Being top for two years in a row proves Arsenal’s consistency

If Arsenal had lost at Anfield, they would not be at the top of the Premier League table as you read this. However, the Gunners’ brilliance put them at the top of the league on Christmas Day for the second year in a row.

Although some Premier League fans believe the Gunners have not been as ruthless or efficient as they were last season, in the end, I don’t think they’d be where they are if they weren’t good enough.

Arsenal fans only need to be happy, appreciate Arteta and the boys, and believe that as a team they are wiser as they should have learned a thing or two about the title chase after last season’s disappointment.

Given their success in both the Premier League and the Champions League this year, and their desire to collect decent results game after game, they are not depending on luck; they’re great.

“We have the experience of being where we are [first in table] today,” said Arteta as per Football London. “And we should be really happy because that shows a lot of consistency for this new group in the best league in the world to be there two years in a row, but that’s it.

“We are where we want to be right now, both in the Premier League and the Champions League, and we all deserve a beautiful dinner [on Christmas Eve] with our families, but the next day we are back on it because West Ham is going to be very, very tough again.”

Arteta is having a good time this holiday season, and so should you. That being said, the Arsenal manager should, so far this season, have identified his team’s strengths and flaws. He should be able to use the January transfer market to bolster his team for the crucial second half of the 2023–24 season.

As good as they’ve been, trust me when I say that a bolstered Arsenal will destroy any and every club in 2024.

Sam P

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  1. Yes, Arteta and Edu have been doing a great job at Arsenal

    Our team is world-class defensively, but still requires some tweaks upfront. I’m sure Arteta and Edu will make our squad stronger in the summer, if Kroenke still employs them

  2. Decent piece, though the last line is rather OTT, I reckon!

    And mainly because I SEE NO WAY WE ARE GOING TO “BOLSTER IN JANUARY” to the extent the writer vainly seems to expect.

  3. Where’s the 885 club? Hiding in the “Den” or busy “Fill”ing an empty “Can”? Mikel has made every average player world class, Except for Rice who is a European winner, the rest are the results of the hard work and commitment from Mikel despite being insulted, abused and disliked by a few on this site. Poch and Erik can only look up in awe at Mikel as they have enormous wealth at their disposal but cannot string a set of results. Words will never be enough to thank Mikel El Magico.

    1. LC Like you, I am also a confirmed MA supporter, as I know you realise.
      But, speaking entirely personaly, I dont believe it helps our cause as MA supporters to go over the top, as I rather think you have done here.
      I see great coaching and man managership ability in him but, at least to my mind, he is far from perfect as yet.

      Some of his buys, notable Viera, and also someof his extended contracts to such as Elneny are beyond my comprehension and I SEE NO IMPROVEMENT IN EITHER OF THEM OR SUCH AS CEDRIC EITHER.

      Simply put, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE, even by the best coach in the world – which to me ,is Guardiola – to turn deadwood into REAL players.

      It seems you disagree, though I fail to see how you arrive at that conclusion.

  4. One essential qualities of big teams is consistency and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last couple of years now and that’s why am optimistic of success under arteta. I still insist even if we failed to win the league this season, hopefully we will, but we compete strongly is still a good sign. I believe if you’ve been consistent, success is a matter of time.

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