Be rational please, Arsenal are still well on course for a Top Four slot

I can never understand the pessimism of Arsenal fans, they are eternal and believe we will lose every game, and even when we win it is not good enough. We lost yesterday at Manchester City and suddenly we are rubbish and the manager knows absolutely nothing about playing football. Come on. Get a grip.

Did you know that Pep Guardiola’s Man City side had gone TWO YEARS with just one defeat at the Etihad, before that freak result against Crystal Palace a few weeks ago? Why would anyone believe that an injury-ravaged Arsenal side could overcome those odds? Especially in a period of massive upheaval and with no fit defenders to speak of. Can we have some rationality in our thinking please?

Okay so we have dropped down to sixth since this weeks results, but we are playing bottom of the table Huddersfield next week. Could we be a little positive for that game?

Next week we will see Chelsea face City in Manchester, then during the rest of the month we have Man United play Liverpool and Chelsea at home to Tottenham. Meanwhile, after the game at Huddersfield we have two home games on the trot against Southampton and Bournemouth. If those games don’t ensure we are back in the Top Four race I will finally give up on being an optimist okay?

But I’m not going to be upset about a loss at Man City, and I revel in the fact that we have already played City, Liverpool and Chelsea twice already and won’t have to face them again until next season.

Surely we have some reasons to be positive?

Sam P


  1. jamesbrowney says:

    ….I think the unbeaten run got into the most of the fans and suddenly they thought we could challenge for the title or suddenly overcome teams who have been the more consistent sides over the years…
    … Truth is; our squad is filled with players that are not just up to it and it is a very unbalanced one at the moment… Emery has had too much to do and for me he has done well….
    ….In terms of players, we are no where compared to the rest of the top six…. Only our strikers and maybe Torreira will walk into their first eleven…We all just have to be patient….I am confident we will make top four either through a champion league place or through winning the Europa league…
    …. Emery is desperate to succeed and even though some of the players are not yet one with his plans yet, the little efforts showed by a few is hope enough for me for a better season at the end of next year…..He knows where what we lack and I am confident he will get those wingers instead of having to rely on just Iwobi or fullbacks….COYG!

    1. Achala says:

      Why does everyone keep saying Emery ‘will get wingers’ in the summer, when he himself indicated he considers Suarez primarily a candidate for the wing.

      Emery: ‘Suarez is coming here because we have a lot of problems on the wing. We haven’t got players to play right or left – that is the reason… [Suarez] can play right, play left, inside like a 10 player, and I am going to use him in all the positions in the attacking third. He played with us at Sevilla as a left winger, at Villarreal as more of a right winger and at Barcelona, he plays inside and outside. The possibility and capacity is all different.’

    2. Andy Hallewell says:

      Great to see a balanced and reasonable response – we need more like this and not the hysteria…

    3. Malcolm Townsend says:

      Emery will clear out the deadwood in the summer and bring in his own players then watch us go coyg

      1. Jeremy says:

        We were rumored to have only 45 mil. Only question is where is the money?

        The club is acting like we building another stadium for another team with such budget.

        Sure we will need to continue with deadwood for at least another few seasons.

  2. Lupe says:

    Emery has made mistakes and he should be criticised for them but those calling for his head are all over reacting.
    Some major issues emery has to contend with this season:

    1. Massive amounts of injuries to important players, imagine if liverpool loses van dijk alone for the rest of the season, it will probably derail their season and we have 3 of our starting defenders out including other injuries.

    2. Unbalanced squad; i genuinely think the reason why emery sometimes looks confused and has been chopping and changing all season is because he has not found the right combination of players and formation to create a balanced team both offensively and defensively. The proof is his insistence of the need for wingers which we seriously lack. How does he play auba and lacazette and still play ramsey and ozil in a team that is already terrible defensively, what formation can accomodate them all while still keeping a good defensive shape? I know fans will say he should have figured it out now but when you consider that most of our players are either average, inconsistent or injured, it becomes even harder.

    3. Lack of funds; even with our massive injuries, lack of wingers and proper defenders, all we could do in january was loan suarez. Which top class manager will come to us under these circumstances? NONE.

    4. Average squad; if we are honest. this squad is not a top four squad, too many overpaid average players and we are where we are supposed to be on the table. The fact that top four is still possible means we should be patient and wait till the end of the season. Let’s see what we achieve in the europa league too.

