Be patient like Kevin Campbell and “believe Kai Havertz will be a star for Arsenal”

Scoring goals and providing assists make players stand out; thus, unfortunately, a player’s all-around contribution can sometimes be overlooked.

Kai Havertz is one player “suffering” from this situation. In his first three games (the Community Shield included) of the season, he has failed to score or produce an assist; his other contributions on the pitch are overlooked, which has some already considered him a £65 million transfer flop.

However, that’s not the case. The German’s presence for the whole game versus Palace shows that he is delivering what Arteta signed him for. The 24-year-old can maintain composure and still exhibit creativity under pressure. He is good with the ball at his feet and an excellent passer when he moves it on. He dictates tempo in the attacking play as he helps the team control possession to help him and his teammates establish stability to express themselves.

Gooners expect him to score goals, but his role transcends the traditional markers of a standout player, focusing on the subtleties that often go unnoticed. His ability to link up plays, anticipate opponents’ moves, and drive the team forward has earned him a pivotal role in Arsenal’s setup. His influence is not confined to statistics, but is reflected in the team’s overall cohesion and improved midfield control.

For now, only a few see his impact. Still, as the season goes by, he will be seen for what he’s offering and why Arteta trusts him for his team, as ex-Gunner Kevin Campbell predicts when he said on Highbury Squad, “Havertz can manipulate the ball, he can handle the ball, he can play between the lines nicely. He had a decent game without being spectacular. It will take him time. It will take this Arsenal squad time to understand how to get the best out of each other. Let’s be honest, they’ve only played two games together. But I really believe Kai Havertz will be a star for Arsenal moving forward.”

It seems to me that Arsenal fans WANT Havertz to be a flop, maybe because he came from Chelsea, or they don’t like his price tag, but can’t we give him a little time to integrate into Arteta’s tactical setup, please…..

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  1. He won aerial duels at Selhurst Park more than other players in the game

    His playing style might’ve not been entertaining to watch, because he didn’t produce cute passes as Ozil/ Odegaard did nor could he change his direction in tight spaces as Trossard/ Partey did

    But we wouldn’t have won the game without his willingness to get fully involved in rough duels. If he lost all of them, Crystal Palace would’ve controlled the game

    1. I think Havertz before the end of the season would be worth his price He seems to be slow in adopting to Arteta’s tactics despite having pre season with the squad. His aerial abilities, physicality and goals is needed in the team against some opposition. His forays in front against City defenders reduced City pressure against us in the Community shield which Arsenal eventually won. He may not be entertaining but he is doing his job

      1. If he can’t maximize his game time, we could always ship him out next summer. I heard Bayern Munich and Real Madrid wanted to sign him

      2. Arteta does not indicate that Havertz seems to be slow in adapting – and it is his views that matter.

  2. Although you saying that some fans want Havertz to fail sounds crazy, just as it’s claimed some want MA to fail, in Havertz cases, I tend to agree and here’s why :

    How many times have I read on JA that we shouldn’t be buying Chelsea’s cast offs or any other clubs unwanted players?

    What they don’t remember is that De Bruyne, for example, was a chelsea cast off and that there are many other examples of clubs selling player’s who have gone on to set the football world alight.

    MA has proved he can get the best out of players like Xhaka (of course he has also failed with other players.. Pepe for example) so why not Havertz?

    1. I doubt very much that Arsenal fans want Haverz to fail. In fact the opposite. Fans say what they see, it has nothing at all to do with fail or not but what they expect.

    2. Ken
      You put forth some good examples.

      I don’t think fans want Havertz to fail, I think they just want him to earn his playing time, rather than gifted starts while he is trying to find his feet and build chemistry with teammates.

      It’s risky to do this when points are at stake, whereas training grounds offers the perfect environment to adjust, adapt, and build confidence without risking valuable points.

      Currently in form players are kept out to accommodate Havertz, and some merely raise the fair question of “Is this best for the team, or best for Havertz?”

      A fair question worth debating without being labeled as “anti” anything like anti-Havertz or anti-Arteta.

    3. You sure have not read two commenters’ post on another thread here and some others on other social media platform.they literally want him gone!! Scape goating him with just two games in and earning 6points in 6 says it all.

        1. Why whine about the fact that the gaffer deems him his preferred choice for a starting place then? If singling him out in a winning side is not scapegoating.

          1. You are singing that word for two days now for your agenda. A dictionary will be a valuable Christmas gift for you this year.

  3. One thing for sure, Havertz does has a presence in midfield, whether he will be effective against Liverpool at Anfield time will tell.

    But his ability to link up plays, anticipate opponents moves, and drives the team forward is in no doubt.
    Arsenal seems to have benighted his inclusion in the team as he enable us to exert control a little more in midfield.

  4. Chelsea gave him plenty of time in 3 years, 139 games, 32 Goals, 15 assists.

    Since joining Arsenal his value has gone down and his performances have given us nothing to get excited about.

