Being an Arsenal fan is a love affair like no other

Now that I know the Arsenal fixture list for next season, I cannot wait for the first ball to be kicked off and the manic soul-destroying circus we all know as Arsenal football club taking us on another journey of ups and down.

I love Arsenal like all of you do, it dominates my life and what I try to explain to people that are not as enamoured about football as we all are, is that it is more than just supporting your favourite club. It is about an English summers day started off with a fry up, a quick pint down the pub, a visit to a UK bookmakers to lose some more money and then off to watch the game, either at the pub or even at the stadium itself.

It is about planning Boxing Day around the game and making sure you are not too hungover on New Years day, it is about visiting foreign lands and soaking up their fantastic cultures, it is about endless debates with friends and foes alike, it is about Twitter, Skysports on transfer deadline day, it is all these things and much more.

And it is because we love our club so much that we get so angry with them when we feel that they have let us down, and if Arsenal is to take anything into consideration it has to be us, the fans, because we are the ones that pay the biggest price of their failings.

We may go over the top with our criticisms and we may be glorified armchair wannabe managers but we are the ones that pay for everything, it is our subscriptions that enable the TV companies to pay billions, it is the fans that buy the merchandise, it is us that pay the inflated ticket prices and without us there is no product.

Arsenal and other clubs must listen more to the fans, they have to give us much more consideration when they make decisions that affect us directly, or for that matter, indirectly. For too long we have been ignored and basically treated appallingly with substandard food at the stadiums, terrible transport, bad parking, silly kick off times, new expensive kits every single season, huge season ticket costs and so on.

Fans are the life and soul of any football club, we are that twelfth man, we are the ones that support through thick and thin and we are the ones that will always be loyal no matter what, but sometimes we will feel that we are being hard done by.

How do you think we are treated by Arsenal?

Darren N


  1. Sue says:

    Besides my family, Arsenal is the love of my life! Nights out are cancelled if they’re playing, days out are planned when they’re not playing, holidays are planned when there’s no international break (how perfect sat in the pool bar, with a pint of fosters, watching the Arsenal ?)
    Sometimes I think we’re hard done by, yes, and as much as I moan about how the club is run, silent stan, our poor results, certain players etc..would I change it for the world? Would I stop renewing? Would I think twice about getting on that train? Not a chance!!!
    Once a gooner, always a gooner ❤

    1. aMoistMuffin says:

      too right Sue fair play and well said ?

  2. S.J says:

    Worst decision of the decade was to sell major shares to Mr. Stan Kroenke.
    Support for Arsenal is like marriage, for better for worse so we have no choice but to stick to our Arsenal through thick and thin.
    I just hope some way or the other the board gets to return our club back to glory days.

  3. Kenya 001 says:

    @ sue I love this damn club I hate silent Stan

    1. Sue says:

      We all feel that way, Kenya 001 ?

  4. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal rarely spend a lot in a transfer window and this makes me sad, but I don’t like Arsenal because of their financial power. I like the team because they are always the underdog to the other rich EPL teams

    The way Wenger got unknown players and flops in the past resembles the Football Manager game mechanics and it was very interesting to me. He lost his way after following Barcelona’s strategy, but Emery’s struggle with the current players and limited transfer budget reminds me of the old Wenger

    However, Kroenke would be forced to open his wallet again because there are many players leaving. I just hope they would do better scouting, because we have a 200+ M squad that consists of several lousy players

  5. Roy says:

    Who the f***ing he’ll is running this club of mine.
    We let players go for sweet FA.We tart about when want to buy someone until another club comes in and buys them under our noses.We’ve got the biggest po**e of an owner in premiership. When a player gets injured at the Arsenal that’s him finished forever.
    A complete shambles backroom staff who come and go except Bouldy and apart from that I still love em.

  6. arsenal-steve says:

    I’ve supported this great club for over 60 years. The last Wenger years were very difficult. I think we are on a knifes edge. Unlike teams like West Ham who are English owned or other clubs who have endless cash, Arsenal worry me. Not Unai Emery, I think he is passionate and trying to do his job. Stan Kroenke is the ultimate liability. He simply doesn’t care. Look at his other football team the Colorado Rapids in the MLS, that will wake you up. Vinai Venkatesham knows nothing about football (he is our managing director) and Raul Sanllehi seems to be good at sitting and doing nothing regarding players. I think there is very little fire in the belly of the main Arsenal management, and because of that we will not buy the players. I think that will show up next season and the supporters will stay away.

    1. Patrick Karani says:

      I have supported Arsenal for 24 years now. Nothing completely destroys a weekend than Arsenal losing. Sometimes I get so angry and vow never to watch an Arsenal game again. This anger however lasts for a few days and I find myself watching the game the following weekend. I have tried to understand why I so much love this club despite the heartbreaks but I can’t. I have even toyed with the idea of shifting my loyalty but it can never happen despite how much I try. Arsenal is my love no matter how much we get shellacked. From Nairobi Kenya.

  7. Sean Williams says:

    Just seen that West Ham have signed Pablo Fornals. Classy midfield player. A good deal for them. What is going on at our club??????

  8. Le Coq Monster says:

    Arsenal were my first love.
    When I got married in 1976 it was on the day of Malcolm McDonalds first game against his old club Newcastle Utd, I nearly divorced the wife before I even married her !……anyway after much crying and being handcuffed to the altar I was eventually persuaded with the sound of shotguns being loaded to miss the match and the sight of MM`s bowed legs and tooth missing grin and get sentenced to a life of misery.
    To cut a long story short, the party finnished early at the promise of some serious love making and the fact that Arsenal Vs Newcastle was on Match of the day……………I carried the wife over the freshhold and realised that the game was only minutes away from coming on, I had a dilemna of do I make love to the wife or watch MoTD !!!…………I compromised and gave her the best two minutes of her life !

    1. Declan says:

      4-0 to the Arse if I remember correctly.

      1. Le Coq Monster says:

        5-3 to the Arse, Declan and SuperMac got a hattrick …………..I actually got a telegram from The Arsenal congratulating me for my special day, Probably the worse bit of business Arsenal have ever done, even worse than Suarez, Kallstrom, Sylvestre, Steponovs etc`………I cant even blame Gazidis or Wenger for them not warning me or advisng me to do a runner !

  9. S says:

    It’s like a relationship with a country. You expect their laws to keep you safe, to give you a sense of belonging, and in return you pay tax. But if you leave, you’re replaced. You can come back because you’re a citizen but will you be able to afford to stay? Same with season ticket holders, they’re the most dedicated fans but if they let go of their tickets, they’ll go to those who lick the board’s feet. They couldn’t care less about empty seats once they’ve conned Joe Public into buying them.

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