    1. joseph says:

      The arsenal squad is ok, its the manager who has no plan of getting the best out of his players, forexample:
      1) Ozil is a world cup winner, champions league, uefa nations etc under different coaches, it means those coaches were not stupid, they just found a good balance to accomade the play maker.
      2) arsenal has never played long balls, we play passing balls and counter attacks, his style of play, i do not understand it. Emery came with some sort of stuff of starting the ball from the keeper to the left or right defenders, what happened to that scrap.
      3) Football is not about being physically strong alone, Luka modric is more weaker compared to Ozil, but there coaches under whom luka has played under, get the best of him by playing 2 defensive midfielders behind him.
      Lastly, the arsenal fans who manage to watch the games from the stadium should rise banners now, ” Emery Out” before its to late.

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Ok saying out
        But I repeat the same question to you as I have putout it to many others who has called for his head
        As for 1. Ozil
        He has had plenty of opportunities to shine but he fails to turn up a d put a shift in
        As for comparing modric with ozil…chalk and cheese
        modric will step up and he wants it. Ozil goes hiding.
        2. Pressing game and long ball. It takes time to change style and especially with some of the player we have who may I say are not good enough but he has to make do with what he has until he has the funds to move these player on.
        He can’t spend on what he doesn’t have. That’s being realistic

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Lupe, thank you for your well reasoned post.
          A.ball08, like you I have continually asked the Emery knockers the question of who they believe would come to Arsenal should he leave?
          I am met with total silence.

      2. RSH says:

        Modric can play alongside a holding mid, Madrid doesn’t compensate by playing 2 holding mids. Ozil is just not good. Enough of the excuses for him. Wildly inconsistent player and nobody in Europe wants to touch him. The squad isn’t the problem? How many of our defenders would City take? None. Chelsea? None. Liverpool? None. United, probably just Bellerin. No wingers, inconsistent attacking mids. Only solid position we have Striker, and acceptable holding mid options. This squad is a mess. That doesn’t mean Emery doesnt have to take any responsibility, but open your eyes and see that this is not a problem that gets solved in one season

        1. A.ball08 says:

          Well said sir
          And the boss Emery is accountable for some of our failings and tactics but to call for his head three quarters of a season in is a joke

          1. ozziegunner says:


  3. Declan says:

    What’s to be positive about after a mess like yesterday. Two shots on target in the whole game, both from defenders and no shots at all in the second half. The only players to come out of it with any credit were Guendouzi and Torreira. Lichtsteiner, Iwobi and Kolasinac were worse than bad. The manager got the team setup all wrong. It’s ok citing the games other teams are playing next week but we’ve got Huddersfield away, are you confident about that game? I’m certainly not. Top four! You’re having a laugh? Sixth at best.

    1. Maks says:

      I am afraid I have to agree with you.
      We must be patient and wait for the summer, for all those glorious signings… .. while Auba and Ozil will be a year older… clock is ticking… and Kronke is in different time-zone all together.

      1. Phil says:

        Totally agree with you Declan and Maks.What the article conveniently neglects to highlight is the performance itself.We were just never in the game and never even looked like being able to compete.The sheer gulf in class between the two sides was there for the world to see and Sam P seems to feel THAT performance was acceptable simple because we played Citeh.It wasn’t and never will be.Forget the injuries to our defenders.Would it really have made a difference if we had a full strength back line playing?Not in my mind it wouldn’t.
        If we start to accept that defeat as acceptable then we really are only to be considered a second tier Premier League side.
        And as for the team selection itself.If we set up to defend with defenders that are unable to defend then there is very little for Emery to defend.When will this Manager finally get the message that teams as strong as Citeh can take ANY team apart at ANY time.If Emery feels vindicated by his selections then he is clearly wrong.
        And for everyone who appear to want Ozil to be sold just ask yourselves if he would at least have attempted to make things happen.Which is far more than his teammates did yesterday afternoon.If Ozil is unable to get into this side then there is clearly something wrong.
        If Emery wants Ozil out then be prepared for a summer transfer bid for half a dozen Flamini type players.

