Uh Oh! Bellerin explains why he would like to rejoin Barcelona

When Hector Bellerin signed a new six year contract (have you ever heard of such a long one before?) I thought he was guaranteed to stay at Arsenal for his whole career, but it now seems that recent events have changed his mind about returning to Spain.

The Spaniard has not had the best of seasons at Arsenal after a couple of injuries kept him out for a while, and he was even dropped by Arsene Wenger when he changed to the new 3-4-3 formation, and he only returned when Oxlade-Chamberlain got injured. But the tactical change was just a little too late for the Gunners to get into our usual Top Four position, and this is Bellerin’s first reason for considering a move. ‘You never know what can happen, but I have a contract and when I finish my holidays after the Euros I will have to go back there,’ Bellerin was quoted as saying.
‘The truth is that every player of a top level wants to play in the Champions League, especially when I’ve been playing in it for two years. As a team, we didn’t achieve qualification and it’s something that we want to correct, but as a player, I repeat: it’s an important competition.”

The second reason he would relish the move back to his homeland is something I mentioned in yesterday’s post called ‘Would Arsenal really let Bellerin go to Barcelona, is the simple fact that his family have had to move back to the area, and, as I said yesterday, there new home is just 40 miles from the Catalan capital. This is why Barca’s interest is so important for him at this time. ‘It’s a great thing to know about the interest of a club like Barca, the club where I grew up. I don’t know anything at the moment. I’m an Arsenal player and we’ll see what happens.

‘It’s always been very good in London, my family settled there with me, although now, for family reasons, they have had to return to Barcelona. I have a tougher time now because I’m a family person, I depend on them a lot, and it’ll be a new challenge to be without them.

‘I haven’t talked to anyone. I haven’t talked to the club. I know a lot of things are being talked about but as a player, the club haven’t told me anything, there has still not been any contact.

‘A lot can happen this summer.’

How things change, eh? Fabregas used the family card when he demanded his return to Barcelona, and it now looks like Bellerin is going to do the same thing. Perhaps this is why Wenger likes stealing young players from Spain. Because he knows he can make a massive profit when he sells them back!



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Plus it would be a shame if he wasted the money he has already spent on hiring the removal van

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      and all that effort he went to asking his family to move back home so he could use it as an excuse to move to Barca…


      1. Napersie says:

        Lol Tony Adams says Wilshere is on par with Ozil… Sorry forgot he’s your England brother. He seems to be confusing himself these past days. Still want to manage AFC? Prove yourself first.

        1. Tony Adam should mind his words ,sometime he talks as if he is not a true Gunner,remember bro once a Gunner always a Gunner.

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            yes. tony adams is English and so am I. Jack is too. no news there!

            wilshere would IMO be better than Ozil if he didn’t have glass ankles.

            Tony can say what he wants, as he is allowed to in a democracy. He is also Mr Arsenal and was there long before AW. you can listen or not,and like or not what he says as that too is your freedom.

            But don’t give it the big one sunshine or me and Tony will come round there and take turns to kick you up in the air;)

    2. Incarnate says:

      I don’t worry much about players like Bellerin leaving because its not a core area of the team. Sell him and use the proceeds to get Van Dijk, you might think he is a luxury at this point but when you consider that Mert and KOs are already over 30 and increasingly injury prone, the glut of reliable coordinators we think we have in defence can quickly disappear like Cazorla in Midfield last season to the point where even Wilshere had to go on loan. Who do you think would make more of an impact on the team overall, Bellerin or VanDijk?

      1. Nebsy says:

        VanDijk every day. But then we have to shop for another RB/right wing back.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Bingo!… Or maybe that should be BellerinGo? ??
    It’s all about the profits at Arsenal.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bellerin’s house goes up for sale nextweek?
    Yet the player will still deny that he doesn’t know what’s happening lol

    ??- “Oow youuu say, mee know speak inglish wery vell” ? “Errrrr wait”… ?✈️ … “Adios suckers… I’m off to join my amigos “

  3. gotanidea says:

    If Barcelona is willing to pay 30 millions for him, sayonara. I think the English players can fill the wingback positions, because they are usually very athletic and fast, as long as they are given the chance to play in some matches.

