Bellerin injury finally revealed…Not good news for Arsenal fans

There was much speculation about the injury to the Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin after he missed training with the Spanish U21 side this week, which was only increased when we discovered that he had posted a picture of his swollen ear after the Tottenham match.

But today it is being reported that the 21 year-old actually has a torn ankle ligament very similar to the problem suffered by Lucas Perez not long ago.

This problem allegedly first appeared during the last international break when Bellerin appeared against the San Marino U21s, and flared up in the Arsenal training session before being pulled out of the side that went to Ludgorets.
Bellerin justarsenal
In hindsight perhaps the youngster should not have played against Tottenham, because as soon as he joined the Spain side the problem became more apparent and he was pulled out of training and eventually dismissed from the squad altogether.

Lucas has gone to his old club Deportivo for treatment on his ankle and is expected to miss six weeks, but the signs are that the Arsenal medics are hoping that the younger Bellerin may return a lot quicker and could recover in just two to three weeks. But the fact is that he definitely won’t be playing against Man United and I’m expecting Carl Jenkinson to get a little run in the first team….



  1. muffdiver says:

    so no sanchez or bellerin

    while your at it punch me in the face and nick my missus
    no game i want us to win more then mourinho at trafford,

    no bailly or zlatan this games even – wenger has to prove he can outhink jose for once
    a draw is not good enough

    this man insulted our fans and manager so many times , he must feel the wrath of north londons finest- this year or never

    1. muffdiver says:

      wtf admin i look like a green love heart with a tv aerial for hair

      hahahaha…trollin 🙂

  2. RSH says:

    This is why we have squad depth. Time for Giroud and Jenkinson to deliver. Is there a timetable for Sanchez injury?

  3. muda says:

    Come on you Jenko, it is now or never.

  4. kelleson says:

    Jenko time is now, i believe he is going to do well till the recovery of Bellerin but the bigest problem is Sanchaz injury, his absent will be felt by the club. The worst form of Sanchez is better than the best of some of our players.

  5. G-Rude says:

    I know it may not be cool to say right now, but I have to ask why he wasn’t rested against Tottenham if we knew he had this problem?

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