        1. Maks says:

          Well said Phil,
          like a song:
          Some is good – some is bad
          And the joke is rather sad
          That it’s all just a little bit of history repeating

    2. gotanidea says:

      I’m confident because of the fixtures of the top 6 clubs

      To fix the away forms, Arsenal need to be more appreciative and ruthless to the players. Arsenal could give some bonus if the players win, but replace some underperforming senior players with the youngsters if they lose

      1. tas says:

        gotanidea i agree the remaining fixtures is in our favor but without natural wingers we have no chance of using our strikers to full potential, i was just starting to appreciate Bellerin but he joins Welbeck in the injury room the only two closest wingers we have

  4. S says:

    It’s the best time to be apathetic about Arsenal, you just know they will roll over to any team superior to them, and even the games they’re expected to win don’t excite the fans… Meaningless victories and inevitable defeats… That’s apathy for you

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately S, I have followed the Arsenal for 57 years, since age 10, through good times and not so good times. To be a supporter you can’t be apathetic; however I do get very apathetic, about some of the inane and negative posts on this site.

  5. Maks says:

    I can just hope we take the 4th place this year. Just hope. In EL we have no chance.
    With Iwobi (who should have been loaned at the beggining of this season), and Ramsey (why he was not sold at least for 5 mil to Juve?), Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Elneny, Chech and Kos, as regular staters we can not hope for any improvement. Why? They are limited players, not good enough for our goals – to be competitive against top teams in the world.

    I was very optimistic about new manager/coach Emery and I still am, but that does not mean I think he is flowless…
    … I dnt like what I see recently. First of all, globaly our defence is not better then Wenger’s defence, but we are lacking creativity and it seems Emery’s stile. I dnt like that at all.
    3 weeks ago I spoted resemblance in Emery’s still to things he did at PSG, but instead having Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe, here he plays the same with Ramsey, Iwobi and Auba!
    Whatever the reason of “No Ozil” is, I see a great simularity with Di Maria problems under Emery as well. After Emery, Di Maria is like a newborn star in first 11.
    My only fear with Emery, is that his Sevilla time marked him strong, and that he like that style which is not Arsenal’s way at all.
    This is why I am so sad that Sven (ex Dortmund) is leaving the club, and spanish influence is growing strong, but I still see Borissia Dortmund more simular club to Arsenal then Sevilla.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Di Maria gets more chances in this season because PSG tend to use 4-2-3-1 which can accommodate Cavani, Neymar, Mbappe and him, whereas Emery liked to use 4-3-3 at PSG

      Let’s see what type of creative player Arsenal would get before the next season starts

  6. jon fox says:

    Sam P , Here you go again with “Arsenal fans” being pessimistic! What a silly and immature generalisation of several million people worldwide with ONE thing in common only, that all are Gooners. There will be always, thankfully, be many, many differing shades of opinion so please, Sam, put your brain into gear and never again refer to “Arenal fans” is if all millions of us have ONE opinion. We CLEARLY DO NOT. The world would be hell on earth if we all thought alike. That would be one short hellish step from ALL looking alike, speaking alike; in other words a whole hellish race of “robotic, enslaved sub humans” . Grown ups realise the world, mercifully, is not and will never be like that. Why not become a grown up too, Sam?

    To those , and there will surely be some – thus proving my above point – who think I am being unnecessarily pedantic, I say this: The world needs truth. It will always need truth. Truth is found in accurate language, not , and NEVER in false generalisations. THAT IS HOW IGNORANCE PREDUDICE , RACISM AND MISTRUST STARTS AND GROWS ITS EVIL TENTACLES OF HATE.I strongly counsel all who have digested my post to abide by it when writing on here. Or anywhere else too. Generalisations are lies!

  7. Roshan says:

    Out of the top 6 clubs, we have by far the worse squad.
    Only Laca, Auba, Torreira would be considered top 4 quality.
    We need to get back into champions league for that money and to earn back some respect.
    Losing Sven i feel is going to be the biggest loss. Who are players you would keep going forward? Torreira, Leno, Guendozi, Auba, Lacazette – 4 who were brought in by Sven in 1 year. And im not even including Mav who looks to have big potential.