    1. Napersie says:

      30 million? when Luke Shaw was signed for 40 million upwards and City wanna pay 35 million for Mendy. He is worth 55 million. Pay or leave. We should stop selling our players cheap when others are hiking their prices. Sanchez 50million? While Lukaku is 65-70 and Lacazette 55? Joke

      1. stubill says:

        Sanchez is into the last year of his contract, hence only £50 million.

        The team I hate as much as Spurs, Liverpool, have bid £60 million for Van Dijk, they must be selling some serious amount of crack to bid that much.

  4. Galen says:

    It’s official we have signed Sead kolasanic . Can play LB, LWB and LCB. Powerful and strong , great height .

    1 down 2 more to go .
    Get us a world class Striker and Cm
    Extend Sanchez , 0zil and Ox.

    Best summer in 10 years .

    1. dennisbergkamp10 says:

      I definitely want more than 30 million pounds, more like 50 or 30+ Arda Turan.
      For 30 million we can sign Kyle Walker.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Said the man,who replied to the wrong comment! ?

        1. Galen says:

          lol I was like what is he smoking ?

    2. Pablo Picaso says:


      I am yet to watch this guy play. You have mentioned his versatility and strength, any details on (from an Arsenal fans view) his pace; crossing ability; positioning; and his contribution going forward?

      Thank you in advance.

      1. dead kolasinac is a beast ,u will really enjoy watching him play ,no dull moment wen his playing

  5. Jonm says:

    Bellerin talks to spanish reporter, article published in spanish newspaper, daily mail then picks up story. Who knows what was originally said and in what context plus adding in the translation issues and both newspapers wishing to make a story.

    Then there is the comment ‘You never know what can happen, but I have a contract and when I finish my holidays after the Euros I will have to go back there,’ which summer are we talking about, last year or three years time.

    The story has the ring of truth because bellerin is ex barcelona and comes from barcelona, but that is what all these transfer rumours are like and most are made up or embellished beyond all recognition.

    Who knows, but if he is leaving we should ask for top money, there is no pressure on us to sell.

  6. ad says:


  7. Raoh says:

    Last time I checked Bellerin I signed and commited himself to Arsenal for a a long time. At this point Wenger is under 0, I repeat under 0 obligation to sell.
    The other thing is Bellerin you were part of those bad performance matter of fact for all the talent you couldn’t lead by example.

    1. bran99 says:

      even Messi tried his best in all the international finals he played, his teammates let him down big time, so may be Bellerin did put a shift but remember the striker has been OG for quite sometime (normal people said, you can’t win the league with Giroud as your striker)

  8. Belerin is the main guy that spoil our past season, and now he is planning of running away

  9. Nebsy says:

    Guess it’s four players now, Wenger.
    I know you won’t refuse a 50 million pound offer for him.

  10. Adam Criniti says:

    If Arsene commits to a back three next year isnt Bellerin somewhat expendable? Ox was the preferred choice on the right before his injury and HB didnt exactly light the soccer world on fire last year. He has lethal pace and youth on his side but $40-50M from Barca could address a few positions on the pitch far more monumental than a wingback.

    Seri and a Gaya (Valencia LB) could be purchased for nearly that sum. Add Lacazette or Aubeyang, Oneyrku and a back up keeper and Arsenal will roll into the fall campaign as a legitimate contender.

    Lacazette or PA

    Sort OT, Arsenal need to sell the following:

    Nacho (surplus if you sign Gaya)

    Nearly $60-65M recouped that could pay for either Lacazette or PA.

  11. ruelando says:

    I was wondering why Wenger did not want him to go off for the under 21 tournament, but now it has become obvious. His family has relocated in spain close enough to barcelona????, instantly what came to mind was the Payet situation at Westham and the Fabegras tale. I think both are similar to the Bellerin story, so unfortunate and this back and forth story will go on through out the summer, but i fear he is gone.

    Bellerin still has not fully develop, he has some blistering pace going forward and has improved defensively, but still has not reached that true potential, while it would be nice to keep him, but it would not be a major lost to the arsenal if he was sold especial for the 45 million, which we could go to the french and italian league and get a like for like replacement

  12. TdotGoonerAlex says:

    I think Hector could still be used as a wing back rotating with AOC, he has the pass, normally a good crossed into the box and obviously more defensive minded each year with Ox. Doesn’t seem Hector received a fair shake at wing back either, remember Hector was a winger before all this so why not give him a shot?

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