Be positive! Arsenal HAVE been working hard in the transfer market

Hi everyone, we are only at the 24th June now and the official transfer window doesn’t yet open for another week, but there is lots of work being done by Arsenal on the transfer front, even if it just looks like Petr Cech if you look at all the papers.

Let’s give ourselves an update on ALL the transfer business done or in progress so far…..

OUT -Ryo Miyachi moved to St Pauli
OUT -Semi Ajayi moved to Cardiff
OUT -Diaby released pending possible Pay-per-play deal

IN -Vlad Dragomir from FC Timisoara
IN -Jeff Reine-Adelaide from Lens
IN -Yassin Fortune from Lens

IN – Petr Cech from Chelsea (Not QUITE confirmed lol)

Other deals in progress….

Carl Jenkinson is being loaned out again possibly to Sunderland or back to West Ham
Lukas Podolski admitted he’s in talks with Galatasary
David Ospina also in talks with Fenerbahce (what is it with Arsenal players and Turkish clubs?)
Joel Campbell likely to go to either Benfica, Real Sociedad or Fenerbahce (of course!)

Also the talks with Theo Walcott are still in progress for him to sign an extension.
Mikel Arteta still has to agree a one year extension

So as you can see, Arsenal and Wenger have not been sitting around twiddling their thumbs and hoping for things to happen. There has been a LOT of activity and lots of business still ongoing. Considering the work that has already been done there is no reason to think that we will have an unsuccessful transfer window. Be positive!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. RB wants Koscielny at RM. Why would they think we would sell? let alone for 21 mill.
    Laurent is the epitome of the arsenal way of doing things. Hard work, belief, getting back up when knocked down.

    1. He makes WAY to many mistakes now and has numerous mental lapses due to being a hot head STILL at 29 yr old. Koscielny is so much better than him

    2. All the Real Madrid players get exaggerated ratings, especially their back 5 – not sure how many of their defenders in the last 10-15 years (except Puyol) get rated so highly. Roberto Carlos was a beast but was more a freakin’ winger than FB/defender. Casillas is a very decent GK but often named as the best ever – come on ffs!!

      1. Spain’s influence over FIFA is there for everyone to see, you only gotta look at the European XI of the past 5 seasons. Apparently their defenders are better than Chiellini, Terry, Koscielny, etc.

  2. Ahh the window, as pointed out, hasn’t even officially opened and there has still been the typical panic button comments!! Or the token angry comments about our first signing being a youth player without the slightest comprehension that first-team and youth-team scouting and negotiations would be done by completely different entities……

    nothing set in stone but positive movements….
    Schneiderlin on french radio: ‘“The negotiations are ongoing and should be completed in the coming days, hopefully before the resumption of [Southampton’s pre-season] training next week,”
    bookies slashing us from 5/1 to 2/1 favourites. could they possibly know something not yet being reported??

    If we can wrap up these two deals in the coming weeks for the reported 35mil for the both of them.. There would still be a lot of time and resources left in the window to invest into our attack.

    1. I’d personally be keen to hear an opinion on another player Wenger’s been rumoured to be a big fan of and this window would be as good an opportunity to make a move for as any with Rafa gone and no CL to offer in Lorenzo Insigne.
      Bags of potential, can finish confidently the kind of supporting forward we only really have in Theo and Sanchez. A move to a top club could really see the kid shine IMO. Just curious. I’d still like to see us move for Draxler as I truly believe he’ll be one of the best players in the world some day but interested to hear what people think?

      1. yeh I thought when we played napoli a couple years back, him and hamsik stood out for me, and he’s still only 24 so could be worth a gander now rafa is at madrid. I love technical players but most of them are short and whilst sometimes aggressive, can lack any aerial presence and personally I think we still need to add to this department because out of our midfielders and forwards only really giroud and sanchez pose any threat from set pieces.

        Massively agree on draxler though, I feel like he would suit our style of play to a t and could with serious work become a top class forward.

      2. No not insigne, not only do I not see him leaving Napoli but he is not the player we need and would cost a good chunk of change too. But regarding your first post, if we wrapped up both those deals in the first few weeks of the transfer window we’d instill fear in every opponent! I think we’d be favorites for the title without even adding an attacker at that point

    2. Not being pedantic josh but odds dropped to 1/2 ie: odds on not 2/1 – quite significant difference. Either someone is in the know or group of people taking a punt and forcing the odds down.

    1. aside from the obvious experienced, near on record setting, world-class keeper we’ve nearly wrapped up from the favourites for the title with a prickish manager likely doing everything in his power to stop the move from happening… aside from that yeah?

  3. Relax Gunners, even if Wenger signed a world class ST and s DM today he will not reveal to the world because that would mean not getting Cech. May he will surprise us and the world of football after bagging Cech. You know Mourinho or whatever his name is, has refused to loan us Ba after signing Ozil. what do you think if we signed a 25+ goals ST? He will do all tricks to refuse to sell Cech to us. Wenger is determined to win the EPL more than us and I can see his determination from his recent transfers and after winning the FA cup twice!

