Arsenal fans should believe Jesus – “I am pretty sure we are going to win something”

Now if there is anything that is going to fill me with confidence, it’s knowing that the Arsenal players are also in a bullish mood going into the new season and believing that we are going to do great things.

We have seen that last season, Arteta introduced a lot of unknown youngsters and included a few experienced players in the team, with many of them never having had played in the gruelling cauldron of the Premier league, but somehow the boss galvanised a small young squad to get into the European places.

All that team now has had a full season of Premier League football under their belts and learning Arteta’s tactics and have seen that they are working, and they now have seen Mikel Arteta and Edu bringing in even more quality signings this summer to boost the quality of our squad yet again (and more to come I’m sure).

Everyone knows that we lacked any recognised striker last year, and Arteta decided that Gabriel Jesus was exactly what we needed to fill that role. He persuaded him of Arsenal’s project and has now signed him ready to integrate into the squad before the season starts, and I am loving listening to our new signing exclaiming how excited he is with Arteta and Edu’s project, so much so that he believes this team is going places very quickly.

This is what Gabriel Jesus told Goal: “In my life, I always liked projects,” he said. “When Edu came to talk to me, I was so happy with the ideas of the club. The way they want to go, the things they want to do.

“Then I was pretty sure I would come to Arsenal. But after I talked to Mikel, I was 100 per cent sure. Because I trust in him. Because I trust in this big club. And I trust in myself and the players as well.

“There is a lot of talent here. Very good players. And young players. Like me, I’m still young. So everyone is together in this. Like a family. That is what I want.”

Jesus added: “I have already worked with Mikel, so I I know his ideas a little bit. I know the way he wants to play. I think it is quite similar to Pep Guardiola and I think that fits well. I’ve come to try to help the guys and I’ll try to learn with them as well. As a family.

“I am so happy with the group. It was good to see everyone when I joined the club for the first day.

“It is a big family here. We are going to play well, train well and at the end of the season, I am pretty sure, we are going to win something.”

Talk like this just makes me very excited to get the new season going. Everyone will have a good preseason with Arteta and by the time the first game comes along we will be ready and confident.

Believe in Jesus, Believe in the project!

We WILL win something!

Sam P

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    1. Well the law of average dictates somthing could happen, so i wont rules anything out.

      A team that plays an extended length of times together develop chemistry and pattern which not easily learn during coaching.

      Wenger master that heart why he was able to play some of the most beautiful football, had he that real hunger to inject marquee signing at crucial stages during his tenor , Arsenal would have been a different place today.

      Now our promising youngster would have had an entire year or more playing together and that could really make a massive difference, that’s why I endorse the attempt to sign Raphinha in order to assist the lads and minimize burn out.

      Yes the law of average dictates we will win something soon, wishful thinking has nothing to do with it

      1. I still believes in Willian champions league in 3 season, after that I can then asses if Brazilians can be trusted to deliver on their words, until then I am not believing any excited player probably because of their new found fat check book

      2. Thank you ! I am also of the believe Raphinha & Tielemanns will make us complete even if we get one of the above mentioned players Arsenal will be feared.

  1. I think Jesus is in for a culture shock!!!!! This is Arsenal not Man City. We have to improve out of all recognition to win a trophy next season. Not just a tinker job a full blown miracle.

  2. Winning trophies is really difficult. Winning the PL means a stella squad or the fluke of the century like Leicester. We do not have a stellar squad so unless we do a flukaroo Leicester our trophy aspirations must lie else where. Top 4 is a major trophy and winning the EL is where our energies should be focussed.
    The domestic cups are fun but never a sign of progress. As it is last season Liverpool won the 2 domestic trophies with Chelsea (3rd) the beaten finalist on both occassions. Utd, Spurs with stella squads, experienced managers and entitled expectant fans and Newcastle Everton Villa Wolves Leicester Palace Brighton with out European committments will also fight like demons for the crumbs like the Carabao. The EL is a possible target as you hope to get a bye in the round of 32, and avoid CL third place getters for as long as possible but you still need to navigate 13 games minimum to win it. So winning trophies is extremely difficult and while it is always a goal for me winning trophies is not the only measure of a side. For me if we could improve to 74 points in the league which may or not get top 4 and semi final EL would be a very good “troophy” season for me. Anything else is a bonus.

      1. What a long story for something few words could deliver, well you are either in football to win trophies or to make up the numbers

    1. I can agree with fair-fan, improvement is what I want to see. We need to concentrate on our performances first and not wory what Spurs, Utd, City, Liverpool and Chelsea are doing until we play them. Week by week ticking off fixtures with wins and taking possession at least off the big boys. The aim should be winning the Europa, this will make players take notice of the “project” even more.

  3. Really.. ‘Believe In Jesus’:))

    Is this

    Let’s see if he believes come end of season. I hope we do win/achieve something but I’ve seen this movie play out before..

  4. We won’t win anything unless we strengthen central midfield, and if Partey is this accused person, then we will need two midfielders.

    Love what we are doing in this transfer window so far, and plenty of time to bring in the rest of the targets, but central midfield is such a priority.

  5. Nice to see the positivity in Jesus. He seems to be full of confidence in himself, Arteta and the team. That said, Arsenal will have to work really hard and play really well since besides City and Pool, Chelsea, Man United and the Spuds have/will also further strengthen their respective teams and teams like Leicester, Villa, WestHam and Wolves will also be in the running so the season will be long and tough. As regards the EuL, the competition will get tougher as Arsenal makes inroads where we will meet the stronger teams of Europe and will have to be at our best to beat them. I agree that central midfield is a key area we need to strengthen and I also feel we should sign a quality LB or a full back who can play both LB and RB. I wonder whether Arteta will ask AMN to play as RB and use Cedric/Tavares to be back ups for Tierney at LB. I also hope we get Tielemans as his key contributions in the midfield and his knack of scoring goals from midfield will go a long way to ensure our success.

