Bellerin admits his hobbies helped him stay positive amidst injuries

For no stretch of imagination it has been easy for Hector Bellerin in the past two years. The Spaniard suffered a serious ACL injury at the start of 2019.

Then, while he was gradually getting back to full fitness, the country went into a lockdown in March. But the former La Masia academy product was confident about facing the challenges of lockdown.

Photography was one of the passions which he took up while he was recovering from that serious blow at the start of 2019. Since then, he has continued to click pictures, which has only helped him in coping with anxieties.

“It was like one of my companions throughout my injury,” he says. “It did a great deal for me and brought me a lot of happiness in those moments.

“Whether I am going on a walk or going to the grocery store, I always carry it (camera) with me because I like to snap things that I just see around me.”

The point that the 26-year-old further points out is of people trying things but then not taking a step further to master it. “I see one day someone playing piano and suddenly I want to play piano – I play for two weeks and then I give it up,” he said with guilt.

In this interactive interview with The Guardian, the Spaniard then emphasizes on the fact that by being busy, people have just started “existing” rather than “truly living.”

“I feel like a lot of people were caught up going through life but not really living, and this has given us the opportunity to realize so many things and put things into perspective,” he says. “It’s a really hard situation and a lot of negativity has come from it, but we can learn so much from it too and turn it into a positive for the future.

He continued, “I hope we can really learn from this that the way we were living our lives before wasn’t the right way of living. To be more mindful of our communities and not so selfish in ourselves.”

The Arsenal man has made a name for himself for his off-pitch interests. The Spaniard has a huge affection towards fashion. He has also campaigned for a better environment by buying a stake at Forest Green Rovers, which the Washington Post states is the greenest football club in the world.

Hector Bellerin also turned vegan last year, to aid his recovery after matches as well as having a view on the environment.

Having footballers like him is a blessing. If people can take inspiration from the Arsenal man, it can go a long way in making this world a happier and a better place.

Yash Bisht

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Seems like a really nice guy, but hopefully he moves on in the summer. Just doesn’t have the right mentality to be a top level footballer, or even the ability. 3rd choice behind Chambers now in my opinion.

    1. Yash Bisht says:

      I personally believe that a good right-back should be our 2nd priority after a CAM.

  2. SueP says:

    I believe he spoke at the Oxford Union sometime back, shows he cares about the environment planting trees, and enjoys a worthwhile hobby as well. It’s easy to forget how young he still is with enough good years in football ahead of him. I’m sure he’ll have a good future wherever he is

    1. Yash Bisht says:

      I hope that too, SueP!

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