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For a website like JustArsenal advertising revenue is essential if we are to continue producing quality articles day in day out 365 days a year, however, it is becoming more and more intrusive with video ads, pop-ups, large ads taking up half the site and so on.

We want to maintain the highest standards for our visitors as well as bring on new exciting content in a professional manner as possible and to some degree, the advertising is getting in the way of that.

Therefore we have decided to take JustArsenal in the direction of ad-free high-quality exclusive content route with more and more user integration.

Our daily article output will stay the same and for non-members will always be free and ad-supported but for our members, we will offer a much smoother, faster and enjoyable experience with an abundance of exclusive content.

Member-only Benefits

100% Ad-free site.
The second you log in the ads vanish, they will not be anywhere and we see ads as being banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, videos, we do not include links as ads and therefore there will be links remaining on the site.

This applies to JustArsenal only and not the forum, the forum will remain ad-supported.
We are currently working on a new design and this will go live between June 1st and June 7th 2019 and that is when JustArsenal will be available 100% ad-free to all members.

Weekly Newsletter
Every week we will send out an exclusive newsletter for members only, the newsletter will include at least one long read and any site related info, what it will not include is any ads.

Weekly Betting preview from a professional punter
We are fortunate to be friends with a professional punter who is an Arsenal fanatic and he has agreed to provide us with his recommended picks for every competitive Arsenal game and competitive England internationals but not friendlies or tour games.

Member only Podcasts
Podcasts will start once the Premier League season kicks off with at least one per week.

Member only forum section
In our new forum, we will have one section that is for members only, that means there is no chance of spam, no overcrowding and a place to bring up any member related suggestions and comments.

Exclusive member competitions
These will be available either via the newsletter or member forum and will generally be based on predictions etc, prizes will include such things as signed memorabilia, new shirts, cash or whatever we decide depending on the actual competition.

More exclusive content in the future
We have big plans for our members, these may include things like exclusive videos, high profile interviews, tickets to Arsenal related events, user interaction with things like squad selection tools, player rating tools and so on

All of this for just $6.00 per month

If you have any questions please email Pat or Martin at justarsenal (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.


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