  6. He’s just 25 but extremely experienced in the Premier League.:

    99 starts
    58 goals
    29 assists

    He hasn’t played a full season because of Man City’s insane rotation and squad depth. I’m excited to see how he will fare when he gets to play more frequently.

  7. I can agree with Jesus i think now is the time we should take the next step. We all know that we are behind Man City and Liverpool but they are the target, but we need to start taking points off them.

    Comparing us to our rival spurs for example as last year we were 2pts behind, I’m not too concerned. Yes i think they have signed some decent players but I can’t see how they fit or how they improve their 1st 11 from last season. It look as though they are splashing the cash to boost depth not improve the first team.

    They bought bissouma, but who misses out out of Bentacour and Hojberg, their backups last year were Skipp, Gil and Winks. Lo Celso, Ndombele and Bergwijn dont want to be there. I cant imagine Moura being happy with a bench role either.

    Up top they had no backup for Son, Kane and Kulu so thats why Richarlison comes in along with Perisic, the former who can also play wing back. But then I look at the rest of their squad, whos backup for Romero an Ben Davies (for me was their best defender last year) who backs up Reguillon and Royal, seessignon being more of a wingback. They need to sell alot and they may have registration issues too with their squad.

    There are players who simply don’t want to be there who they paid alot of money for.

    Our squad although not complete will/could look in better condition come the first league game. If we do bring in let say that Martinez, Tielemans and another winger for example do come in and the youth we promote in addition. Our squad depth will be excellent we will probably need to replace partey by the looks though, hopefully any accusations are unfounded though but it’s not looking good.

    Well have:

    Ramsdale, Turner, Okonkwo

    Gabriel, White, Saliba, Holding, Martinez, Tierney, Tomiyasu, Taveres, Soares, Norton-Cuffy

    Partey, Lokonga, Elneny, Xhaka, Tielemans, Odegaard, Veira, Smith-Rowe, Patino

    Jesus, Nkethia, Balogun, Saka, Martinelli, Marquinos, Hutchinson, New player

    We’d be looking good tbh and could look even better with CL qualification next season

    1. Whether we like it or not Patino, Smith-Rowe, Lokonga, Oedegaard and Hutchinson need more time, they lightweight,

      Getting Amadou Onana, Tielemans or Savic would be a good start to compliment our midfield lightweights.

    2. Truly beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
      This is arsenal fan page so I didn’t expect better

  8. Don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm but it wasn’t too long ago when Edu told us that William would soon be making Arsenal fan’s smiling with Joy etc. I think it’s a Brazilian thing. My experience of teaching so many of them English here in Sydney. Probably aside from natural exuberance what sounds normal in Portuguese can sound extreme when converted into English. Still I hope he does believe that he will win important trophies at Arsenal.

    1. One bad example doesn’t mean all others are bad, Neymar isn’t bad, Richarlison isn’t , Magalhaes, Martinelli, all good,

  9. We have just progressed a bit with the players added so far, but we still need to add a quality Central midfielder to partner with Partey in midfield.

    Relying on Xhaka and Lokonga as our 8,s is not ideal.

    Look at the Central midfielders of other big clubs and compare them to our own central midfielder, Xhaka!!

    Man. City – Gundogan.
    Liverpool – Alcantra.
    Chelsea – Jorginho.
    Spurs – Bentancur. Now Bissouma.
    Madrid – Kroos.
    Barcelona – F. De Jong.
    Arsenal – Xhaka.

    The importance of a good central midfielder should not be underestimated by any club that wants to be at the top.

    We also need a good back up Left back to compete with Tierney.
    Tavares is still very raw and nervous for the big stage, and we have no time for such type of performances at this stage of our rebuilding.

    Until we make these two signings for these positions we are not ready to win major trophies yet.

    Hopefully, Arteta and Edu are planning on moving on from Xhaka to cause a change in our team play and dynamics.

    Jesus = ST – Quality striker for the top 9 position.

    Vieira = AM – Good attacking midfielder to compete well with Odegaard.

    Marquinhos = RW – Young talented potential for nice squad depth.

    Turner = GK – Healthy, hopefully a capable competition for Ramsdale.

    CM = ??

    LB = ??

    I am positive that we would still see additions to these 2 positions that cries out for outstanding quality players come September 1st.

  10. When i read all the comments from Arsenal fans i realise that we as fans always see clearly what we missing on the field but the somehow the coach & the board cannot see it, i am not sure if they watching a different team play every season compared the the Arsenal fans coz they keep missing the point.

  11. Seeing is believing and we are still 2 quality players short of competing across 4 competitions … if a proper box to box plus a quality attacking option arrive in next month or so I will happily embrace his enthusiasm

  12. If Jesus and all of our players believe they can win trophies and put the effort in, then we have a true chance of winning. If WE believe they can win, without the players believing it……then guess what….we will not win anything. So it gives me confidence to hear Jesus say that. Let’s hope the other players do too.

  13. I note a fine and welcome OPTIMISTIC piece like this fine article by SAM!

    Like most normal Gooners, I appreciate and welcome sensible but well thought through realism, as this article shows us all.


  14. With all the great wonders Jesus has been doing I have become a fan and believe in him😉

  15. That’s true, I think even Europa cup would be won by our club arsenal.with Gabriel Jesus and nketiah as strikers,things would be well.

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