  4. We are very busy 🙂
    My scouts are
    scouring the
    planet 24-7 Lol.
    That was the running
    joke two summers ago
    when after signing 2 free agents
    Sanogo + Flamini it took Wenger till 7pm
    on the last day to sign 42 mill Ozil
    after a near riot by fans

    1. Yeah… A move for Real Madrid’s second best player the season prior, player the German national squad builds around, arguably the best #10 in the world should’ve been wrapped up for a bag of crisps first minute the window opened!!!!
      He was after all a ‘luxury signing’ huh david?? Just like Sanchez??

      1. Still don’t “need” Ozil
        and to be fair he had
        no interest in coming.
        No EPL+early exits from the ECL
        8 months injury and constantly played out of position
        and feeding Giroud and Wellbeck
        He is probably still wondering why me?
        We should have spent 5 mill more and bought Suarez but…

        1. Did ozil tell you that he didn’t wanna come? Cause that is a load of sh*t look how happy he is being a gunner cause he’s appreciated by his manager. He is playing his best football and wants to win big trophies with arsenal cause he can go down as a legend.
          Also he’s played in the #10 role all season he just got wengered last year by playing on the left wing cause wenger has stated numerous times that it’s a learning tool and that helped him adjust to the prem.

          1. Rationality with him doesn’t work. You have to go into his fantasy world where he’s a higher being and has powers to see things that us simpletons cannot!

  5. I wont be surprised if Arsene Wenger moves for Samir Nasri given his situation currently at City. The boss would surely get him to his highest level that we saw in his last season. Just saying..

    1. Silva will probably be taking Poldis position. Gnabry and Ox could be fighting over Theos old position. Ox Id imagine will get it but Gnabry could worry him.

      Not happy about Benitez taking over Madrid. He has similar football connections to our own Bosses connections and in the past has been shown to be interested in all the same players we were said to be keen on. Not to mention actually targeting Arsenal players.. which I am now mentioning.

  6. I sincerely hope Wenger has already wrapped up schneiderlin and just waiting to complete cech deal before announcing…for heaven’s sake am not gonna sign schneiderlin jus cos of his ball playing ability, am gonna sign him cos of his physical presence!!! We need dat in our middle! Kondogbia is gone,no regrets tho..krychwiak? He was injured last season for months..check it out…schneiderlin has been in d league,very consistent and a big game performer so I hope we are not beating arnd d bush here and forget the speculation last summer abt goin to spurs..did u hear him say that?!! Or jus smfin u read from d papers..he probably tot totenham will get sme major signings and if dey got him he cud push dem into top 4!!!and besides its a year since den..d guy realises he’s getting older and he’s never played in d champions league..Its no rocket science..just sign him out of hs misery and Arsenal will be beta for it..this guy pushed southampton most of last season!! Let’s get ds dude please..COYG

  7. Look, whatever you guys believe and theres a lot of back biting and name calling on her especially from certain people who belive that derision of others opionions is the way forway, IT was may be schneiderlin is coming to us an equally possible that he wont be. I agree that we should to a degree trust that the club is doing a certain amount of work behind the scenes to bring in new players, but its also been proved in the past that this work was NOT always done to bring in the players that we as the fans wanted, Im unsure that we’ll get schneiderlin as it rarely works that way with Arsenal due to the way they do business, but we’ll see soon anough. Ozil was an unexpected buy but in retrospect NOT a bad one Im not entirely convinced that we got our moneys worth with him but again lets see what happens next season. The real brain teaser for me was Danny Welbeck. Wenger was not even in the country and to my mind despite his fantastic work rate I still feel Man Poo had a right result with the 16 million they got for him. Ive always maintained that this summer we only really needed two new players and they were a new DM to give support to Le Coq and also a new striker to sharpen up the attack and give OG and Theo some competition regarding the front line. Cech is a great addition (as and when it happens) but I always felt that Ospina was agreat little keeper and deserved better treatment than he’s got from us.

  8. First and foremost, the Boss should be careful not to bring in another injury prone player into the Gunners team. For, we still have 3 of them on our list who can’t guarantee playing in half of Arsenal’s season games. One of them is even contemplating if to sign another 1 year extention to his deal or not, as he may be seeking for a wage rise. A joke! Danger! 4 of Arsenal’s CBs are – 30,30, 29 & 29 year olds. They are aging fast. They will all lose pace in a year’s time or two. The Boss has a job in his hands to replace those 4 defenders one after the other as from the 2016/17 season. Have Arsenal established a good working relationship with Real Madrid as we have bought Ozil from them? I think we have. And that established good relationship should not be allowed to fall into jeopardy. We could need another player from them in future. Ajayi is sold, but where is Isaac Hayden? Gibbs, Bellerin, Chambers and De Abreu are the only 4 youth defenders we can at the moment boast of in the Gunners first team.

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