Bellerin makes his fifth foul throw of the season and the whole league has 16

Elite level Football isn’t the easiest sport to play but some things are simply the basics of the game that are taught to youngsters in football academies around the world.

A player who graduated from Barcelona’s La Masia academy is the last person that you would expect to make a foul throw, and when he had done that five times after just 11 rounds of league games this season, you wonder what is going on.

With tension high in the north London derby on Sunday, Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin made his fifth foul throw of the Premier League season.

To put it in some context, in the whole Premier League, only 16 foul throws have been made this season at the time of writing this and Bellerin has made 5 of them.

When he made the foul throw against the Lilywhites, Gary Neville was on commentary duty and he joked as quoted by the Sun: “It was 1986 when I last saw a foul throw.”

He probably hasn’t watched Bellerin for much of this season then.

The Spanish midfielder was terrible in the game as he offered very little going forward and he was left exposed by Son Heung-min running in behind him all game.

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  1. Steve Young says:

    I’ve been moaning about Bellerin’s throws all season long! What are the coaching staff up to?!

  2. Reggie says:

    I said earlier and Bellerin is symptomatic of the amateurish detail that our so called professional players let into our game.

  3. Jah son says:

    Imagine the manager watching Hector make the same mistake five times and tell us in his match interview that the players followed instructions today and are on the right path. I would take Mauricio he’s got something to prove.

  4. Twig says:

    On a positive side, I thought Willian played much better today. COYG!

  5. Neil Pearce says:

    Needs to be sold to much on social media . Not concentrating . Can’t even take a throw in.

  6. Wolfgang says:

    I hope Xaka can be exchanged for Erikson. This guy is a liability and could have been sent off.
    Tactically Arteta has been found out. He likes to play from the back and is fond of possession like his maestro. Many teams can counter possession football.
    I am afraid things unless improve and if Arteta is axed,Arsenal will be in transition for the next 5 years . The invitation to join the super league could be with drawn and in time to come,Arsenal will be just another football team not the premium brand that we know.

  7. lcebox says:

    When I seen Hector throwing the ball straight to a spud mid first half I couldn’t believe he still takes our throws even the foul throw the look on the refs face when someone asked why , he could be seen saying dont blame me it’s his fault.

  8. Bob says:

    If I was a manager, I’d make sure someone taught him how it works after the first foul-throw cus clearly he doesn’t understand.

    After the 2nd foul throw, he’d be taught again and been made to do 1000 throw-ins before normal training every day for a week.

    After his 3rd foul throw or any subsequent one, he’d get an automatic 3-match ban because that’s just lack of professionalism at this point.

    5 in a season already in insanity.

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