    Very doom & gloom

  8. Chairman Gallant says:

    Please somebody should tell Emery to stop using Lichsteiner in Arsenal squad. That guy has passed the stage of playing in the premier league-Bad positioning, sluggish, can’t defend or cross the ball etc, etc. Anybody could have done better in that position. And losing to City is a very bad thing, no matter the types of players they have. Last season, they beat us home and and away, and again this season. Since when have we become their weeping boys? Also, it is time Emery get his formation right. Three at the back today ,four tomorrow. The combination of Laca and Auba does not work ,especially in big matches. The coach should stop being sentimental in his selection, other wise lets forget top four this season .It is already looking very unlikely.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Chairman Galant, “we have become their weeping boys” since Manchester City were bought by a country prepared to invest and we were bought by Scrooge Kroenke.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    I thought some Arsenal fans done well yesterday in highlighting Torriera and Guendouzi displays. If I’m being honest I didn’t quite notice them myself, I thought they done well defensively but controlling or dominating any forward play they were lacking, but that could’ve been more to do with what they had to work with around them. We didn’t seem to have enough bodies in midfield, and city pinned us back too far. Online however I am reading from Wrighty, Neville, Emery, and others saying how those two had very good games despite the loss. So well done to you guys, it is not easy to pick a positive out of a game like that, and when it turns out to be true, not bad at all lads and girls.

  10. Grandad says:

    With respect Sam, you could be accused of failing to differentiate between pessimism and realism.I’m in the latter group and without wishing to influence you I consider the prospects of making the top four to be remote.In fact if Emery continues to play the likes of Lichsteiner, Mustafi and Kolasinac we will be fortunate to stay in the top ten.These guys are consistently useless yet our experienced Manager continues to select them.To be fair to Emery injuries have impacted heavily on his plans but in Lichsteiner who I believe is being paid £90k per week we have yet another example of the incompetence which is rife throughout our Club. Not only do we have to contend with an absentee owner who has no empathy with the Club and its fans, but we appear to have Directors who are prepared to sanction the acquisition of players who are of pub league standard.I am all for giving Emery time but my views will change quickly if he persists with the players mentioned who are the reason why we are basically a mediocre side.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Wolves will get 6th place, We’ll qualify for the Europa League in 7th but will be forced to play a qualifier early next season

  11. GunneRay says:

    If we’re being “realistic”, It’s not about the result, It’s about the performance!

    You can say what you like Sam about fans being pessimistic but the fact is we are NOT blind!!

    How many times have we seen the same errors and mistakes by the same players? They never seem to learn from them. If that fills you with confidence then you are obviously blind! It’s like ground hog’s ground hog day at Arsenal. How can “so called” intelligent people (owners, managers and players) fail to address the issues that we have been seeing for years?

    Tell it to someone else Sam!!

  12. GunneRay says:

    BTW, City didn’t get out of 2nd gear yesterday and we still didn’t have an answer! We were still well beaten!

  13. ken1945 says:

    The second half performance was the worst seen, in my estimation, since the days of Billy Wright as manager.
    Not one shot on goal for 45 minutes and only four in the whole game is a complete disaster.
    What style, direction, tactics did we see from this awful performance?

    I thought Leno, Torreria, Guez and Lacs had good games, but where was the proclaimed improvements that players like Mustafi said they had found under UE?

    Surely it was as plain as pikestaff to see that Lichs and Iwobi were just terrible and all three goals came down that side of our play?
    What did UE do to change this? Nothing whatsoever until he finally took off poor Iwobi who had a complete nightmare from the first 48 seconds of the game.

    Now if we haven’t got the players that UE needs to play the type of football he wants, just stop trying to do it!!
    Use the players he has to, at least, play to their capabilities.
    He must know what every individual can do, after all he has been here for ten months now,and came armed with the famouse detailed portfolio of every single Arsenal player, plus the six new players he has now brought in.

    To leave any player out for “tactical reasons” and then bring on a player who has just signed for us, with no experience of the players around him, is completely ridiculous and unjustified.
    Is this how UE thinks good man management works? I don’t think so.
    How can you make a player captain one game and the very next game ignore him completely and bring on a new signing with your team losing 3-1?
    Ignore the fact that it was any particular player, just think through the scenario that happened and ask yourself, is this rational and clear thinking?

    I don’t even think about this argument as to what a player earns…isn’t every single professional player grossly overpaid?
    Is the reported £90,000 a week Lichs has been given earnt in any way?
    Plus, we have to at least be in the ballpark area for salaries otherwise how do we attract players to the club?

