‘You’re going to see that very quickly’ – Hector Bellerin on Arsenal scoring more goals

According to an interview from Arsenal’s official website, Gunners star Hector Bellerin believes that fans will see the side scoring more goals ‘very quickly’.

The defender also reiterated team’s ‘need’ to be more ‘efficient’ in front of goal.

At more times than fans would’ve liked this season, Arsenal have missed out on wins because of the side’s lack of clinical finishing.

We’ve allowed our opponents to come backs into games far too often recently, we’re failing to stamp our authority on teams when we’re ahead and it’s costing us valuable points.

Here’s what the 24-year-old had to say on the team being more clinical:

“I think sometimes we need to be a bit more efficient in front of goal [but] that’s also something that comes with confidence, when you see that you’re playing better and controlling games better, the goals are something that’s going to come.”

“I’m sure you’re going to see that very quickly.”

“For us, the promise is that we’re trying to get better every single day.”

“When a different coach comes, there are different things that you’re being asked to do.”

Arsenal have looked promising since Mikel Arteta took the reins before Christmas.

The Gunners have only lost one game under the Spaniard, but they’ve only won three of Arteta’s nine games in charge – with two victories coming in cup competitions.

There’s no doubt that Arsenal can mount a serious challenge for a top four spot this season if they can get their finishing in order.

We boast one of the more exciting attacking lines in the Premier League and it’s about time we capitalised on this.

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  1. John Legend says:

    We will be surprised when all these things eventually fall in place. I think the defense should be sorted first then we will work on how to transition from defence to attack and score more goals.
    Arleta will get it right. We MUST be patient with him and the players.

    1. RSH says:

      With Arteta, we will be patient, with the players, many are not good enough or have been given enough chances and keep coming up far too short. The rest of the season will continue to be a struggle and we wont improve until certain players are let go.

  2. SAGooner says:

    The goal glut is coming soon. Mikel can see what is missing after a few games and we will see some shanges to the lineup against Newcastle. Expect fireworks.

  3. jon fox says:

    Welcome confidence from Bellerin. But the idea that we “can mount a serious challenge for top four, if we get our finishing in order ” is laughably risible! HAVE YOU SEEN THE TABLE , THE GAP, THE MERE 13 GAMES LEFT, , AND THE AMOUNT OF TEAMS ABOVE US FROM TOP FOUR? Seems you cannot have done!

    1. Pxn says:

      As a realist that you are Jon, would you be happy if he said “we’re far from top four, so no need to fight so hard for each game points”?

      Admin, can you make it such that when someone, say A, replies another person, B. B gets notified via email.

      I tried the check box below and I was spammed with ALL comments on the post, not the replies on my comment.

      1. Admin Martin says:

        I will pass this on/

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