Bellerin makes it clear he doesn’t intend to return to Arsenal after loan

Hector Bellerin was one of our acdemy’s superstarlets after arriving at Arsenal from La Masia, and after joining the first team was one of our top performers and most saleable assets until he got severely injured in the 2018/19 season.

After recovery, he seemed to have lost a yard or two of pace and his determination to win the ball at all costs, and he was subsequently dropped by Mikel Arteta for most of the last campaign, in fact he has only made 60 appearances in the last three seasons.

So it seemed nailed on that the Spaniard would be sold this summer, but due to the depressed transfer market, we were all surprised when he only went on loan for a season to Real Betis, taking a paycut in the process.

“It is clear that money is something important, because it is our job. But I think in football that love of sport, of the club, is being lost,” he said in Sportswitness.

“And for me, after having understood and had that feeling since childhood, there are things that you put first. This past year and a half has made us rethink many things.

“For me and for everyone it was an effort to carry out the operation, not only from the point of view of money. Also how much it cost us to get here. In the end, those efforts pay off and I had other priorities when making my decision.”

And of course, he was also asked how he saw things panning out when his loan ended next summer, and he made it clear that his wish was to remain in Spain.

Bellerín said: “I don’t know, but I’ve always said if I didn’t want to be here next season, I wouldn’t have come from the beginning.

“There are many things to be decided but what I want to do is enjoy this season that I am here. And what has to happen will happen.”

Obviously the decision will depend on Betis if they want him to stay, and maybe they will be able to afford a transfer fee by then, but first of all young Hector will have to prove that he can do a job for Manuel Pellegrini to persuade him to make Arsenal an offer.

Betis are currently 8th in La Liga, only 5 points behind the leaders, but Bellerin has only started in half of those so far.

I hope he is successful and gets his wish, as I can’t see him ever playing for Arsenal again under Arteta. Can you?

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  1. I would say thank you to Bellerin for his service at our club. However, he seemed to grow a bit complacent over the years, and his injury robbed him of his pace.

    I wish Bellerin all the best in his career away from Arsenal.

  2. Bellerin was the perfect professional, who has never brought our club into disrepute.
    He became yet another target for (what I describe as the boo boys) a section of the fan base and, whether the club wants him back or not, I believe that sickening abuse has turned him against returning and I thank him for his service and wish him well… a Gooner for sure.

    1. I will add to your post Ken
      I’ve read he’s been playing pretty well and picking up a couple of assists along the way , so good for all party’s involved and like you and Durand have said a great servant for the club over the years robbed of his best years because of injuries.
      GL to him .

    2. Well said Ken!I asked myself that question several times,is it a generation problem?to me,it seems that for many fans once player no longer performans at the levels required for different reasons(personal,injuries,age..)fans quickly turn on them,demanding that they leave/get out of the club despite having contracts and still being it when we have got to as a society/people?I no longer profit from you/there is nothing for me in this relationship … so it is time to go out separate ways, thanks god,I am not friends with these people.

  3. If we can allow players that have cost us millions, to leave for nothing then surely we can allow Bellerin to do the same.

    Let him go in January.

  4. Not a cat in hells chance of him ever wearing our shirt again competitively. Mercifully!
    Great human being , poor player and getting worse as each season goes by!

  5. Great servant of the Arsenal over the years, sad his injuries got the better of him at times. Best of luck buddy.

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