    All clubs/managers/coaches have injury problems with players and UE has been very very unlucky with the amount of long term injuries in defensive positions.
    This has, obviously, to be taken into account when looking at what, if any, progress has been made.

    But that doesn’t excuse the lamentable, clueless, toothless performance we saw in the second half on Sunday from the team that UE (no one else) selected, coached and defended after the game.

    Let’s not compare UE with anyone else, because that’s not the point is it?
    This is about UE and what he’s doing at our club with his decision making and selections.

    1. jon fox says:

      Well Ken , unlike so many others on here on this thread, your facts are correct. I do however, differ with the “worst 2nd half since Billy Wright “. I say we need go back no further than many of the away thrashings we received under the previous manager for a true comparison. I want to be clear; I ALSO HAVE MANY PERTINENT QUESTIONS ON SELECTIONS, SHAPE AND TACTICS EMERY USES. But, I TAKE FULL ACCOUNT OF THE INSUPERABLE INJURY PROBLEMS, which you mention but fail to accurately allow for, imo. I also think it totally unfair to criticise too much UNTIL the manager has had chance to bring in ALL, or at least most, of his own players. The defence left behind and still fit, is so awful that he has had to chop and change. I again reiterate the clear laziness of Ozil and also Mkhi , which entails putting less talented but honestly hard working players in instead. I am fed up telling all those who just will not accept the truth that LAZY PLAYERS ARE POISON IN ANY TEAM SPORT. THAT IS FACT!

      I DO agree that Licht should not play again except in even more dire injury emergency than now. I find him being selected over Jenks PUZZLING, but it is a choice between the frying pan or the fire, as we all know. This is the real trouble; Kroenke is again harming us daily but unlike Wenger I do not see £35 mill totally wasted on such as Mustafi and Xhaka, when and IF Kroenke allows the next small tranche of money, presumably in the summer. Lichts was a clear mistake and yes he gets high wages, BUT the rest of the money Emery had was wisely used, even with Sokratis , given the lack of REAL funds and the fact that he had to first fill WENGERS DECADE LONG HOLE, WITH TORREIRA AND DID SO.

      It seems clear to me Ken that you, who are a fair minded man, are given to OVERMUCH criticism of Emery given the many problems NOT of his making, he continues to face. This does NOT mean we should not question him and I do not and have not said that.

      1. Goona says:

        if i had a penny for every time you have said ” unlike so many others on here on this thread” when responding to some comments,I would have enough to buy a defender and two wingers.
        dont attack me Jon ,I’m only joking

        1. Phil says:

          Jon-Your earlier post stated “ The World Needs Truth.It Always Needs Truth”.
          After THAT performance yesterday the plain truth is that by fielding a team with ZERO creativity in midfield we looked like a Championship side in a Carabao Cup tie.You seem on a mission to criticise the workrate of Ozil and Mykitarian at every opportunity yet a player of that quality JUST COULD have made a difference yesterday.
          You seem to want Emery to continue to field a team of Hod-Carriers whose only ability is to run around a lot and show a bit of commitment.Well we see just how that works now this season don’t we?I notice you haven’t criticised those players out there yesterday who ran around working their little cotton socks off and getting us where exactly?NOWHERE.To break down a team as good as Zciteh you need creative players who can open things up.In the second, half where we had ZERO attempts on goal,we might as well have taken Lacazette and Aubamayang off such was their effectiveness.And please don’t reply that by bring on a “lazy” Ozil would merely have made us easier to beat.He might just have made a difference against a very good team with very good players.At least he would have ATTEMPED to be CREATIVE.

          1. jon fox says:

            Phil dear respected fellow Gooner, we will both have to acceot that on Ozil and his use to the team we are in polar opposite camps. Both of us are , thankfully, free to expressour thoughts as we wish. There is little point going into the whys and wherefores of my own opiniin ONCE AGAIN,as some like you do, will support him no matter what, while others as I do, will always see his laziness, whilst recognising the immense natural talent that he rarely shows these days, ever when picked.