    Why is Smith Rowe being overlooked to justify a place for Havertz.

    1. 👍would be interesting to know because i think ESR would have been a good shout to replace xhaka.

      1. Yet ESR scored 15 goals the season before ,our highest that season compared to 19 in Havertz whole time in the prem ,to say he’s better in that role is made up tosh to back up Arteta signing him and that role be it in the 8 or 10 position ESR is the better player

        1. Yes DK, hit the nail on the head. I really wonder sometimes how people come up with these notions. They like to quote stats when it suits and forget conveniently when it suits. I just go with my head, eyes and heart. Stats are manipulated to suit and different sites quote different stats. ESR has been very good for us when he is fit. Fitness can be the only issue but i understand he is as fit as a butchers dog.

        2. My opinion stands. ESR showed great promise before his injury and scored quite a few goals.
          However, in my view, since his return from injury his play has not been at the same level when he has had opportunities. I will agree that the opportunities have been more limited but he needs to use those to show why he should be in the team. It is much more difficult to get in the team now.

            1. This is clearly untrue. He has had limited game time since his return from injury but it is incorrect to say that he has had no opportunities

          1. ESR has not been given game time like Harvets (SINCE RETURNING FROM INJURY). MA loves his signings. Look ,the captain can fumble all day and he doesn’t even care. He has no competition. The same goes with HARVETS!!!

    2. Why are you being disingenuous?

      Unless you are under a rock – surely it is apparent that he was brought to our club as a midfielder – so enough already with the scoring stats. Apples and oranges.

      Kai Havertz is a RAUMDEUTER. Look that up.

  5. He adds strength, aerial ability and an outlet for the long ball by Ramsay. Hes also a technical player with a lot of experience. He gives Arsenal an added dimention thats refreshing rather than their usual predictable style of play.

  6. It will be interesting. Arsenal (not sure it was Arteta because I/we dont know) wanted Mason Mount but Mount made it clear very early that he was going to utd and we pulled out of negotiations. Utd paid 60 mil for Mount, who is now injured and not started too well and facing criticism. We quickly moved on to Haverz and paid 65 mil, it will be interesting to see how both develop, with their clubs.

  7. It is pretty simple.
    Kai has the abilities that Arteta wants, that’s it.

    People say we accommodate Kai so we change our play style and move Partey to RB. These are all B.S..

    The last few games from last season, we got found out by other teams, and we did not have the free flowing attacking football like when season started. Kai was not here.
    Partey played some RB last season, while Kai was not here also.

    Obviously Arteta is planning something different, and wants a player like Kai to make the team that he wants to be, play the game that he wants to.
    Somehow people without much qualifications (most here) are saying MA is doing it wrong, and request the team to play the way they are looking to, play the players they “think” who would do a better job.

    Kind of sure that, 99% of the fans, including me, do not have a clue what MA is trying to make, but he is the one that qualifies to lead this team and build it from his vision. MA earned this by getting 2nd last season.

  8. Any one complaining about Havertz does not understand football or Arteta-ball.


    Havertz is the pivot of the attack and the press whether as a target man or as a B2B attacking occupier.
    His position in the lineup ahead of Trossard and Emile is well justified.
    Havertz offers versatility in addition to both the presence and intelligence of Xhaka in those central areas up the pitch.

    The lineup selection formation is actually 3223. Arteta is favoring double 6 and double 8.
    That is why Partey and Rice are the 2 base midfielders with Havertz and Odegaard the advanced midfielders.

    Arsenal’s 3223 system is quite good with the base midifield duo of Partey and Rice covering sidebacks perfectly, especially Partey. Same way the advanced midfield duo of Odegaard and Havertz drag to side midfield areas to unleash our strikers. With Havertz also able to go lead the attacking line in moments of the game when needs arise. This team is now more unpredictable tactically and will thus win more games.

    Partey is the real deal for Arsenal.
    Great defensive footballer with zero ego.

    Last season our 2 base midfielders were Zinchenko and Partey, with Zinchenko covering and tucking in from left back. This season Arteta want to ensure that when the need arise to be more solid at the back, our fullbacks can also be proper defensive occupiers like a “Gvardiol, Akanji, Ake, Stones, or Walker”. And that’s why we are seeing 2 occupiers in the double 6. We will also see a double 6 of “a playmaker and an occupier”. A double 8 of “2 playmakers” or “a playmaker and an occupier”, or even “2 occupiers” in the double 8 if we need more physical presence in the attack.

    If you really want to understand the team starting lineup selection, see this breakdown –

    Offensive GK: Ramsdale, Raya

    Defensive Occupiers: Saliba, White, Magalhaes*, Partey, Rice, Kiwior, Tomiyasu, *New signing seriously needed*

    Playmakers: Timbre, Zinchenko, Odegaard, Trossard, Vieira

    Wingers/Strikers: Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, Jesus, Eddie, Folarin

    Attacking Occupier: Havertz, *New Signing desperately needed*

    It will also be fine to upgrade on Magalhães and Holding to CBs who are more tactically fit for what Arteta is doing.
    Of a truth, it will be really tough to upgrade on Magalhães. He is a hell of a defender! But he is not too comfortable taking the risks Arteta wants from his defenders.
    Other top coaches will be dying to have him, but he does not maximally suite Arteta-ball.

