Behind closed doors will harm football claims Wenger

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed that playing behind closed doors will have a negative impact on football.

The Bundesliga made the long-awaited return to action this weekend, with eight fixtures having been played out thus far all being played BCD.

The matches all had a different feel to them, but the football has mostly been vastly entertaining, with just the one 0-0 draw having been played out thus far.

Former manager Arsene Wenger has moved to claim that the sport would take a blow should football have to be played out BCD in the long-run.

Wenger said: “Will it damage the show in the longer term without supporters? I’m convinced of that.”

“It can be a short term solution, not a long term one but it’s still the best way to decide the season.

“We cannot take medically take such a big gamble, we have to be safe. Nobody believes that by mid-July we will be completely safe.”

The Frenchman added that the decision made by FIFA to increase the limit of substitutions to five will help teams to keep players fit amidst fixture congestion.

Wenger added: “At FIFA we proposed the five substitutes because the fixtures are very congested. I believe on the first game it’s very difficult to judge.

“I believe it is a good idea because some smaller teams could not play with the same players every three days so it allows them to use their best players.”

Football certainly is not the same without the fans in the stadiums, and without a roaring crowd to push the team to perform, but you have to agree that it is the only solution at present with the current world climate.

How long do we expect football to be played out without fans? Will the game suffer without a full stadium?


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