Bellerin eases Arsenal fears over Barcelona transfer bid

Although the emergence and rapid improvement of the young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin for Arsenal this season was one of the major plus points of the season, it did also attract some unwanted attention in our player, most notably from the perennial plunderers Barcelona.

The Gunners have lost plenty of stars to the Catalan club and the fact that Bellerin is from there and spent many years at their La Masia academy before coming to finish his development in the Arsenal academy gave us extra cause for concern when Barca started to mention Bellerin as they began to look for a long term replacement for the Brazil international Dani Alves.

But Arsene Wenger wants the 20/year old to sign a contract extension and Bellerin has revealed why he is perfectly happy to be a Gunner, as an explains. The right back revealed that the way we play football and Wenger’s reputation for giving young players the chance to shine were two big factors for him and that has certainly been proven to be a great move for him this season.

Bellerin said, “It’s always good fun. You always enjoy yourself playing with these players around you. They’re all top players and it’s really helpful.

“They make you look like you’re a good player as well! It’s really nice to play alongside them and when we play at home with our crowd it’s always a really great feeling.

“The fact that Arsenal plays that kind of football is going to help you. That was really important [in coming to Arsenal] and the fact that Arsenal like to bring young players through.

“We have loads of players in my position. But I think that’s a really positive thing because it makes you train and work harder, which is a good thing for us.

“We have really good players fighting for their spots in every position, so that’s one of the reasons why everyone is performing the way that they are, because it’s bringing out the best in us.”

Until we hear the news that Bellerin has put pen to paper on a new deal, there will be some concern, but with his performances this season having earned a call up to the Spain international side and with the Gunners showing real signs of being able to compete for top honours, it appears that Bellerin will not be going anywhere for a while.

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  1. wil-she and walnut aren’t players that’s going to set the premiership a light. they been around for sometime now.
    arsenal must continue to recruit new talented players and not dwell on has-been

    1. so what dis Wilshere do wrong? You guys are some of the reason why they say we have the most pathetic fans in the league.
      1 defeat in 11 games and y’all are out already.
      1) Giroud is not good enough
      2) we lost because of jack
      3) Rambo is rubbish
      4) we need a world class keeper.

      Not even Messi will satisfy some of you out there.

    2. For some reason people have convinced themselves that whenever we play Wilshere he loses us games.

      I thought his 2 sub appearances in the last 2 games have been so positive, he is commiting players and quickening our lacklustre slow ball movement.

  2. He has the potential…

    Next season he should go on a loan like Jenkinson this season…

    Where he can play 90mins week in and out….that will make a big difference when he can play a full season of 90mins

  3. Cant believe the so called f*ckin fans on here that whine and b*tch after our first loss in 11 games. Our attackers couldn’t buy a goal today but hey lets blame wenger and already be calling for his head.

    1. Wenger has so much time in 2 transfer windows to strengthen the squad and buy a striker…

      season after season…its the same shit…Parlour and King Henry have both repeated we need a quality striker…

      where was Wenger on the last day of transfer?? busy managing a team in a friendly….

      time for a change

      1. Absolutely spot on Hafiz, time for a change. A change in your boring input.

  4. Im still gutted by the defeat to swansea, but lets now dig deep and travel to old trafford, take care of business and “beat man u”! Coyg!

  5. Championship winning teams DO NOT lost at home…

    when tough times they win 1 nil or worst case draw…..

    and they dont give excuses when they lost…

    This show that we are still far from competing with Chelsea for the title…..

    if we dont spend and strengthen the squad…it will be the same shit for the last 10 season again and again…

  6. Arsenal has strength at RB
    not a position of concern.
    If Bellerin stays good if not
    that’s ok too as we would
    get 20 mill for him.
    A valuable asset.

  7. What was Wenger thinking when he replaced Le Coq with Wilshere? How many more games should Arsenal loose for Wenger to know that Wilshere does not fit in the Arsenal system of play. Arsenal lost the league because of the first few games where AW pushed away Ozil,benched Carzola in order to accommodate Wilshere .No Wenger is messing around with the team by making wrong substitutions in order to accommodate Wilshere .

  8. Sometimes I think our fans here just want to win every match out of the 38 even if its not possible just like Barcelona …. I saw there that against Chelsea when we held out a draw many fans were frustated…. already calling for Wenger’s head why… because “we could not win”… And they totally ignored all the facts that Arsenal did won 8 games in a row and also the team was playing better and trying to win the game…. unlike the other team trying only to defend…

    And suddenly we need a goalkeeper, why because media is telling us to do so, pundits are telling us to do,etc.

    Just reanalyze the goal and tell whose fault was it.. Was it Ospina’s fault to not clear the cross or let the opposition striker get upon yourselves to head the ball in the net… No our defenders couldn’t defend that in first place… Even though Ospina tried to push the ball out of the net… but we were just unlucky… because it went inside…And goal line technology reported it as a goal… We were wasteful against the opposition goal… fair enough, it happens, but how come the players suddenly become useless for the team…

    Cheer yourselves up and support the team again… We have a big match coming up…. against Man united which is very hard at their home turf but let us support our players and make them believe that they can fight back and can bring us three points

  9. Wack wheelshare is back and its not surprising we’ve already started dropping points. The truth is He will never be good enough for arsenal ever again and to accomodate him will only lead to more results like this

  10. Mourihno said managers like Wenger are a thing of the past…True.After the Wenger cant realise we need some world class players instead he is complaining how swansea defended.Wenger knows club owners want money more than trophies so no spending to please them.Klopp is available with reus,hummels,gondogan

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