Bellerin helping Arsenal to seal deal for striker transfer?

You were probably as surprised as me to see the latest of the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds today, because as much as this Premier League striker is on a good run of form at the minute, you would not usually think of the Watford captain and forward Troy Deeney when you were thinking of possible transfer targets for Arsene Wenger to go for.

In fact it would seem much more likely that Arsenal were being linked with his team mate and striker partner Odion Ighalo but the Daily Star is reporting that it is Deeney that is on Wenger´s shopping list.

Now while I am not exactly convinced by this rumour, we should consider the fact that our manager rarely does what people expect in a transfer window. Who had the Basel and Egypt midfielder Mohamed Elneny down as an Arsenal transfer target for instance? But it looks like Elneny will soone be a Gunner, so who knows what other surprises the Frenchman has in store.

There is another reason to believe there is some truth to this story as well, because a few weeks back when our Spanish right back was asked to pick his fantasy XI, one of the big surprises was the inclusion of Deeney up front. Bellerin had worked with him during a loan spell at Watford and was clearly impressed, so could he maybe have had a little word with the boss and persuaded Wenger that Deeney would be a good addition to the Arsenal squad?

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

Updated: January 6, 2016 — 12:55 am


  1. in wenger we trust COYG

  2. I call see this happening
    I’d hope if were going for striker it would be someone at Giroud’s level or better

    I’d prefer ighalo to deeney. I guess you can only go for who is available, but was hoping for someone like Hernandez, Aubmeyang, or top striker on loan

    Anyway it’s just a RUMOUR. And there will be plenty before the month is through.

    Lets hope Elneny gets completed first

  3. Deeney who? Better than Welbeck? Please Arsenal is a big club. Talk about players that are better than what we have. Giroud has scored more goals than him and am sure Welbeck can also do better. we need upgrades please.

  4. Don’t see this transfer going through, Deeney is a good player but not the player we should be looking at . On a side note, why does it take so long for Arsenal to sign a player, seriously, we always behave like this in the transfer window, even Basel as announced that he is leaving but he still hasn’t signed. Is it due to work permit or Wenger is just been Wenger. Lets get this player in on time so he can settle quick, he is coming from a foreign league in January. The earlier the better. I am also very excited for this player because he can play the Coquelin role and also play Ramsey role, even Cazorla’s role. A might become the future midfield partner for Coquelin.

  5. Please tell me I’m having a nightmare that Wenger would really consider signing Troy deeply?

  6. c`mon folks this is just the stress someone sick of wenger i really dont believe he would be this stupid…better to use the disruption in madrid to prize someone away or go for the naples guy..or even the lille youngster with potential…this guy looks more like an extra from the latest Kray brothers movie and there is no way he improves the team

  7. If this is true and does happen then Wenger out.

    Would Barca, Madrid or Munich go for his level, if not we need not waste our time.
    I know those clubs are on another level, but to reach their level we need to sign players they would be after.

    1. Would Barca , Real or Bayern go for Coquelin 1 year ago ? I think not but right now for Arsenal he is a vital player . I dont mean Deeney will be our next star player but dont judge him unless you see him playing with Arsenal.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true. It is typical of the penny pinching Wenger. Instead of competing for players with the teams in our level, we are looking to outbid the likes of Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland for players. I have always said that with wenger in charge, Arsenal is a big club but acting like a tiny wee club.

  9. I would be very upset if Wenger signs Troy deeney and over looks a class striker like aubameyeng!

  10. Usual made up story,, watford are doing well so newspapers report their captain going somewhere, in this case Arsenal, to get the watford and Arsenal fans reading their non-news paper.

    Remember wenger saying ” i know you want me to announce something spectacular but I cannot. We are continuing to look to strengthen the team”. Headline “Wenger promises spectacular signing”.

  11. If not aubameyeng then chicharito hernandez for heavens sake at least, not Troy deeney!

  12. Go and buy PFA for the love of God. He fits big time and about time we got rid of the players that never play and free the cash to buy some big players

    1. Surely this Troy “the Shrek” Deeney rumour is a smoke screen?
      Most fans would rather have the talking sidekick donkey instead!

      The real signing could turn out to be Aubameyang!
      As it is reported that he missed training today!
      This procedure normally means he is off!!! (Sold)
      The big question is… Where is he going? ??

  13. Another click bait article title. This place is losing its appeal.

    It resembles tabloid ‘journalism’ of the 1980’s. Create a headline based on little to no fact and make it appear reality.

  14. If Bellerin says it’s OK, then he must be OK ?

  15. Greetings to all supporters of my second favourite Prem team. I’m really disappointed to see that some Arsenal fans display the arrogance that I would normally expect from the other north London side (who I hate with a passion!). Troy Deeney is no oil painting and may not demonstrate silky skills too often, but his passion, work rate and commitment are unsurpassed. Effective in all areas of the pitch, he is the heart of the dressing room too. Deeney is the lifeblood of Watford; we’d never be able to replace him for a mere £20m. Just as well this silly rumour is untrue!

    Best of luck for the rest of the season. I’d love to see you win the title.

  16. Upgrade? Are they available?

  17. We keep on knocking at wenger’s door every time the transfer window open to buy top players, but now, here is what we are talking about, deeney? What about welbeck? Well, I suggest we go for some high profile players.

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