    Arsenal still need at least one more attacking occupier, although Rice and Partey might be deployed in there, esp Rice as we saw during preseason.

    Jorginho’s lack of mobility is a serious concern. It will just be fine to let him go and we use his game time to improve the other playmakers.

    Arsenal should do the needful by clearing out Pepe, Cedric, Tierney, Tavares, Elneny, Lokonga, Smith Rowe, Jorginho, and Holding.
    Let’s use their funds to GET ARTETA THE PLAYERS HE NEEDS!!!

    1. What you say is mostly correct but regarding Havertz to do what you say the player has to have the ability, as of yet Havertz not shown he does.

      1. Havertz has not been as influential as we would like him to be but he is currently better suited to play the flexible role required than ESR. Trossard could play the role but may find it more difficult against particularly physical opponents. It will be interesting to see how Trossard’s role evolves over the course of the season.

      2. He has played THREE competitive games in a different position and new system with new teammates, what do you freaking expect?!

        1. I hope he comes good but to answer your question I expect him to show just a glimpse of ability to justify buying him. He has shown us nothing…….

  9. Edu and Arteta got it totally wrong to spend 65M on a Chelsea flop and pay him 331K a week while Maddison who has a track record of excellent work ethic was available for a lower fee and lower wages. Look at his output in just 2 games at Tottenham!!!!

    It’s just horribel.
    Now he is under pressure to perform and should ideally start from the bench to ease the tension and get integrated gradually.

    Harvertz is the reason we aren’t scoring as many goals as last term.

    Havertz is the reason we are struggling against average teams.
    He is just an average performer while ESR and Trossard are on the bench.

    The coach should show humility and try something different. We will regret it.

    A stitch in time saves 9

    1. @Atangana: Rubbish.

      You are inflating what Havertz is actually paid a week to suit your negative narrative.

      Also – Is James Maddison going to play a third game for Tottenham this weekend? If you know, you know.

  10. “Edu and Arteta got it totally wrong to spend 65M on a Chelsea flop”. From that statement, you clearly judge a player after only 2 games.

    Given you judge players this quickly, you must have been absolutely furious we signed Odegaard and White given their early performances at Arsenal. How long was it until you changed your mind on those two, or do you still think they’re both still poor signings?

  11. I think something is escaping some people here.

    These few people also need reminding that Germany is one of the GREATEST football nations ever-judging by their World cup wins….

      1. Germany have been awful for the last 3-4 years
        Last 16 in the euros and out in the group stage of the WC ,not sure what him playing for Germany as to do with his Arsenal career .

  12. No mate! You sure do need it, you can as well check the meaning lot have refused to get off his back since the past two games accusing him of preventing the fluidity of the team hence our low goalscoring exploits amongst numerous others which baffles me considering we won said games.not sure what you’ll call that if not scapegoating.

  13. Havertz is not a bad player but the problem is that Arteta is not phasing him gradually in the team. Play a midfield of Partey, Rice and Odegaard and bring on Havertz later in the second half. He is yet to adapt to the arsenal style and tactics and also Partey is at his best in the midfield. Also Havertz could play on the wings or as a false 9 so there is no reason why Arteta must insist on starting him and giving him full 90 minutes when there are better players on the bench.

  14. Some of our fans have in the past causes us to lose good and loyal players such as Emmanuel Ebou, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gervinho etc while others such as Olivier Giroud were also to forced to leave because of fan hostility even though they had been loyal to the club and were delivering the goods. It is only fair that after Arsenal Giroud went on to win World cup, Champions league and Europa league. All of us recall with anguish how Chelsea beat us in a Europa league final with Giroud scoring the winning goal. This was indeed poetic justice! When will some of our fans learn to be patient and prudent? Let players be given every chance to prove themselves before we can pass judgement. Everyone has a right to a fair hearing before passing judgement.
    The issue of Kai Havertz, therefore, needs to be handled with utmost care and rational judgement. I don’t buy into the argument that he is a Chelsea flop. Instead I look at him as a young man who unfortunately found himself in a team that had lost its glamour and was performing below par due to several factors which were outside Havertz’s control. Even then Havertz tried to put up some outstanding performances such as scoring the winning goal against Man city in the champions league final. I have in the recent past stated on this platform that I dreaded Havertz whenever he came on for Chelsea against us because he was always dangerous! I still maintain that Havertz is a good player who will soon fulfill his potential with us. He can’t become a flop all of a sudden. He is still trying to adjust to our style of play and also to regain his confidence which he lost with Chelsea. Thus the manager is right to give him more playing time to enable him regain his lost composure.

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