There are positives for Arsenal despite Leicester defeat

Bellerin and Tierney bossed the flanks, unfortunately to no avail! (opinion)

Despite the lack of goals and creative flair in the Leicester game, there are some positives that I can pull out of the defeat to Leicester! The performances of Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney.

This is two games in a row now that I have been impressed with our right back more so because I already know what Tierney is capable of and I will always give praise where it is due, no matter who the player is!

Is Bellerin finally coming back to his best or is it just a case of the poor performances of his teammates are making him look good? I will go with the first option!

Hector for me was the man of the match closely followed by Kieran. Our Spaniard was all over the park and he did well, whether it was defending, crossing the ball or trying to score! The runs he was making into the box and the shots he made, on any other day would have nestled into the back of the net, he was rather unlucky not to get on the scoresheet. But even when he was defending it seemed as though he was back to his best or getting there anyway. He was reading the balls well and I don’t think he got caught out at any point in the game.

For me along with Tierney on the opposite flank they were both the standout players. Showing intensity and desire to run forward and get the crosses into the box as we know Tierney does anyway, but unfortunately for both boys most of the time there wasn’t anyone close enough to get on the end of their crosses.

If Bellerin continues in this form, showing that desire and passion, then it will only be a matter of time before he is 100% back to his best and we will go from rumours of “wanting to sell him” to rumours of trying to hold on to him. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I haven’t been to impressed with Tierney the last 3 games if I’m honest ,not sure if it’s injury problems as he seems to be forever on the treatment table be the Leicester goal came down his flank with him out of postion up field ,if that had been Bellerin we wouldn’t have heard the end of it as we saw with the Man City game .
    I’ve been really impressed with Bellerin lately and and his improvement is there for everybody to see that wants to see it .
    I still feel that both him and Tierney are great getting forward but They lack defensive qualities .
    The biggest plus was watching Luiz playing with freedom and showcasing what he can do when he’s on it .

    1. The goal was a counter attack so any player could get caught out. But mustafi is declining real fast should have tracked vardy and so pissed vardy scored should have been someone else.

      1. The goal wasn’t counter attack ,Auba was pretty much in his own half and we had 5players back to defend .
        It was a simple punt forward that made it through the back line .
        I am just pointing out that when a player makes a mistake they shouldn’t be immune from criticism just like any other player .

        1. Arsenal defence is good enough. The attack on paper is brilliant. We should score 3 goals every game. Auba Laca and Pepe cost a fortune and are paid millions. They are due an avalanche of goals

  2. We can take all positives we want but unless we start performing, the season will end up a failure..

    I expect us to struggle against minnows Dundalk and not confident of United match either. Man United hasn’t wont a single PL match at home, so I have a feeling they will have their first against us. It always goes like that. There’a always a first for the teams when they play us.

    Sheffield hadn’t scored once until they scored against us. It just seems we are so easy to play against. Vardy only needed 20 minutes to score vs us.

  3. Arteta should stick to the back-three defense line that had served him so well
    Without creative midfielders and ball carriers, our most potent creative outlets come from the flanks

  4. They were giving them space to start attacking and I think they did fine, no playmaker or ball “receiver” in front was our main issue in that game except for Saka who was trying to have the ball every time he had the chance.

    The disadvantage was that MA filled their spaces with Ceballos in the right and Xhaka in the left while they were trying to move up and create chances, so if you think of that.. it doesn’t make any sense! we actually lost two players again with no passing from the middle! That’s why I would pull Laca and play Auba as ST play Saka, Willock, and Pepe behind him while playing Partey and Ceballos or Xhaka behind with the same 4 back players. In this way, we can attack from sides and middle and we need that since we lack the real playmaker in our team

  5. Tierney yes but Bellerin absolutely no. Tierney is the perfect left sided defender, end of. We need a different RB.

  6. One player was culpable for the Vardy goal and that was Mustafi.He has not a clue when it comes to positional sense and has cost Arsenal dearly during his time with our Club.

  7. No its more of Arteta naivity that cost us the game by bring on someone as a sub who was out for weeks by injury yet he got Niles and Elneny out on the bench this are small mistakes which if Arteta can work out on them then we will rock

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