Bellerin asserts again he has no interest in Barcelona move

The youngster Hector Bellerin may have only been in the Arsenal starting line-up for less than two seasons, but he has already become a firm favourite with the Emirates faithful so much so that he was voted in Third Place in the Arsenal Player-of-the-Season behind veteran superstars Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech. He was also given the honour of being named in the Premiership Team of the Year, which is no mean feat for one so young.

He is obviously relishing his football since bursting on the scene in place of the injured Mathieu Debuchy – and has now matured beyond his years. Having been plucked from the Barcelona youth setup like Cesc Fabregas all those years ago, Arsenal fans have always harboured the fear that he will want to return to his homeland in the future, but Hector himself has again made it clear that he intends to be a Gunner for the whole of his career. “I say every year that England is my home now,” the defender told Goal.

“I’ve lived there for many years; my family and my girlfriend are there. I’m very happy there so I don’t see myself anywhere other than Arsenal.

“I’m very happy [about being in the team of the year] because it’s chosen by players and coaches.

“They’re people who know a lot about football and the fact that they have chosen me as the best right-back of the season makes me very proud.”

“But I have to thank my team-mates for making things so much easier!”

As I mentioned the fans live in fear of him being tapped up by his old club, especially when surrounded by their players on national duty, but he revealed that he buried that demon when he played for the Gunners in Barcelona this season. “How did it feel to play against Barca? For me, Barca was where I grew up since I was tiny, from eight years old,” he concluded.

“My dream when I was at Barca was to play at Camp Nou and I did – just not wearing the shirt I’d expected when I was little. ”

Hector has also (along with Iwobi this season) given Arsene Wenger a boost in his policy of bringing in talented youngsters and teaching them The Arsenal Way from an early age. Don’t expect Wenger to change that policy anytime soon….

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    1. @Incarnate

      If we move Bellerin into right-wing (to accomodate Debuchy in right-back) as you suggested, what becomes of Sanchez, Campbell and Iwobi at the right wing ???

      1. LOl, Why evils? Bale started out as a left back. If he [Bellerin] is good enough to take their spot on the right wing, why not? It’s called competition for places. He’s fast, penetrative and has enough defensive nous to track back effectively when he needs to…sure you saw his technique in that goal he scored against Liverpool, most wingers can only dream of such.

        1. He was originally a winger, converted to a full back- I think most would agree it’s worked out.

    2. Screw Debuchy… Having a whinge in public! Bellerin’s a lot better. I’d prefer we recalled Jenko TBH.

  1. Let’s bring more qualities in this team at least to preserve the quality we have …
    It is about time we have a wc striker, another winger, CB, and DM …
    But we have a manger who doesn’t care about his fans …

  2. Bellerin and Monreal are simply put, a different class to the fullbacks we’ve had in a very long time. Solid at both ends.

  3. Hahaha ?
    He is only saying that Now! because Barcelona haven’t come knocking … YET! ?
    Let’s just wait and see what he says when they do come for him! ?
    He will be saying the same things as Fabregas did! ?
    ” it’s my boyhood club… blah blah blah I miss my family blah blah…. How can I possibly turn down Barcelona, Blah, blah, it’s every players dream, blah… see you in the Champions league … adios amigos! ? ? ?

      1. Hahaha ?
        okayyy! … I didn’t know that but I’m sure that he will find another excuse! ? when Barcelona come knocking! … Who wouldn’t?
        Maybe his family that are here! will get home sick, all of a sudden ??
        And that would be a reason that would be acceptable to the likes of Mr Admin ? ?

        Come on … let’s not be nieve here! ?
        You know full well that Bellerin and his family wouldn’t turn down Barcelona!

        1. @FbG
          RealTalk Fatboy. A lot of people underestimate what teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona mean for a Spanish player. It’s like inheriting a political party through your parents…And after having played in their youth ranks, it’s instilled in their blood…Hector knows deep down, he will heed the call.

    1. I predict that Bellerin will be plying his trade back in Spain, way before Wenger leaves Arsenal ??

      1. Hahaha ? What?… You lot obviously think that Wenger is leaving next season! ??.. Thiink again! ?

  4. Fatboy has a point, if Barca come calling it will take a lot to persuade Bellerin to stay.
    1. It would help if we were challenging for the PL up until the last game and occasionally winning it. In the last five years we have been 19, 16, 7, 12 and 10 goals behind the winners.

    2. Beating the top teams in europe in CL would help, particularly Barcelona.

    3. Having the ambition to win would help, not this business model top four in PL is good enough.

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