            Above both these views , I trust you will agree with me that Emery does not see fit to pick him and that can only be in Emerys view, that he does not work hard , as the “hod carriers” do. Like you Phil, I do not want a team of hod carriers; I badly want a creative spark in central midfield. BUT we need that EVERY WEEK, not once in a blue moon. The same applies to Mhki, which is why also he rarely plays. To deny that both are lazy seems to me to argue that black is white!

        2. jon fox says:

          I am obviously flattered that you follow all my comments so closely (“unlike so many others” do.) Thank you ! And I would not wish to attack you; wherever did you get that idea!

          1. Phol says:

            Jon-it goes without saying my respect for 99.9999% ofvyour views.Butvthis one issue with Ozil is one I just cannot allow without giving my view.
            But that’s what this great site allows-different views and opinions.
            And I try to read EVERY word of EVERY post.But I do find myself scrolling past a few who annoy me.Just as I hopefully annoy some as well.If we all thought the same I doubtvthis site would exist
            Take care mate and keep on writing your posts

      2. ken1945 says:

        Jon, I have tried not to do what you have done and that is compare one manager / season to another (even the B.W. reference was to highlight the terrible performance, not an individual).

        I am solely interested in what it is that UE is trying to achieve with the players under his leadership.
        The bizzare selection of Leichstener and Iwobi down the right hand side for example.
        The use of any one player (please just forget WHO it is for a minute) who is captain one game and completely ignored for the following game.
        That, I might add, after selecting a new signing who had no preparation time, when there were other options available.

        No shots on goal in 45 minutes Jon, that’s not acceptable for a Sunday side, let alone AFC.
        That’s with two top recognised forwards waiting to be given goal scoring opportunities. Yet none appeared for them and UE did nothing about it.
        It wasn’t the horrific defensive injuries that prevented us from forcing their keeper to make a save was it?

        We all know the criteria that UE works to under kronkie, but that’s not an excuse for the decisions he’s making with the players he has got.
        As I clearly said, let’s not compare UE with anyone else, because these are his players now, six new ones and others who have publicly said how much they have improved under his work.
        If we accept that (as was the mass response to our twenty plus unbeaten run), then surely we can ask this…..Where is the improvement and why are we trying to bubblewrap the inconsistencies and bad performances that are completely unnaceptable?

        Your opinion of me not recognising the injury crisis is false as I did say that in my first post, but that does not excuse four shots on target and none in the second half.

        Let’s not hide behind the problem by comparisions with other managers/seasons, because that clouds the issues and problems.
        He is not using the players under his managment in a sensible and coherent way in my opinion and that seems to be the general view after Sundays game.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Ken1945, you stated in your earlier post that Emery had defended his players after the defeat by Manchester City. What did you want him to do; follow the example of Sarri and denigrate them to the media?

          1. jon fox says:

            Well said Ozzie. Managers who PUBLICLY slaughter their players never last long after doing so.

            1. ken1945 says:

              ozziegunner and JF, so when UE defends his players after a game like that, you both find it acceptable.
              Yet, how many times has our previous manager been castigated on here for not seeing things and blindly defending his players?

              Jon, you have written an encyclopedia of short stories condemning the way AW supposedly lied to the fans etc etc and yet you now saying that this is the right thing to do in order to protect the players!!!!!!TOTAL HYPOCRISY FROM YOU YET AGAIN JON TOTAL HYPOCRISY AND COMPLETE HUMBUG REALITY.
              ozziegooner, what I expect from UE in the next game is to prove by his team selections that he realised the mistakes he made and changes everything that was wrong at City.

              These are the double standards that are being used to cover up UE’s mistakes, What is the difference?

              ozziegunner, you have asked who would take over if UE left
              I’m not asking him to leave, just to see that the players he has, doesn’t fit the system he is using.
              To have no creative player supplying two of the best forwards in the PL at the moment is a neglection of duty.
              The horrific defensive injuries are one thing and that is why I haven’t criticised him regarding defensive issues.
              But that’s no excuse for having just four shots at goal in 90 minutes and none in the second half is it?

              1. jon fox says:

                Ken I will not reply in substance to the torrent of insults you unfairly threw at me , above. Right now I feel as If I want never to speak with you again. I am VERY ANGRY.

