Be positive, football is set to return sooner than we may think

The signs are all there that we may see a return to football this summer far sooner than we may have expected.

The BBC is regarded as a very credible news organisation, certainly more credible than loudmouths claiming they are some sort of Nostradamus who know that football will not return this summer. Well, the Beed is reporting that Spain, Italy and yes the Premier League are all making plans to return to action.

Look at these three headlines from the Beeb just in the last couple of days

‘Project Restart’: Premier League ramps up plans for resuming season

Serie A teams set to return to individual training on 4 May

Bundesliga ‘ready to return on 9 May’, says German Football League

Now, each of us has a choice, you can either listen to the trolls on Twitter, Facebook, this site or any place else or you can ignore their inane mutterings and listen and read from credible outlets about what the current status actually is.

For me, it is a no brainer, the Premier League, Bundesliga and even Serie A are all gearing up for a return to football. It may still be a little while but it looks an almost certainty, if you listen to the right people, that every effort is being made for football to return within the next couple of months.

Life is hard enough right now and it is so easy to be a whining know it all desperate to be recognised as some sort of sage, however, it is not that hard to be positive and I find it the much easier path to take, especially when that optimism is backed by actual facts as opposed to one’s unqualified opinion.

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  1. Oh Lord please!!!!… I will be over excited to see the return of football!!!

    They should do what’s the best outcome to returning football again. Even if it is without spectators and fans at the stadium.

    Players should be tested regularly before going out on the pitch. This measures should help prevent any further spread

  2. While I miss my football as much as anyone, I really do feel you are jumping the gun, and while the BBC has a better reputation than some other Broadcasters, they do not have any influence whatsoever on the people who at the end of the day will decide when it is considered safe to restart our great game.The decision will be made by the Government not any Football Authority.

      1. As Jon and Grandad have said many times, how on earth can we have a “contact sport” without any “contact”!!!

        We must also take into acount, each individual players personal thoughts regarding the perceived danger to his family.

        If he is asked to play, despite the recommendations of the government guidelines, what does he do?

        We have enough idiots flaunting the rules already, football should be setting an example, having had such bad press of late.

        1. Kens second and third paragraphs make an absolutely KEY point which no Admin on this site has yet addressed but is probably the MAIN football based reason(as against vitally important goverment rules) why I see no possibility of any football for many months as yet.
          Further, I really find it objectionable for this excitable site to foster false hope based ONLY on what various football folk such as UEFA, clubs, and fans may think, NONE of which carries any weight whatever UNTIL goverment allow football and that CLEARLY CANNOT POSSIBLY BE FOR MANY MONTHS YET.

          1. erm, UEFA told the clubs to get prepared for a return to football, now, please go tell them they dont know what they are talking about or is it that you ignore them just so you can falsely claim we are wrong. About the Germans, go tell them there will be no football for months. Nope, thats not fun is it.

          2. You keep forgetting why social distancing is in place. It’s not an absolute and certainly not necessary for athletes. Government have said they are looking at June Jon, it’s a direct quote now.

      2. It will be government who will decide when football returns,not the football authorities.

  3. Typical Martin nonsense and he clearly refers to myself when mentioning and copying(typical of him) my own previous reference to Nostradamus. This article once again, ignores completely the reality that no football can restart until government gives permission and that is not on the agenda anytime soon. Plenty of talks yes, but NOT by the ultimate decision makers, once again ignored by you.

    No mention of our Prime Ministers public statement today of the importance of maintaining lockdown until a regular and substantial fall in Covid infection and death rates are common place.
    Yes Martin, we ALL know that all football fans and all in the game are desperately keen to restart when possible But many players themselves have said they will not put their own families health at risk by beginning until it is safe, even allowing for the FACT that the government and NOT football folk will make the decision when the times comes.
    But then as we have all long been aware, you always put fantasy and the need to write an article, however unreal, above practicality, which is one prime reason why sensible folk are leaving this site.
    Apart from which, this whole article is yet another in the constant rehashes that now fill this site. If you ban me, I WON’T BE WEEPING OLD SON, YOU CAN BE VERY SURE OF THAT!

  4. ive been fine without it. The games will have no crowds, and without a doubt players are going to start being infected again. It’s impossible to practice social distancing when you’re sweating all over each other.

    1. My understanding is that before anybody takes to the field, including officials, cameramen the lot, will all be tested. Therefore it is impossible to pass on anything if you do not have it. The only real issue is medical staff being made available. When that is seen as socially acceptable then the game will return.

      1. And when some test positive, as we all know some will, what happens then pray? GET REAL Martin and stop this nonsense please!

        1. DCMS Secretary Oliver Dowdon ,as said that football behind closed doors in JuNe is the target and as the backing of the government ..
          Right or wrong it looks like football will return within the next 2 months ..

          1. Careful Dan Kit, “they” that know better than the DCMS secretary and heads of football in Germany, Italy, UK etc and will not be slow to tell you that. In fact, they will be telling you that even after the game has returned and Liverpool crowned champions.

