Being the Arsenal manager is a coveted job despite what some say

Arsenal remains one of the biggest clubs in the world and most managers would love the job.

I have seen some headlines today basically saying managers won’t want the Arsenal job because of the state the club is in, it is not a big enough job etc.

That is plainly ridiculous. Arsenal is a huge club and any manager with ambition would love to take the job on.

Also, any suggestion that no manager wants to work with the Arsenal board is also ridiculous. The Arsenal board is a joke for sure but look at the board at Real Madrid, Chelsea and even Man Utd. Imagine being named the Real Madrid manager, what job security is there? How can any manager expect time to rebuild or create a dynasty there.

The Man Utd board spent a fortune but look at what they bought, certainly not the players Jose Mourinho wanted. Chelsea sack managers for fun, even when they win a Champions League.

The Arsenal board may be useless but there is a lot worse out there.

A huge fan base, a magnificent stadium, owners that will give you time are all massive positives for any incoming manager.

Sure, the club is in disarray right now but let’s get some perspective. If Carlo Ancelotti or Max Allegri was Arsenal manager last season would we have seen the collapse we did? No, I don’t think so and we would be in this seasons Champions League.

So, do not be kidded by all the doom and gloom coming from some quarters. Arsenal remains a massive club that any manager worth his salt would jump at the opportunity to manage.


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    No Champions league these days, and probably no European football at all next season. Only one world class player (Auba), who may leave within the next 7 months. Awful squad, of overhyped, and over paid, so called talent. No ambition from the owner, who’s never even around. I really wish I could share your positivity.

    Historically we’re a big club, but then again, so is Forest! We’re not any near the level of a top club, and haven’t been for such a long time. I always look at AC Milan, and I think that’s basically Arsenal these days. A team once jam packed with talent, winning, and challenging for the top honours. Always in the Champions League, and playing great football. Now years in the wilderness, with a squad of nobodies! If I’m a top player moving to Italy, AC Milan would be about 5th on my list of clubs to join, and I feel that’s the same with Arsenal.

  2. Phil says:

    Cannot disagree too much with what you say here TMJW other than we do have a number of good players at the Club other than Aubamayang.What we haven’t had is a manager and coaching staff who is able to put a consistent system in place and more from the players than the last 3-4 seasons. Squad wise, we have good cover.What we are lacking is a defence, where only Tierney is of the required quality, and a coupe of CM’, in the Vieira/Petit mould who can defend, create AND LEAD THE SIDE.
    easier said than done I know, but until this is addressed we have zero chance of even beginning to compete as we should

  3. Andrew Elder says:

    Sounds comments Admin, you are absolutely right. Irrespective of what has occured in the last few years ANY manager would love to take on the Arsenal job. Over the last 2 decades we have been one of the World’s big clubs we are going through a bad patch which occurs at most clubs from time to time. We are not in meltdown as suggested from some pundits who should perhaps look at their own clubs first before giving their less than expert views. My cases in point are the Spuds, 59 years since they won the title and Liverpool nearly 30 years.

    Any new manager coming to us knows he will be given time and has some of the best facilities in world football. Emery’s early dismissal was a rate occurrence for the club which has a reputation for NOT being a hire and fire club. 4 managers since the 80’s!!! There is no doubt we are going through a bad patch which might get even worse this month (let’s hope not) but the Arsenal job will still attract the top managers because irrespective who owns the club, class is permanent.

    1. Glorious says:


  4. Me says:

    Attractive compared to say Derby County yes we are but compared to other big clubs no we are not – shambolic ownership, lazy squad mostly past it and toxic support if this and other websites are anything to go by.
    Lots of work to do and investment required – it is very possible with the right manager- that’s the key thing here….

  5. Arsenal was, is and will remain a top Club due to its rich history, tradition of playing attractive football and its vast fan base. Few Clubs in the world have a fan base as large as Arsenal. We have certainly got good players apart from Auba and Laca and they only need to be moulded. With the right Manager we can soon make it to the CL. All clubs have their low phases and it is just a bad phase for Arsenal which will soon pass out.

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