Bellerin blames missed chances for Arsenal defeat, not the referee

Arsenal lost to Wolves for the second time this season, and the ridiculous thing is that we were totally in control in the first half and the game should have been put to bed early on.

The fact is that we then got David Luiz sent off under very dubious circumstances and because we hadn’t taken our previous chances it was extremely difficult to come back with 10 men, and then Leno’s dismissal was just the icing on the cake.

Hector Bellerin though doesn’t blame the referee, and basically says that it was just one of those nights that need to be forgotten as quickly as possible. “One hundred per cent [we’ve had too many red cards],” he told

“We’ve shown that when we’re 11 against 11 on that pitch, it’s completely different. We had complete control in the first half and we probably should have been 2-0 up by the end of it. We paid for those mistakes.

WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 02: Hector Bellerin of Arsenal prepares to take a throw in during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal at Molineux. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

“I always say that teams are not beating us, we are losing against ourselves. It’s for us to learn. Hopefully this will be the last time. We were on such a good run, great momentum, great confidence in the team.

“We just need to forget this step because situations like this are not going to happen very often. We’ll go on to the next one.”

The fact is is was a cold, wet night in the Midlands, and it is not easy to play your very best football in those conditions at the best of times. Our long unbeaten run may have come to an end, but we can go again on Saturday, so we just need to forget about yesterday and move on back to winning ways very quickly…


  1. Can we please all stop this stupid habit of insulting one as a fake arsenal fan or questioning if he is really an arsenal fan just because somebody is going against the norm and criticising anything or popular people of arsenal? Its getting really toxic now!

    Saying that man city is better than arsenal does not make somebody less of a fan!
    Criticising Partey does not make somebody less of an arsenal fan than somebody who criticises Xhaka!
    Supporting a referee decision against arsenal does not make somebody a fake fan!

    Its all depending on the context, its possible that criticism of a player, manager or referee is right or wrong, discuss about that but DONT question the loyalty or integrity of the person its just ridiculous

    Bias towards arsenal does not make people into better fans, be honest and truthful, blind support is not better than realism and truth


    2. Thanks Krish

      Many on her like Kstix that just blindly take Arsenal’s side no matter what the facts are. Objectivity is MIA all too often here.

    3. Well did I say that i support the red? I dont have the same opinion as PJ-SA but can argue with him without labelling him as Non-Arsenal fan..
      dont know how that makes me naive

  2. Agree with you Krish.

    After all we all love our beloved Arsenal and want what is best for it.

  3. Very sensible comments I agree Grandad… now where were these sensible fans when the Ozil debate was in full flow?
    It is all about opinions and how many times were fans who supported him told to leave the club and follow him?
    The “bleeding hearts” now want everyone to be realistic and nice to each other when discussing players.
    Forget all the insults and let’s be a united fanbase…. until one of the players THEY don’t like is labelled a clown.

    1. Spot on Ken 👍 the double standards by some is alarming. I never supported Ozil in his last years (you know that) but I wasn’t one who said people who did were not Arsenal fans because he was still an Arsenal player and fans should not be called non fans because they support a player in the club. I called some people like PJ non Arsenal fans today because they took the side of a bad refeering decision and slated an innocent Luiz(whom I’ve never supported before) just because of his history instead of clinically looking at whether that was a red card or not. The referee whom I attack in support of the arsenal player is not associated with arsenal, so I’m within my rights if I call anyone who supported his decision and blame Luiz, a non arsenal fan unlike what was done to Ozil who at the time was an Arsenal player.

      1. again I want to reply that I never showed double standards and I have been supporting a lot of players who are being or were hated without labelling the critics as fake fans so dont count me into the group who have double standards

    2. i agree with you completely but as I supported Özil, Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Mertesacker etc. while they played for Arsenal and while they were heavily hated I dont count myself into the people you are calling out as I never doubted the loyalty of the people who hated on them.. just if meant me too 😂 if not never mind

  4. Oh! How i’ve missed Mari’s calm presence and composure at the back.
    What makes Mari different from Luiz and Gabriel is he hardly steps into no man’s land. Always aware of his surroundings on the pitch.

    Luiz position which was unnecessary given it was just seconds to the half time whistle, put him in that unfortunate circumstance.

  5. The trouble is Luis is always one mistake from a penalty or sending off, he sometimes can’t help himself, he is an experienced defender but still makes mistakes like a novice six penalties he has given away and three red cards, until he is gone, we can expect more mistakes in the future, it was a big mistake keeping him, we get rid of Wenger;s deadwood yet Arteta beings his own in. We were on top in the game and would have won comfortably but Luis has other ideas

  6. “Supporting a referee decision against arsenal does not make somebody a fake fan!” when it is a controversial decision is exactly what makes you a fake fan krish. Do not sugar coat it. Leno’s red was undeniable but the Luiz decision was clearly stupid of the ref and it pisses me off when people who claim to be Arsenal fans are insulting the player who did nothing to justify the red card just because of his history. More than anyone, I can’t wait for Luiz to leave the club as I don’t believe he’s consistent enough. I’ve criticised him alot in the past and I even blame him for being out of position before that penalty but he definitely did not deserve the red card he got period. I wanted Ozil out of the club as well but if that decision had been made against ozil, I would have defended him as well and slate anyone who attacked him for getting unfairly red carded

    1. 👍👍
      I am with you on this one. The ref may have only been following the rules, but that was a stupid red.

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