          2. Dan kit, No it does NOT actually Except to a pitiable few, who won’t accept the clear impossibility! You think that merely because football folk all wish to it return asap that makes it happen. HOW NAIVE! Government will decide when and they will never agree while hundreds are still dying ech day and over 4000 infected today alone. Why are you so wilfully blind to the truth?

        2. Must remember to copy and paste this answer. They will test everyone before they enter the playing Arena, no one will be allowed in without being tested and get ready for this, you cannot pass anything on if you do not actually have it. But don’t listen to me, go read what the German head honcho says, it is an eye-opener.

          1. Just imagine the amount of medical professionals needed to perform these tests, that to me is one of many obstacles and what about rugby and all the other sporting codes.

        3. They are likely present no symptoms and life goes on Jon. Your understanding of this virus and the measure put in place is so simplistic and greatly explains your total irrationality on subject.

          1. Angus No evidence given on your argument at all , just a bland “you are wrong” When I post, I GIVE EVIDENCE FOR MY VIEWS AS I AM A SERIOUS THINKER. Read my comments to MARTIN and then see how I outline WHY, I have my opinion. When you can do the same, only THEN can I take your posts seriously. Bald statements but with no reasoning attached, impress nobody!

          2. Well our own Arteta has had it and is fine Ceballos has publically stated many of our squad presented symptoms but were not tested so it is safe to assume that the vast majority of our squad already had it but yeah no evidence. West Ham have had it too. Hudson-Odoi etc. then there is all the data on death rates and risk factors but yeah no evidence.

      2. Admins post below mine ignores my point,writtenin several of my posts, about it being the government who wilL decide, NOT the Germans, nor UEFA. HE JUST DOESN’T GET IT, SADLY!

        1. See Jon, you can do a comment without being overly rude. I suggest you read this article here from the Guardian, or you can choose the BBC etc as it has been widely reported with quotes The Government wants a quickening of the pace, they are meeting with the Premier League on Friday about it and so on, absolutely tons of confirmation. You point was ignored Jon, it was simply wrong.

      3. Admin MARTIN, Since you and I are at loggerheads and you are so sure football will soon be resumed, why not hold a fan poll to see how many agree with you and how many with me and the majority on THIS thread? I challenge you! Just two agree with you and all the rest with me.
        Just accept you are barking up the wrong tree, as all your arguments seem to imagine, oddly, that the football people will make the final decision. (We all know they are desperate to resume but that is irrelevant.) They won’t! It will be government , as we wise ones know.

        1. I literally posted a link to the Guardian for you where it makes it clear what the Government is doing, that is what I listen to. If you have an issue with my opinion take it up with the secretary of state, not me.

          1. Admin MARTIN, I listened live to Boris Johnson’s speech this morning and he said no such thing and other ministers constantly say similarly. If you believe the Guardian(also known as the Groniad, for its many mistakes, in case you are not aware) then more fool you! Now how about that fan poll then?

            1. ok, read the Secretary of States for culture and sports actual comments on the BBC, The Times, I don’t care, they have been reported everywhere. You may now notice that at no point did I say Prime Minister, go back and check, I said Secretary of state. As for a poll, we have been through this before every time you want to settle a disagreement, we do not do polls any more on here, they are not allowed. Not my decision.

          2. Ad Martin , I haveread your link and it is way over blown and says nothing of import, except that they would love to find a way. Butwith so many caveats, all of which carry much weight and which you choose to ignore.
            Don’t think for a moment I too don’t desperately want football back, of course I DO.
            BUT I am just being a realist, as usual ,and it is frustrating that you are trying to egg less worldly wise Gooners on by false reasoning and attributing an importance it does NOT have to mere preliminary discussions about hopes for a resumption. These discussions go on at government level much of thetime with many self interest groups in all areas of life.
            You are just choosing to ignore the many huge obstacles that will certainly prevent any more games this summer. You imagine testing can be almost instant and with results almost instant for perhaps 200 people, in all, at each match. That can never happen and just won’t be allowed. Why do you choose to ignore all the well documented obstacles then?
            Finally, your comment about me taking it up with the sectetary of state is unworthy of any serious intellect.

            1. Not me saying it Jon but the secretary of state for the actual Government department that makes the decisions. The quotes are there for you to read Jon, if you want to ignore what the secretary says that is your option.

        2. DCMS Secretary Oliver Dowden: “I personally have been in talks with the Premier League, with a view to getting football up and running as soon as possible”

          Direct quote from a government minister.

  5. So one person tests positive before entering the arena, then everyone one who has been in close proximity to that person will need to be quarantined, result, game off. . I’m also wondering how clubs will get results in minutes when everyone else has to wait for a minimum 24-48 hours for results from a lab?

    1. Please tell me how they get into the Arena if they have tested positive? Literally, no one gets in that has not tested negative, therefore, no one can get it and pass it on. So, no, games will not be called off. The only way it can be passed if the clubs and officials involved do poor security and somehow allow trespassers that have not been tested or they use faulty testing equipment.

      1. So how long before the game are players etc tested? You said above that before anyone takes to the field they will be tested, which implied, not long before, so how would that work? You could possible test negative the week before a game but be positive in the meantime. The whole idea is quite ridiculous without something like a 14 day quarantine period for everyone involved before a game. Do you seriously think that will happen?

