‘Before we lacked attacking players’ Lacazette talks about Arteta’s tactical switch

Alexandre Lacazette has hailed Mikel Arteta’s tactical switch that has helped Arsenal earn their recent wins.

The Gunners had been on a poor run of form for some time before their win against Chelsea and Brighton.

Their major problem during that poor run of form was creativity as they struggled to get balls to their attacking players.

But Arteta has recently made the switch to a 4-3-3 formation that has helped them to win their last two games.

Lacazette was speaking about their upturn in form recently, and he talked about how Arteta has deliberately played to his strength in the team’s last few games.

That has helped them to get the wins that they have gotten so far.

He said that in the former tactical setup, they lacked attacking players, but that isn’t the case in the new formation.

He told RMC via Mail Online: ‘The coach puts me as a No 9, but more with a role to play for my team-mates and challenge a lot. It is not really a 10’s position, nor an old-fashioned No 9 that has to stay ahead and score goals. 

‘He knows my qualities and knows that I like to play short and help my team-mates with the development of play. 

‘Now we’re four behind and three midfielders. It’s much easier, because before we lacked attacking players. This tactical change is also good for us.’

Arsenal will face West Brom in their next Premier League game, and they will hope that they can get the win that they need to keep their fine run of form going.

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    1. It’s in the rules of the game to give united a pen Dan 😂 probably had more pens this season than we’ve had in the last 3 years!

        1. Can’t believe they’re joint top!! Don’t think they’ve lost since we beat them…. oh well you got 3 points, Dan, so not all bad 😆😉

          1. Happy new year Sue 🎉 yeah Dan he did trip himself up but in the letter of united law that’s a pen 😆 well Sue we will see what they are made of this month they have us and Lpool away 😉

          2. Thank you Sue 🎉🎉 well Solskjaer hasn’t beaten Klopp or Arteta so I’m hoping it stays that way 😄 firstly though we must get Partey back as we know he can pocket all United’s midfield by himself 😂😂

          3. Looking like he’ll be back for the Geordies, Kev 🙂 Do you think we’ll buy anyone? A lot of names are doing the rounds…
            I wonder how many will leave on loan? Surely Saliba will… as well as Eddie… at least.things are happening, Kev!

          4. Well I think something is happening as kola and sok is leaving even heard they will sanction loan move for Willock so I would imagine someone is coming in 😄 the cup game or the league game ? We need him back asap 👊 must be your birthday coming up soon Sue? I remember it was early Jan I could be wrong 😆

          5. Happy days big TP is on his way back 😄 haha well let’s hope we can win a couple of games for your birthday Sue no better present than that 😄🎉 should be a good game tomorrow night let’s hope big Sam doesn’t park the bus 😩

  1. ADMIN, Its been reported that there was “YET AGAIN” another “TEAM MEETING” which was full of tension. Its claimed that one of the players even called out Arteta openly for his favouritism. Admin that is a very important topic for discussion, can we get a very good articke on that?

  2. That “might” have applied to the Chelsea game, albeit it certainly wasn’t a traditional 4-3-3, like Pool run, but that didn’t apply whatsoever to the tactics in the Brighton game…against Chelsea they were far more direct and the high-press was far more aggressive, which led to considerably more chances in the final third…I still like Laca more in a second striker role, where he comes into the box late and seeks out little pockets of space…he can’t be a true target man, he’s simply too short, and he doesn’t bring enough to the table to be the link-up man so MA would have to be far more adventurous with his tactics to have Auba and him on the field at the same time, unless we took Marts or Saka off, which would be foolish…maybe Partey can ultimately solve some of our defensive cover issues so that we can finally release the dogs

  3. As I am reading Lacazettes words, as printed, I fail to see him “Lauding Arteta” at all. He has merely pointed out Arteta finally realised that his system(s) were failing badly and needed a complete re-think. Now we seen to have a more balanced attack and the result? We are suddenly winning games.
    The headline should have read “ Why did Arteta take so long to realise his team, formations snd tactics have FAILED”.

  4. Wonder what really went on at that team meeting. Good luck to whoever it was who called out Arteta for his selections, which have definitely been skewered. How can a player who has been unwanted for three years, sent out on loan to Turkey,returns to training because nobody there was interested and then finds himself a valuable asset in what was supposedly a top four contending team? Again there are questions marks about Arteta’s decision making which are frustrating. Please don’t give me the” wel there was nobody else “argument. We had Maitland, Niles and six weeks to address what was our most serious problem.

  5. Good to see Holding is close to signing a new long term contract, he’s been a rock at the back recently.

  6. Laca is right in that MA was simply wrong in his tactics and only when the tactics changed the results started coming. What I like about Laca is that he works tirelessly throughout the match and also helps out his team in defensive duties apart from the hold up play. Also, I hope MA does not rush in with Partey because we know what happened when he was rushed for the Spuds game. Let Partey come into the fold gradually so that he does not stress himself.

  7. What is Xhaka still doing in the team?. He is just a passenger, he cannot mark, win heading dual, cannot run, he holds back our attack by passing backwards, and I hat e when he start conducting where to pass instead of him running into spaces to receive a pass. He is our liability.

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