        2. jon fox says:

          Ken What I got from your post were, essentially, two things. You are keen for me not to compare UE to any other managers, so I will comply this time. The other was that you think Emery is making strange and wrong selections. Well on thr second point, I am inpartyial agreement but I still do not over criticose as you and several others are now doing. It is a questionof degree, IMO. I see written loud and clear the utter paucity of ANY outfield defenders at all , among those currently fit, of ANY talent whatever. You mentioned the Billy Wright era recently and i do think that our current defence in terms of individual and collectiv elack of talent IS the worst since than. As I am hamstrung by my not mentioning other (more recent) managers, I am unable to further extend on THIS point , as I would normally do. You see now, perhaps why the recent past is extremely relevant to the present. But I will leave that rather ambiguous statement there, in order to keep my promise to you.
          On another of your points, you tell me that you DID recognise theinjury crisis. I also said that you DID recognise it BUT that you failed to fully realise the overwhelming problem that has caued and that remains my view.
          On Talk Sport just this morning the discussion was all about Kroenke and the meagre announced spending of £45mill this coming summer. The football people in the studio wer inagreement that such a pittance was next to useless. SomeGooner phoned in to much agree, One was very angry about what he saw as Ozils just “making a living” from the club and not giving his all and that sums up my opinion too on him.
          I see CLEARLY that UE is in an almost impossible position. He is starved of decent or even half competant defenders who are fit; he is starved of proper funds to bring in better; his plans are torn apart by ALL THOSE AND LONG TERM INJURIES, TO WHICH MANY GOONERS, YOU INCLUDED , REFER BUT DO NOT PROPERLY TAKE ON BOARD.

          I also see that Emery HAS made vast and long overdue improvements to thr attitude on field and general team spirit that is evident from, all bar Ozil and Mkhi , weekly.
          You and I are both honest and long toothed enough to see where the REAL and long term problem lies; KROENKES OWNERSHIP. If we magically had Pep or Klopp as manager tomorrow morning , they would be in precisely the same impossible position as UE. I do accept that soon , UE will have to decide his least awful defence and stick with it, at least until the next injury blow comes. But as you know full well, I have never accepted, nor ever will, that lazy players , no matter HOW talented, have any role in our – or any other- club. If people deny they are lazy , as Phil does, then further discussion is pointless. Black will never be white, however many times you think it will be.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, let’s take your first point regarding the conversation on the radio.
            What’s new dear fellow, what is actually any different at the club?
            Hasn’t it been the case since The building of The Emirates?
            Why are you trying to make this seem like something has suddenly been discovered about Arsenal Football Club under Unai Emery?

            I remember querying with Durand the fact that we only spent on Cech during one transfer window.
            I asked if that might have been due to kronkie when it was the ex manager being criticised…and now we have this situation of $40,000,000 to spend in the summer.
            If we are lucky, that might equate to one decent defender!!!

            Sounds to me like both instances were down to what the owner decided to spend, rather than what either manager wanted.
            The spending power we are discussing surely governs the type of player one can bring to the club?

            Did you think any player on Sunday earnt their respective salaries?
            From a reported £90,000 to £175,000 a week, yet you only criticise Myk and Ozil for being lazy.
            But with neither playing, we managed four shots on goal?
            Hardly an advert for running round the pitch non-stop is it?
            Buzzing around like blue ar*sed flies didn’t help the stats and result did it?
            No creativity from the midfield and yet you blame two midfield players for being lazy.
            That’s the way a club like Stoke play their football, running around with no end product. except relegation when finally found out.

            Earning a living from the club? Isn’t that the idea of going to work?
            You have stated many times that no footballer has the love of the club that a supporter has, so why does this now surprise anyone?
            Let me remind you once again, Gazidis and kronkie offered Ozil the contract and he accepted…do you think he should have said no thanks then Jon?

            Injuries? Look back at my posts Jon and find just one where I have, in any way, minimalized the devastating effect this has had on UE being able to send out a defence that he considers suitable…you won’t find one!!
            I have always considered this as a factor in his results…what a pity that others didn’t consider this as an important factor during other seasons when losing 8-2 or being knocked out by Forest…what do you think Jon, double standards?

            Being lazy, being creative, being overpaid, being victimised, being managed well, being made a scapegoat…all things that Ozil can be likened too. It’s a personal opinion of course, but I will always hope that AFC can find a place for the talent that he has.
            After all, Sunday proved that having the ability to run up and down, round and round, side to side doesn’t win matches, create opportunities or excite the fanbase.