        1. The Germans do and they are set to resume football on May 9th specifically with these sort of precautions. England has a big advantage actually as it has the St George complex with hotels and all sorts and a ton of pitches. Also, tests can be done very very quickly and you can be certain that the clubs will be on top of their players. Put it this way, the infrastructure is there, the UK has run an Olympics with serious terrorist threats and pulled it off. I am confident the same applies here.

    2. Don’t be too pessimistic. Jon fox is a clown and will be proven wrong as per usual.
      The season will be completed for their is just too much gambling on the table. As much as I would love for it to be void just so liverpool hands would stay away from the cup.

      1. FANCY A BET ON IT THEN? I WILL GLADLY STAKE £1000, YOU HAVE ONLY TO ACCEPT! Then we shall see who is thr clown and it will not be me!

    3. Labs can run batches of around 1800 samples depending on the machines, in about 6 hours.

      Test everyone the day before.

  6. Hmm, doubtful, I think.
    The practicalities seem extremely challenging to be honest.
    But what about the moral issues?
    Does football really want to finish a mere football season “at all cost”, while parts of the world are in lock-down and people are still dying in thousands? Is it that important?
    The main reason, why this season hasn’t been voided or finished with some kind of formula for the final rankings is in fact a purely monetary issue. Not a very good reason, is it?

    1. Tens of thousands of jobs rely on football, possibly hundereds of thousands indirectly, it is hardly “mere”

      1. Still, it doesn’t change that the practicalities aren’t really thought through, I think.
        And the moral issues remain.
        I find it doubtful the PL will be finished under these circumstances.

        1. I think you may be surprised, where there is a will there is a way and £750 million creates that will.

          1. Exactly. The money will keep motivating all kinds of doubtful solutions 🙂
            I am not saying, the season won’t be finished one way or another, though.

          2. It’s not just money. Football returning has a positive effect on all those interested in football still in isolation which is why the government is keen. It’s really not that difficult to do and most of the delays now are so they can have every base covered for PR reasons not scientific ones.

          3. Ad MARTIN YOUR POST TIMED 11.04 IS AGAIN WRONG. The PM and Cabinet decide, not a single minister. I have spent large chunks of my life involved with politics and I know far better than you how it works and your comment is so naive as to be laughable and shows how little you understand about who and why decsions are made. No one doubts that the government are keen to undo the lockdown but they will NOT RISK this virus peak rising again by allowing a team contact sport until this virus is spent . And that is my final word, But wiser folks than you on here will accept that truth! BTW, I take yourpoint about fan polls.

  7. I dont know about the situation in the uk but if football is to be resumed then rather than testing players before and after every game(PCR),the use of masks and gloves along with a sterilization process can be quite effective in preventing the spread.

    There is a big shortage in testings but masks and gloves can be manufactured by the sponsors even and their are cost effective sterilization chambers used in many areas now

    So as the players will come to contact when they play or train,there are ways to control the spread

  8. No football in France before September it was formally announced today.It will be interesting to see if other European countries,such as England and Scotland follow suit.

    1. They won’t. It will be devastating to French football. Particularly when the lawsuits start flying.

  9. Im reading this and i cant believe what i am reading from some. The first thing to mention, these tests are not an exact result, i know someone suspected with the virus tested 4 times before he got a positive test. The people writing and saying these things are fools and not the ones who really know. Football is not that important that we would risk a contact sport decided each game by a test not 100% exact in iys result RUSSIAN ROULETTE has never been mistaken for football. The last thing on this governments mind is Football. It would be totally disrespectful to all the people who are risking their lives every day to even talk about a rediculous scenario where you play a sport like football without being sure that every player, referee, bus driver, kit man, physio and every tom and harry involved isnt infected 100% and we cant. I dont believe all the bull written by so called tabloids or media outlets either, it is all done for click bait or to sell stories. Football is not that important to risk the lives of so many for such a non necessity. Like Holidays, we wont be seeing any until a vaccine or cure is found and we are miles from that, you cant distance yourself in football, so its foolish saying it can be played.Irresponsible too talk today about football resuming.

    1. Superbly and intelligently put Reggie. Thank God there are FOLK LIKE YOU ON HERE WHO WILL NEVER FOOL THEMSELVES FOR THEIR OWN FAN BIAS AND JUST THINK SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN, merely because they WANT it to!

  10. Jon, like so many around us, im hearing the true reality of testing, dieing and the way this virus is ravaging through care homes. We only get snippets of what is going on, its a war zone out there at some places and i know first hand and so do the people at the top, these tests are a guide and not 100% correct. People are fooled into thinking that when they get a test it is 100 % correct, it isnt, so whatever the chances are, 80% or 99%, why do people think its right to try and get or talk about a sport like football starting again. We will start trying to come out of this soon and things will be lifted slowly and hopefully safely but that doesn’t include football. What people have to realise also is we wont go back to “normal” until we get a vaccine or cure, which we are a long way off. We have hundreds of people still dying each day and people are talking about football starting soon. I am sorry, i dont get it and im sure the people that make the decision think the same. There is too much to lose. In this scenario today, football is insignificant.

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