at the back.

    In the Summer I would highly urge Wenger to get 4 players at least
    1. Top striker
    2. Top DM
    3. Top cb
    4. Young backup LB

    If Spurs get lacazette, they will be a force next season. United will strengthen A LOT. CITY and Chelski will too.

    We need to keep up or we will challenge for 4th place AGAIN

      1. Yes that’s true. The rumor is there is a £50 million war chest. I don’t know How accurate that is

        But if we sell a few players who are excess to what we need or are not as good as used to be (ie Podolski, Sanogo, Jenkison, maybe Mertsacker or Campbell) we can easily have the money. Also not re-signing Flamini and Diaby would free up salary

        But honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary to sell players. Wenger has a lot of clout with the Share holders that he can just say he needs these players and they will accept

  3. Just pre empt the UTD game
    If Wenger plays Nacho at Cb he needs to go ASAP
    Reason he adimmitted we needed a CB went and signed one so if he does this he’s an idiot
    Use Mett/Kos or Chanbers/Kos

    1. I don’t understand why you are getting thumbs down.

      Monreal has played CB several times this season and has been mediocre to average. Monreal is as far better LB then CB.

      I will be upset too if Monreal plays CB against United. It’s United not Leicester.

      People who disagree, just look back at previous matches where Monreal was CB.

      In fact, correct me if I’m wrong but Monreal was CB when we lost 2-1 to United in November and People were criticisng Monreal (also Gibbs for own goal lol)

      1. To be honest Fred I’m P off with this site im100% sure Spurs fans are on here or why would someone want a left back at CB, either Spurs fans or the usual Tv arsenal fans , they can’t even put a decent argument, so it’s easy to thumb down, there’s only a few on here who I do Ramadan their posts, Caraig, Phillnosethompson, arseovertit,twig, yourself,robinvanpayslip,and a few others who make decent arguments either way, and others are just to brainwashed to see what’s wrong,

        1. we do try to find the spuds which we are sure come on here but it’s tough because Arsenal fans can be just as cutting. Maybe we should not bother because at least this way they get to talk about the Champions League! lol

  4. Sorry Bob but I disagree highly. As a person, social character? Absolutely, Wegner is a dignified stately person to be around. But as a manager, motivational speaker, someone who will get your players to run through walls to hell and back, not a chance.

    Mourinho embeds in his team a winning mentality, long after Mourinho left it was the spine of his team that went on to win the CL. Lampard, Drogba, Cech, Ferrera, Ivanovic, Cole, Terry. You can criticize the man all you want but Mourinho turned those players with the exception of Cole into world class and big game players. Chelsea’s CL run almost defies belief but they are one of the few teams that won it off sheer belief. You may levy the criticism that yes, he takes only world class players but with the exception of Cole, none of those players were better than average at the time. In addition, what current world class coach doesn’t go to already strong or wealthy teams. Ancellotti was at PSG before Madrid and before that he was at Chelsea. Guardiola was at Barcelona then he went to Bayern Munich. By your logic Wegner is better than all three. Moreover Mourinho won the CL with Porto, a minimal budget and against tough opposition, this was a year where Arsenal Chelsea and Unites were in the CL.

    Your criticism that he left because of poor football and they weren’t going to win the league is speculative at best, Mourinho left in late September, so how could you possibly know that, in fact Chelsea came second that year in a season where it went to the last day.

    Your point about him criticizing Man City is also a half truth, he wasn’t critical of them for spending lots of money, he was critical of them spending WHEN FFP WAS IN PLAY. Which is a completely different context, Chelsea aren’t broke you know but his point is true in this instance.

    Cahill did a studs up tackle on Sanchez, Welbeck also did the same thing to Fabregas, it goes both ways, in that same match Sanchez also punches Ivanovic. I love Sanchez but hiim picking a fight with Ivanovic isn’t a sensible thing to do. If you’re going to levy a critique be objective, same rules for all.

    I will support Wegner till he leaves, but I won’t follow him blindly and I will be critical of him where it warrants it, but this piece isnt an objective critique.

  5. well that all depends on the meaning of “BETTER” ere……. As Long as it doesn’t include tactical ineptness, trophy drought and Top 4 A.k.a champions League…..cuz, i’d rather choose a real wolf than one in sheep’s clothing….Just saying

  6. Arsenal is a bigger club than Chelsea, let us stop being so obsessedwith them. Chelsea may win all but they will always be considered as a club who rose because of money. We aree notlike that, let us not be so obsess with them.

  7. Well , chelsea had already qualified for the champions league when roman brought his millions. So, if he had not come, they would still be on par with us right now scrambling for top 4 .

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