            Finally, of course kronkie has always, along with Gazidis, been the reason for our demise..I totally agree.
            But yet again, how many times have you said that neither of these two guys were responsible for team tactics, training, selection and motivation?
            So it must follow that you believe UE is responsible for those areas?
            Why then, is it wrong to ask questions and criticise UE in the same way that you criticised AW?

            As for saying I don’t want you to mention AW, it’s the double standards and the way you portray the man in such a negative way that riles me.
            I know what he did for the club and no BS, re-writing of history( or the gradual revealing facts/situations that he worked under and UE is now encountering), or continued self indignation by others will change that.
            I smile at your rants and automatically reply with mine, knowing that we will never change the others mind.

    2. Sue says:

      Excellent as always Ken ?

  14. Grandad says:

    Very well said Ken.

  15. inkfight! says:

    Top 4 is in our hands to an extent – and it would be quite an achievement!

    There are no easy games in the EPL, but when it comes to games against the Top 6, we only have Manchester United (home) and Spurs (away) left to play.

    By comparison, our direct rivals for the Top 4 have a tougher time:

    Manchester United – Liverpool (home), Arsenal (away), Chelsea (home).

    Chelsea – Manchester City (away), Tottenham (home), Liverpool (away) & Manchester United (away). The last two being part of their last 5 league games in the run in.

    Interesringly, “Title challengers” Sp*rs still have to play Chelsea (away), Arsenal (home), Liverpool (away) and Manchester City (away). Fingers crossed, we might see this horrible lot dropping out of the Top 4 altogether. Now that would be amazing!

    1. Declan says:

      @inkfight!……As I said in an earlier post, it’s not about who our so called top four/top six rivals play but who we have to play. Next game we play Huddersfield away and are you, hand on heart, confident we can beat them? No, I thought not.

  16. Wolfgang says:

    4th place is still up for grabs. The gunners have to start winning. On a realistic note,
    even if the gunners can get the cl spot,they will be there just to make up the nos
    just like the last 18 years.The US owner’s son suggests he is targeting to win the cl final.
    In case he doesn’t know,most winners of the cl are among the top 3/4/5 richest clubs
    who have spent heavily .
    Referees are getting away with murder every week. They shd be held accountable for errors
    which can affect the outcome of games.If MrKun’s goal had been disallowed,who knows?
    The gunners were outplayed but that was the turning point .
    THe FA shd deal harshly with refs and mo who have made glaring errors .Until this happens
    wronged clus will be made to suffer through relegation and and missing out on cl/Europa qualification

  17. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Hardly got a mention Wolfgang, can you imagine if we’d have scored a a goal with a blatant handball like Aguero’s. Would have been headlines in Monday’s tabloids. Trouble is mate it’s Mike Riley and his Northern referees at the PGMOL, answerable to no one. The worst officials in Europe, don’t know how much more I can take, driving me away from the game.

  18. David Rusa says:

    I am greatly impressed by the views of Sam P and some few other contributors. However I take exception to those who are overwhelmed by emotions and want Emery out. This could not have been our worst performance in a long time. The Liverpool game was much worse. I am further perturbed by some people’s views about our squad. Right now I can’t rank this squad yet because we keep changing positions. Is our squad better or worse than Chelsea and Spurs? We have convincingly beaten the two teams and yet some people think our team is inferior to theirs! What logic is that? To some people our injuries don’t matter and to others whenever there is an injury go out and buy a new player! We should learn to critically examine issues. No manager would wish to have his players injured but it happens and it greatly affects the team. If you ask me whether I believe our team can make the top four, my answer is an emphatic yes basing on factors such as fixtures, our likely injury situation, our overall performance this season, the strength of our squad and the quality of our manager. Therefore I don’t believe that it is all doom and gloom at Arsenal but rather the beginning of a new dawn.

  19. kristoman says:

    Kenny Rolfe you shamed arsenal fans with this your referee conspiracy. didn’t lacazette scored a handball goal against crystal palace this season. yeah you were the ones who saying that lacazette was fouled that is why he handled the ball. Guess what, it was a handball end of. no referee conspiracy there, these things even themselves out eventually. but no pgmol has agenda against arsenal. come on man manup for once geez.

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